I have suffered with sinus problems for several years. When the sinus medications did not solve the problem, I decided to look for another solution. The thought of acupuncture made me a little hesitant, but now I am glad I tried it. The series of treatments combined with the herbal teas have been very effective. I would suggest the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine to others with sinus problems.


“I feel great!”

Following a severe cold and cough that lasted about 6 weeks, I was encouraged to consult with Dr. Yeh about treatment along a different direction, Chinese natural medicine and acupuncture.

Although skeptical, I attended treatment sessions as scheduled and carefully brewed and drank the herbal tea as prescribed. Improvement was slow at first, but suddenly, after about two weeks, the cough virtually disappeared and after about five weeks, the annoying post nasal drip had become nothing but a memory.

Part of the treatment included attention to my diet. I eliminated all caffeine and chocolate, ate a lot of fish, no alcoholic beverage, and ate lots of vegetables.

Thus, some combination of all of the treatments and dietary recommendations has cleared up my symptoms. Furthermore, the usual spring allergy problems normally experienced at this time of year have not developed. I feel great!

Ph.D., Geologist

“Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh changed our lives…”

On a personal note, I have known Dr. Timothy and Pearl Yeh for over 15 years. During this time, they treated me and my family for tendinitis, kidney stones, female problems, allergies, stress, back problems, high blood pressure, and chronic fatigue with Chinese natural medicine consisting of acupuncture and herbs.

We have learned the healing power of natural medicine and enthusiastically share this knowledge with others.

Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh changed our lives, bringing us good health and becoming good friends.

. Upland, California

“My sinuses are open, the drainage is minimal, and my energy level has been increased.”

I remember as a young child having severe colds, tonsillitis, and sinus infections. I was often treated with Vicks and “let nature take its course”.

In my early twenties I began to have tonsillitis and sinusitis three to four times a year. At that time, I began to seek a physician’s treatment at each occurrence. Eventually, I was advised to see a specialist for ears, nose and throat. He treated me for several months then recommended that I have my tonsils removed. When the sinusitis began reoccurring in spite of no longer having my tonsils (which was suppose to “cure” the problem), the Doctor suggested that I submit to allergy testing. I was diagnosed as being allergic to dust, mold, and pollen. I then began a series of allergy shots, retesting, and more shots.

This continued over a period of almost twenty years. Each Dr. that tested me recommended a different program of antigens and treatment. A couple of years ago a Dr. said I was allergic to cats. That seemed very strange to me since I have never been around cats. I also began to realize that my energy level had greatly decreased, that I was always tired, and frequently exhausted.

In October 1994, it was suggested that I talk to Dr. Timothy Yeh about my allergies. The initial testing revealed that my immune system was very low and the probable cause of my frequent sinusitis was a virus that my body could not eradicate. This, of course, had nothing to do with allergies, and it was suggested that allergies were not my problem. Drs. Had recommended over the years that I take decongestants to decrease sinus drainage and keep my sinuses open. The past couple years I was taking them regularly at bedtime to prevent frequent coughing and closing of my nasal passages at night. Regular usage meant having to change brands on a regular basis, or change the dosage often.

Since beginning acupuncture treatment and herbal supplements with Dr. Yeh I am completely off the decongestants. My sinuses are open, the drainage is minimal, and my energy level has been increased. I praise God for giving Drs. The knowledge about the use of plants and herbs to heal the body. Thank you, Dr. Yeh, for sharing your knowledge and experience in helping the body to heal itself as God intended.


Eight years ago, I came to see Dr. Timothy Yeh with bad allergies, a problem that I had for 20 years. I was allergic to food. I had only five treatments and my food allergies went away. I am happy with my results and I have gladly referred my relatives to him.

Thank you,

“In about 3 weeks my migraine headache and sinus problems disappeared and have never come back.”

This is what my treatment from Dr. Yeh did for me.

I had been suffering from bad sinus pain and nasal dripping for 45 years, with migraine headaches. I also had muscle spasms in my back for 5 years.

I heard about Dr. Tim Yeh’s treatments for both these conditions and decided to try him, as other doctors had not given me any relief except for some muscle relaxation, which never lasted long.

Dr. Yeh gave me about 5 or 6 acupuncture treatments for my sinus condition, and I drank the herbal tea and took the pills he prescribed. In about 3 weeks my migraine headache and sinus problems disappeared and have never come back.

For my muscle spasms in my back and shoulders, he gave me acupuncture and massage for about 2 months and these problems all ended and have also never come back. I drank herbal tea for the entire six months that I went to Dr. Yeh. This tea also helped my clogged veins in my legs and relieved the pain.

I plan to consult Dr. Yeh if I have any more trouble and value and respect his medical judgment. I am well satisfied. Dr. Yeh and his wife Pearl are truly a good team to go to. The are good Christian people.

