Hysterectomy – A common household word? This would have been the end of my story, if it had not been for Dr. Yeh.

For almost 3 years, I suffered with chronic yeast infections which no doctor was able to cure. Depression set in. I began to think the worst. Then, after a little more than 2 years, something worse did happen. I started having problems with my periods. I went from a regular schedule of every 5 weeks, down to every 2 weeks, with a heavier flow. Being 34 at the time, my gynecologist laughed at my idea of menopause and told me for starters to go on the pill or have a DNC to straighten them out. By this time I had had it.

I was told about Dr. Yeh’s medical clinic through a friend. I decided I had nothing to lose and made an appointment. He immediately started me on medicinal tea which I drank 3 times a day, and acupuncture twice a week.

The acupuncture was virtually painless despite the beliefs and fears of a lot of people. The benefits are miraculous! Within the first month my periods became less frequent. I began feeling better mentally too, and felt able to laugh again. It took longer before my yeast problem was under control because the doctor had to work on straightening out my periods first. Time and prayer showed me a big difference in my body. I continued for 5 months with treatment, working on both problems. The doctor also gave me a special mushroom tea which destroys yeast in the body. This was a major help!

It was also determined through a gynecological appointment (after I insisted on a complete cultural test) that I had a parasite called trichomoniasis, which my husband and I were passing sexually back and forth to one another. We were treated for this also, with a drug called Flagl.

I will admit I had fears about being treated, and some anxiety attacks after no one could help me prior to Dr. Yeh for over 2 years. But it has been 3 months since I’ve seen him, and I am definitely a new person, free of female problems, taking one day at a time. I am very thankful to God and Dr. Yeh and his staff for helping me through a very trying time in my life.

My husband thanks you, too!