Proper diagnosis is important for it sets the course and strategy of the medical treatment. A misdiagnosis would lead both the patient and doctor down the wrong path. Yeh Center of Natural Medicine believes in the proper diagnosis of diseases and finding the cause of an illness. Therefore comprehensive examination before treatment is crucial and mandatory for all patients.

An examination at Yeh Center is very different from the diagnostic methods used in modern medicine, because natural medicine examinations are based on physics, biology, and chemistry.

  • It is non-invasive and painless, hypodermic needles are not used, blood is not drawn, and dangerous equipment such as X-ray, CAT scan, MRI, etc. are never involved.
  • The individual organs are checked using classical and modern diagnostic methods to find out which system or systems are out of balance. It is important to use the knowledge of natural medicine to go beyond and supplement chemical lab tests.
  • The examination enables the practitioner to understand which parts of the body are in balance and which parts are out of balance. Then the most correct treatment for the problem(s) can be provided.

Our unique diagnosis is systematic, and two forms are used:

Systematic Examination- Approximately 12 Days

This exam includes classical medical analysis and discussion of:

  1. Face Causenosis
  2. Pulse Causenosis
  3. Eye Causenosis
  4. Foot Causenosis
  5. Ear Causenosis
  6. Meridian Causenosis
  7. Tongue Causenosis
  8. Biological Causenosis
  9. Abdomen Causenosis
  10. Skin Causenosis
  11. Hand Causenosis
  12. Thermal Sensory Causenosis

Regular Examination – Approximately 3 Days

This exam includes classical medical analysis and discussion of:

  1. Tongue Causenosis
  2. Meridian Causenosis
  3. Pulse Causenosis
  4. Biological Causenosis
  5. Skin Causenosis