Thank you Dr. Tim and Dr. Pearl.

Carlsbad, California

“After eight treatments I can’t even remember feeling this good. No runny nose, no headache, and much more energy.”

My experience at the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine has been, to say the least, a very pleasant surprise! I am a 35 year old male who, for as long as I can remember, has suffered from allergies and other allergic type problems. These problems included such things as hay fever, runny nose, headache, and just generally feeling tired and run down.

My wife had tried to convince me for years to see an allergist, but I would always explain to her that my symptoms were not that serious. I did not consider myself to be a sick person. I very seldom missed work due to illness, but I learned later that I had taught myself how to function under miserable conditions.

One day I decided to visit Dr. Yeh. This happened after my wife had taken our youngest son to see Dr. Yeh for a cold he had. She was very impressed with what she found there and then made the suggestion to me. I agreed to go.

Dr. Yeh explained that he could help me through the use of herbs, diet, and acupuncture treatments. He was right! After eight treatments I can’t even remember feeling this good. No runny nose, no headache, and much more energy.

Dr. Yeh’s philosophy is very different to me, yet it is so simple and it makes sense. I don’t know what the long term effects of my treatments will be. Only time will tell. I do know that I made the right decision to see Dr. Yeh. He has won my trust and I know his methods of medicine work.


“The pain from her ear infection went away after only one treatment.”

Just a note of thanks to all of you for your help in making Brittany well and comfortable. She has had allergies since birth and nothing had helped her before until she tried your acupuncture. It was a miracle to us to see how the pain from her ear infection went away after only one treatment. She will continue to take and breathe your herbs and have acupuncture treatments as long as necessary.

Thanks for your caring and generous ways. It is deeply appreciated.

MR. & MRS. W

“About two months after starting treatment, she had no more allergies!!!… In the last 15 years Dora’s allergies have not come back!”

Thank God that we found Pearl and Timothy Yeh!!! The way we found them seems like a miracle. The Yehs were at the Nazarene church in Visalia, California where my daughter is a member. She was chosen to take the Yehs home. In their conversation, Dr. Yeh told my daughter he could treat allergies. That night, Pansy, my daughter, phoned her mother (my wife) and told her what she learned.

My wife, Dora, has had allergies for at least 15 years. She has gone to the best of E.N.T. (ear, nose, throat) specialists, but nobody could help her. We were worried. We didn’t know what to do. We were at the end of the road. There were no more drugs for her and her body was decaying rapidly. Her hearing was 70% gone and her throat, stomach, and digestive system were all creating problems. Everything was getting out of tune. She went to the emergency ward many times because she couldn’t breathe.

We took Dora to see Pearl and Timothy Yeh and after an examination they told her that they could help her!!! About two months after starting treatment she had no more allergies!!! No longer did she have drugs in her body, and her body was back in tune. She stayed one more month with Dr. Yeh to bring her health back to a normal level.

We would like to thank Pearl and Timothy Yeh for returning my wife to a normal life and able to enjoy good health. God bless the Yehs and may they have long life (we might need them again in the future!).


This happened 15 years ago! I am a little late in my testimonial. In the last 15 years Dora’s allergies have not come back! God bless Pearl and Timothy Yeh again.

MR. & MRS. R.T.

A WONDERUL EXAMPLE THAT NATURAL MEDICINE WORKSIn 1996, I was diagnosed with allergies and high blood pressure. I had watery eyes, runny nose, cough, headaches, blurry vision due to the watery eyes, and I was not able to stand or function. In June of 2000, I had knee surgery and my knee was painful and swollen. I later developed shingles in July of 2001, which left me with 4 lesions on the scalp and 4 lesions on the forehead. My right eye was also closing up.

I went to the doctor and was given drug medications for the allergies, knee pain and high blood pressure. I took eye drops, creams, and pain killers for the knees. The drugs gave me bad side effects including kidney pain and left me feeling weak and tired. For the shingles, I was told that there is no cure from modern medicine.

My sister Armida suggested that I come to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine for treatment. I received acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary guidelines and teas. I attended classes, and I also took Dr. Yeh’s supplements: Daily Essentials, Eye and Liver Essentials and Bone Essentials. The treatments were highly effective and have improved my health and the quality of my work, home and social life. I have also lost weight and have more energy because I changed my diet and have been taking the supplements.

For my knee injury, I felt a good difference by the 3rd treatment. I had no more pain and the swelling went down. By the 7th treatment, I was able to walk normal and now it is completely healed.

For my allergies, I noticed a positive change within 3 weeks and began to feel well within 2 months.

For the shingles, I felt better after the 2nd treatment and now all my symptoms are gone. All my lesions have disappeared and my right eye is normal.

When I started the treatments, my blood pressure was 175/100mmHg and after the treatments, it now ranges from 140/90mmHg to 130/80mmHg.

