“I feel great!”

Following a severe cold and cough that lasted about 6 weeks, I was encouraged to consult with Dr. Yeh about treatment along a different direction, Chinese natural medicine and acupuncture.

Although skeptical, I attended treatment sessions as scheduled and carefully brewed and drank the herbal tea as prescribed. Improvement was slow at first, but suddenly, after about two weeks, the cough virtually disappeared and after about five weeks, the annoying post nasal drip had become nothing but a memory.

Part of the treatment included attention to my diet. I eliminated all caffeine and chocolate, ate a lot of fish, no alcoholic beverage, and ate lots of vegetables.

Thus, some combination of all of the treatments and dietary recommendations has cleared up my symptoms. Furthermore, the usual spring allergy problems normally experienced at this time of year have not developed. I feel great!


“My sinuses are open, the drainage is minimal, and my energy level has been increased.”

I remember as a young child having severe colds, tonsillitis, and sinus infections. I was often treated with Vicks and “let nature take its course”.

In my early twenties I began to have tonsillitis and sinusitis three to four times a year. At that time, I began to seek a physician’s treatment at each occurrence. Eventually, I was advised to see a specialist for ears, nose and throat. He treated me for several months then recommended that I have my tonsils removed. When the sinusitis began reoccurring in spite of no longer having my tonsils (which was suppose to “cure” the problem), the Doctor suggested that I submit to allergy testing. I was diagnosed as being allergic to dust, mold, and pollen. I then began a series of allergy shots, retesting, and more shots.

This continued over a period of almost twenty years. Each Dr. that tested me recommended a different program of antigens and treatment. A couple of years ago a Dr. said I was allergic to cats. That seemed very strange to me since I have never been around cats. I also began to realize that my energy level had greatly decreased, that I was always tired, and frequently exhausted.

In October 1994, it was suggested that I talk to Dr. Timothy Yeh about my allergies. The initial testing revealed that my immune system was very low and the probable cause of my frequent sinusitis was a virus that my body could not eradicate. This, of course, had nothing to do with allergies, and it was suggested that allergies were not my problem. Drs. Had recommended over the years that I take decongestants to decrease sinus drainage and keep my sinuses open. The past couple years I was taking them regularly at bedtime to prevent frequent coughing and closing of my nasal passages at night. Regular usage meant having to change brands on a regular basis, or change the dosage often.

Since beginning acupuncture treatment and herbal supplements with Dr. Yeh I am completely off the decongestants. My sinuses are open, the drainage is minimal, and my energy level has been increased. I praise God for giving Drs. The knowledge about the use of plants and herbs to heal the body. Thank you, Dr. Yeh, for sharing your knowledge and experience in helping the body to heal itself as God intended.


MY NEW LEASE ON LIFE! I Was Lost, But Now I Am Found

In December 1999, I was on death’s doorstep with the flu. I would get the flu about 2-3 times a year and I would get it really bad. I had symptoms of fatigue, pain, heavy chest congestion, irritability, depression, hopelessness, no energy, and I could not concentrate. I took Sudafed and almost every flu medication and had very negative results. I felt I was going to die.

On January 26, 2000, I came to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine. I absolutely did not believe in natural medicine and I thought it did not make sense, but I was referred to Dr. Yeh by a patient of his. She had asthma for 10-15 years and was healed with Dr. Yeh’s natural medicine.

I received acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary guidelines at the Yeh Center. After one day, I began feeling better. I have had excellent results including increased energy and vitality for living. I am more efficient in my work life and my personal life is fantastic. I am happy with the results and I have already referred people to Dr. Yeh.

I think that the 4000 years of natural medicine has stood its ground, has stood the test of time and has surpassed drug medications. I was on death’s doorstep with the flu and drug medicine failed me. Natural medicine gave me a new outlook and I will never regret it. Thank God! Try it once and you will be converted for life.

May 7, 2001

“I no longer have the problem with sinusitis, bronchitis and flu”

In January, 1988, I went to a gynecologist, recommended by my personal physician, because of unnatural bleeding. The gynecologist recommended a D&C, but I developed acute bronchitis; it was delayed until the end of February. He informed me after the D&C, that I was full of fibroid tumors and recommended that I have a hysterectomy. I was hesitant to do it at that time because my weight problem and high blood pressure would effect the length of my recovery.

My pastor had treatments from Dr. Timothy Yeh for his allergy and high blood pressure with good results. He strongly recommended these treatments to me, so I decided to try and see if Dr. Yeh could help me with Natural Medicine. I had already tried liquid protein diet, Weight Watchers, and many other diets with no success. I was on medication for high blood pressure and glandular problems, and my weight was the highest it had been all my life. For all my problems, Dr. Yeh started me on a Natural Medicine program, which included diet, acupuncture treatment, and herbal formulas.

The gynecologist’s office contacted me a month later and I was informed that there were atypical cells in my endometrial lining that could turn to cancer if not removed. I went to another gynecologist for a second opinion and fortunately, they both agreed that I could wait for six months and get my weight and blood pressure down to improve my recovery.

Dr. Yeh increased my natural medicine treatment and after 6 months, I went back. The gynecologist did another D&C, and my condition had changed. I had lost over 50 pounds and they said I could wait another three months. I was very glad to hear that because I was feeling better. I continued treatments with Dr. Yeh

The gynecologist did a biopsy in his office in March, 1989, and said if atypical cells were still present, it would be foolish to wait, and that I should plan to have a hysterectomy. The results came back on time: NO ATYPICAL CELLS FOUND! I am no longer on high blood pressure medication, my weight is coming down continually, my arthritis that I have had since childhood is improving a lot, and I no longer have the problem with sinusitis, bronchitis and flu that have plagued me since I was a child.

The special tea, herbal medication, plus acupuncture, had continued to improve my health. I just wanted to express my thanks in writing to let others know about this treatment from Natural Medicine. The only “side effects” are better health.