Step One: Determine The Causenosis

This step must be the first one or we are just guessing (even pretending) that we know what to do.  Therefore, doctors have been trained for hundreds, even thousands of years to examine as many aspects of a person that they can understand.  I have expanded it further than anyone I know of into 25 methods for a Causenosis™.  This Causenosis requires us to conduct a thorough examination of all aspects of a person:  body, mind and spirit.

Step Two: Apply the Twelve Medicines

Based on a complex analysis of all of the above factors, we often find that there are multiple contributing factors that are causing people to become vulnerable and suffer often from multiple illnesses (that cause one another).  Once we understand the multiple causes of a medical problem we can prescribe multiple treatments to address the complex problem.  But we often combine several and sometimes even all of the 12 medicines below to address a wide range of illnesses and diseases.

Step 3: Education

We educate our patients to understand that they are responsible for caring for their own health with the help of the 12 medicines.  We have weekly education sessions at the Yeh Center for all of our patients and the room is often pack with standing room only because people find that with their new knowledge about health and the 12 Medicines that they are not only getting well, but are getting healthier than they have ever been, with more energy and optimism than they have had before. 

Step 4:  Facilitate Ownership of Health and Longevity Goals

In step three we work to educate our patients to understand that they are responsible for caring for their own health with the help of the 12 medicines.  The medicine we practice is of no use if you don’t understand it and apply it to your own life, and the lives of your family members.

Step 5: Implement the plan and prevent relapse.

All of our staff works with you to ensure that you both understand and consistently apply what works to not only treat the illnesses that you suffer, but to optimize your health, wellness, and enjoyment of life!