I own and operate a 24-hour towing service and I am constantly under stress and adversity. With the treatments I have received here I have been able to overcome this. Dr. Yeh also told me to go to church as often as possible, which I have and it has also helped. The staff has been wonderful and kind and the medical staff is experienced. I am extremely happy with the results and I would refer a friend!

Before my first visit, I was completely unaware of natural medicine. But I now remember that I my mother always had herbal or natural treatments for many things. Today, I know that these treatments heal and I would use my experience as an example. I am truly a firm believer in God’s natural medicine and in the Yeh Center.

August 15, 2001

“Gradually, the pain in Matt’s ears was relieved and his general health improved.”

In February, 1990, Matt was diagnosed with an ear infection by his pediatrician and given antibiotics. Two months later, after three rounds of medication, (including one which caused an allergic reaction), the ear infection was still present and the doctor suggested that surgery to remove his tonsils might be required.

About the same time, my sister encouraged us to see Dr. Yeh. She had been treated by Dr. Yeh for optic neuritis and had recovered eyesight in her right eye after her doctors had given up hope for any future improvement.

Matt began acupuncture and drinking the special herbal tea that Dr. Yeh had prepared especially for Matt’s condition. Gradually, the pain in Matt’s ears was relieved and his general health improved. Other allergic problems such as runny nose, headache, and fatigue which had constantly plagued him improved also. Today, he is an active teenager playing baseball, running, and going to the beach. He isn’t on any routine medication for the first time in several years and he still has his tonsils.

We are very grateful to Dr. Yeh and his dedicated staff. May God bless you and your work.



“Nasal allergy for more than two decades.”It began as a question: Could natural medicine deliver the same results for the cure of diseases as conventional western medicines? Honestly, I did asked the same question too. Actually, regardless which one you belive in, it is purely a matter of your personal choice. Perhaps, you can absolutely take a look of the statement below as a reference when you are considering using natural medicines for any of your health reasons.

I suffered with nasal allergy for more than two decades. I had experienced the most painful days. When the symptoms presented, it really turned my life upside down. Sneeze, running nose and difficulty breathing became part of my daily life. Unfortunately, most of the people suffering with this disease doesn’t know what to do or they just ignore it. Of course, I was one of them.

If you don’t take care of your existing health problems, it will get worse. So it had come to a point that I had to seek medical help from my HMO provider. At first, the doctor gave me a skin test to see what am I allergic for, in order to prescribe some drugs for me. But it didn’t work effectively like what I’m expecting. The prescribed pills and nasal spray shows some relief on the first few days. Then it lost its effectiveness. Finally, it just became a habit of using them. Therefore, the basic problems had never been resolved. I really didn’t have any other option at that point. The painful days continued. It was seldom for me to get a good night sleep due to nasal congestion. Eventually, my declining health condition bothered my immune system. It was easy for me to catch a cold but it was not easy to get focus on my daily activities. I was losing lots of hairs… I was so desperate to find a solution to cure this disease.

I discussed my problems with friends. I heard about Dr. Yeh and his practice in Upland. Coincidentally, my office is located on the same area. So I decided to have a consultation with him to see the possibility of using natural medicines to handle my health problems. Dr. Yeh used a computerized diagnostic machine for a body exam. The test result came out in a form of diagram for his review. Dr. Yeh then pointed out where my problems were and why. Based on the diagram, he designed a program of treatments for me and explained how the treatment will be done.

Acupuncture, herbal teas and natural supplements were the three major components in curing my health problems. Two office visits per week was required in the initial stage. The treatments were undergoing a little more than a month. I had noticed that my health condition was starting to show some positive changes. Mainly, I felt I gained more strength than before the treatments started. After about two months. Two office visit per week was reduced to once a week. At that point, I have gained more confidence on my treatment program with natural medicine. And I have also learned one of the benefits of using natural medicine is the almost zero side effects. That is an even better encouragement.

Today, my health condition is significantly improving day by day. My nasal allergy symptom has been going down to almost zero. Amazingly, my hair is re-growing. At the same time, the natural medicine prescribed by Dr. Yeh are helping me in other areas like lowering my cholesterol and sugar levels also indicated a positive progress.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Yeh, Dr. Pearl and their staff for the excellent caring of my health. Special thanks to Dr. Yeh for your profound medical knowledge , experience and your professionalism gave me a new life. Definitely you are bringing back many more lives and happiness in this human society.

Upland, California

December, 2006



In 2006, I went to Dr. Yeh for nasal polyps. No other doctor could heal this condition. I tried many treatments with other doctors but none of them were successful. After Dr. Yeh began treatments, my polyps were healed.

I have now been 5 years without polyps. I would recommend him to anyone for medical treatments serious or minor.

Steve Shaw
Ontario, CA