When Dr. Timothy and Dr. Pearl Yeh created the Yeh Center they successfully improved on ancient Traditional Medicine, and they exercise great caution when applying some parts of Western medicine. Through revising and improving on the ancient traditions they were able to develop 12 unique types of natural medicine. At the Yeh Center these 12 types are used to treat their patients and integrate these treatment modalities with Western diagnostics for cross-verification of their diagnoses. They have learned how to treat very difficult diseases using these 12 types of medicine in a multi-channelled manner.

They have come to learn that if hospitals or clinics do not use these 12 types of natural medicine in appropriate combinations, then they will have little in the way of success in their treatments. Yeh Natural Medicine has improved on thousands of years of traditional medicine and is cautious in the use of Western Medicine, especially when the risk of doing so is serious. The Foundation of Health Johns Hopkins Hospital in Nov. 2011 announced that cancer is a disease of the spirit, mind and body and therefore we can’t ignore discussions of Spirit. Many diseases can be caused when people have no hope! If they have no hope then they can be called the “walking dead.”

Human beings are made of three components… spirit, mind and body. The soul should be following the spirit and not the flesh. Many diseases can be caused when this order is not followed. We accept everyone’s right to search for truth…or not to search. And we respect and care for every person we treat, regardless of their beliefs. This is about Wisdom, Control of Emotions, Will Power and Passions.

Mind Medicine is the medicine of the soul, the inner life. It can be divided into three parts.

  1. Mind.
  2. Will.
  3. Emotions/Passions/Desires.

Many, many diseases can come from this area of emotions, including anger, worry, sadness, fear, overjoy and bitterness. Passions when connected to a “do whatever you want attitude,” can also cause mental health problems. Greed can also be a cause of health problems. Mind Medicine must then be employed.

Modern research on emotional intelligence has confirmed what we have been teaching for over 50 years. Over two million people in South Korea were hospitalized for addiction because they had over-indulged in looking at pornography and violence on the internet.

This also creates many problems in families and marriages. This is an example of what can happen when positive visual practices are not followed. The Yeh’s are descended from a long line of perfumers in my family. The Yeh Royal Family of perfumers have had over 120 years of continuing experience in the art and science of perfumeology.

Perfume in China is not used the same way as it is in Paris. It is used for medicinal purposes. For example, we prescribe specific perfumes when people have sinus infections and the perfumes actually kill the bacteria when you put them together in a Petri dish. I have found that many diseases, even very serious diseases, including autoimmune diseases and certain cancers are related to the nose and what comes into it.

Out of these many years of experience we have coined a proverb relating to the nose: The proverb is that, “more diseases come in through the nose than through the mouth.” So we developed perfume medicine. Nothing is more needed than natural perfume medicine!

My wife and I have written a book in English and Chinese, teaching how natural perfume medicine works and how their perfumery techniques have been perfected. When you inhale the right perfume, it will go immediately right to the organ that needs support and nourish it and have a healing effect. Confucius was an eminent philosopher as well as a musician. He pointed out that the type and quality of the music persons, governments or countries listen to can be a reflection of the quality of their culture and even their morality.

Elegant music can build up good character. Music can create deep thinking and positive thoughts. Music that is intended to create positive moral character must be tender, gentle, stable, active and touching. This music must not contain violence, or deceit and must not be intrusive.

The University of Kansas in 1940 was the first university to teach music therapy for accredited courses. Now, music therapy is a cutting edge and well-developed science. Thousands of clinical studies have been conducted. Scientifically, we say that good music needs to have good rhythm, speed, harmony and language expression. It has the ability to touch people’s heartstrings. Good music can make a person with depression happier. It can also make a person with fatigue begin to regain their strength. It can cause the brain to function more sharply.

Good music can reflect the wisdom, beauty and power of a period of time, and even of creation. If we do not understand how to define good music then, we will not know how to identify music that has undesirable effects. We need good music to help our spirits, minds and bodies to be healthy.

Dr. Pearl Yeh majored in piano solo at the Beijing Art Institute, Beijing, China. She was the only one of her orchestra to be invited to play for Premier Un Lia Zhou on a twice-weekly basis. She was in charge of their music therapy department. She uses different colors combined with different pitches to treat different diseases.

At the Yeh Center, they have continuous broadcasting of wonderful music to help patients uplift their spirits, sharpen their minds and strengthen their bodies. Dr. Pearl strictly chooses the musical selections. Their broadcasting of this healthy, beneficial music has been going on for more than 30 years. The patients love the music selections! Dr. Pearl and I have finished our book on musical therapy in both English and Chinese. Many patients do not understand how important it is to find the cause of a disease before beginning treatment. They do not understand what to eat or how to eat. We know that some foods are the cause of causes and the root of roots. Everyone needs to pay attention to that fact. Today, many nutritionists never learn natural food medicine. They are guiding people using the nutritional science as the guide to eat. This is very common everywhere.

We need to say here, nutrition is not food and food is not nutrition. Hippocrates said, “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” According to Systematic Natural Medicine, nutrition is only the name of one component of food, the chemical component. For this reason nutrition is not equal to food, when one is teaching food science they should be teaching the full food science (that includes physics, chemistry and biology, synchronized together).

We have been involved continuously in this wonderful Food Medicine. Many years ago we began teaching classes twice a week on the concepts and daily use of food medicine and natural perfume medicine. Almost all of the patients ask, “why has no one ever taught us these principles before?” The seminars are always full. This is a testimony to the fact that my patients value this teaching very much. Many times when all the seats in the classroom have been filled, people will stand to listen to the seminars.

They have developed a very new concept of the three sciences of physics, chemistry and biology synchronized together and how they are used in Herbal Tea Medicine and Perfume Medicine. The four books that we have written that are intended to be used by our patients are:

  1. Natural Medicine Works!
  2. Seasonal Food Medicine
  3. Body Balanced Food Medicine
  4. Foods of Food Medicine

These books are a compilation of our many years of study and practice in Systematic Natural Medicine. They are currently only sold only through the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine and have never been distributed through any other outlet. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method of medical treatment practiced for over 4,000 years.

What is it? In natural medicine we know what it is. It is a science of bio-physics. The meridian system in acupuncture is a unique system. It belongs to the field of bio-physics. It is invisible. It is a bio-electric, magnetic and web system. The meridian system is like a web and an acupuncture point is like a web station.

Those practicing natural medicine can use different physics to diagnose a problem. Clinically, they use the bio-physics of the meridian test to diagnose a disease. They also use it to pinpoint the underlying cause of a disease. By differentiating a group of symptoms we can correctly find a Causenosis (multiple-causes of a disease or diseases).

Our herbal and acupuncture treatments go to the different channels of blood and energy seeking to monitor and to correct any imbalance. We are natural medicine specialists and respect and honor traditional natural medicine. Natural medicine is a chrysalis of knowledge and wisdom from the lives of ancient peoples.

The success of our business is based in part on respecting this chrysalis of knowledge. For example, we had one patient who had arthritis in her hands. Because of the arthritis she could no longer play the piano, which she loved to do! We treated her with only one treatment of acupuncture and she was able to play the piano again! We also had a patient who had TMJ and was scheduled for surgery in connection with that problem. After, just one treatment he also saw major results and was able to cancel the surgery.

Even early in our practice we found that because of these good reports, our reputations spread quickly and we started seeing many more patients come to our offices. Our treatments are effective and get results because they seek to focus on the exact point of the cause(s) of the disease. His planet is covered with the “gold” of natural herbs. In Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and Africa there are many kinds of medicinal herbs. They have collected herbs from many different continents. At times the Yeh Center headquarters looks like a herbal collection center.

In China, in ancient times, each emperor would have his own royal physician. The government would give them the very high title of Long Zhong. To be the royal physician in the palace was a very honored and respected position! They were given the responsibility of treating the emperor, his top officials and their families. If any medical errors occurred, he could easily be severely punished, including being beheaded. Therefore, each herbal prescription weighed heavily on the royal physician. He dared not to give a single bad prescription. The royal physician needed a deep understanding of the symptoms, diseases, causes, pathology and natural ways to treat them. With knowledge and wisdom he could gain success.

Because the grandson of the royal physician to the Ching dynasty taught me, I learned how to diagnose a disease and prescribe herbs very cautiously and precisely. This knowledge is a cornerstone of my success. The Yeh Center Herbal Department has fortunately saved my prescriptions for many different diseases. This collection of knowledge is a priceless treasure to be sure. Dr. Yeh has given seminars for 30 years and he and Pearl have written many books on the subject of natural medicine and nutrition. We have taught on the three sciences of physics, chemistry and biology synchronized together.

Nutrition is chemistry and the science of food chemistry. It provides energy, issues ingredients, helps tissues to recover and helps with the physiological modulating function. Nutrition is a part of food, but not the same as food. Humans need protein, fats, sugars, vitamins, minerals, water and fiber. Recently added to the list of what is included in nutrition are enzymes, co-enzymes, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Recognizing the importance of nutrition, the Yeh Center Nutrition Department in the past 30 years has never stopped providing nutritional consultations and treatments. Some of our supplements include Daily Essentials, Liver and Eye Essentials, and Bone Essentials, which are all dietary supplements providing additional nutrition. People in general and young people in particular tend to think that one’s lifestyle is not really related to one’s health. They go to sleep late, get up late, over eat, drink alcohol in excess, get addicted to gambling and drugs, over indulge in sex, go crazy with having lots of pets, engage in smoking, become idle, are careless in making friends, become greedy with money, watch too much television and spend too much time on the computer. Those bad habits and lifestyles will create poor individual health and poor families and a societal breakdown.

The Yeh Center pays a great deal of attention to Lifestyle Medicine. In the initial visit they take the time to find out the underlying causes of the disease from the patient’s lifestyle. So, Lifestyle Medicine plays an import role in the whole Causenosis and treatment process. We need movement for maintaining our good health. When we are healthy any type of exercise or sports seem to be acceptable. Therefore, when people are healthy they tend not to pay attention to what kind of sports are beneficial to their health. Once some one gets sick and does not know what the proper exercises should be for them and there is no one there to give them proper guidance and as a result they can begin destructive and harmful exercises. To run, to bend, to walk, to lift heavy items, all these can damage one’s health if that person is not in good health.

During the Yeh doctors combined 80 years of medical practice they have seen a lot of people who received damage to their health and even loss of life from engaging in unhealthy exercise routines. Patients need to be guided by doctors with the medical experience in this area. Dr. Yeh prefers patients to practice natural forms of exercise like Tai Chi with abdominal breathing for each movement. The Yeh doctors have written a book titled, Tai Chi Exercise. It is kept in the Yeh Center Headquarters. Orientals have developed a very unique form of trauma Osteopathic/Chiropractic Medicine. The United States has developed its own form of Osteopathic Medicine. Both sides have discovered many diseases can develop from the joints and bones. When given good adjustments and manipulations many diseases can be slowed or even reversed.

In this way, many joint, bone and internal diseases respond favorably to this type of treatment. For example, there is a specific manipulation of the spine when there is a disk herniation in the spine, and when this is applied properly the herniation returns back into the disk and healing progresses much more quickly.