“I am a modern day miracle.”

In July of 1984, deep vein thrombosis began in my legs. I was admitted to the V.A. Hospital, Fargo, North Dakota. After two months treatment with IV Heparin, Ringer’s solutions, and Coumadin, my veins opened up well enough to discharge me. Later when my leg turned dark and swollen, I would make a poultice of comfrey around my lower leg. This reduced the swelling and seemed to be healing. The doctor told me to keep on taking my Coumadin and be very careful about over doing or they would have to cut my leg off.

March continue 1988, I moved to Oceanside, and went to Stanford University in San Francisco, to the Medical Research Department, who were experimenting with lasers to clear obstructed blood vessels. They told me they could not treat veins because the valves in the veins would be destroyed also. I used the V.A. Hospital in San Diego to manage my Coumadin levels for about three years. A younger new V.A. doctor saw me on a Thursday and said he was up on the latest Coumadin treatments and was going to lower my Coumadin. That scared me because my leg was sore, swollen and dark in color; I could not sleep at night and suffered all day with constant pain.

The following Sunday I met Dr. Yeh who was opening an office in Vista. He started me on herbal tea, acupuncture, and four kinds of natural pills for my internal organs. I was diabetic, had an enlarged prostate, my veins were shot in my legs and I weighed 265 pounds. In 1955, when I was 31 years old, my hands and fingers had become numb and tingly and remained that way all through the following years. At times I was walking around with a blood sugar of 300 mg per cc. and the doctor had given me high blood pressure pills. My arthritis was so bad, I had obtained an electric chair to lift me up and down.

It was dangerous for me to drive to San Diego so I decided to use my HMO doctor to manage my Coumadin. I told the doctor what Dr. Yeh was doing for me and he called Dr. Yeh a quack.

Soon after he cut my Coumadin down and my clotting time returned to near normal. About 5:00 a.m. on Moray morning clots formed in both legs from my abdomen to my ankles. At 8:00 a.m. I was at the medical clinic had they scanned my legs and reported to my medical doctor that I had deep vein thrombosis. He sent me home instead of admitting me to the hospital. The next day a nurse came to see me and I showed her in my medical book that I should be in the hospital and she agreed and called the doctor. He said I was expecting too much and refused to admit me. The next day the nurse came again and she said I will get all your vital signs and call the doctor and see if I can’t get you admitted to the hospital. After some discussion, he told her to call an ambulance and I was taken to Tri-City Hospital, Oceanside, where I continued to be given only Coumadin.

When my doctor came in to see me, he examined me and said, “Boy, you have a beaut; when did this happen?” I related the above to him and said that when I had this before in 1984, I was given Heparin for two months. He said, “We know more now how to treat these problems.” So I laid there for 2 days with only Coumadin. This resulted in a four day delay before proper treatment began with Heparin. He stopped the herbal tea and other treatments of Dr. Yeh.

On the weekend, the alternate doctor, Dr. Donald Wentzel, saw me and when he heard my story, he said, “We will get you started on a treatment program.” In came the IV Heparin, the Ringer’s Solution, like my treatment in 1984. This continued for four weeks. Then I was told that my HMO would not continue to pay for my stay in the hospital after my treatment for six weeks was completed. There was no more the doctors and hospital could do for my condition. They called in Medi-Cal because they said my treatment was completed and I was not able to continue home. I would have to transfer to Vista Del Mar Care Center. My original doctor who caused the problem told my sons that I might never recover; I had a very serious problem and he couldn’t do any more for me. A blood clot could let loose and hit my lungs, brain or heart at any time. After a month at Vista Del Mar Care Center, I went home.

I went back to Dr. Timothy Yeh and showed him my leg. He said, “that’s not the same leg you had when I last saw you.” I got back on his program. The swelling began to slowly come down and the skin around my lower leg began to slowly turn pink again. The rope like cords in my upper legs, which were veins, gradually became soft. For months I walked very little.

I am writing about this August 30, 1994. My prostate is normal, my blood pressure is 130/70 mmHg; my diabetes is almost non-existent. I had an MRI scan at Mercy Hospital in San Diego in October of 1990; and it showed arthritis all through my spine and hip joints. The doctor had said he would authorize the replacement of both of my hips in 1989. Now my arthritis is much better. The numbness in my hands and fingers is gone. The bald area of my head began to fill in with hair; my hair became less gray and more black. My legs are almost as good as new and I feel better now than when I was 33 years old.

I signed up with another HMO and have found an excellent medical doctor. I went over the history of my legs and he looked over my pills. He said, “Its interesting, I don’t know anything about herbal medicine. Doctors don’t know everything; good doctors will admit it.” When your medical doctor says, “You have to learn to live with it, there is nothing more I can do”, it is time to try alternative methods of treatment. When you are sick and tired of being sick, go see Dr. Yeh’s Clinic of Natural Medicine. He will be honest with you; he can treat many diseases western medical doctors can not treat. If he can’t help you he will tell you.

Try the Yeh Clinic of Natural Medicine. I am a modern day miracle. God has answered my prayers. He has healed me. Thank you Dr. Timothy Yeh for your Natural Medicine Clinic. Thank you heavenly father for answering my prayers!

Oceanside, California

“I have lost 66 pounds. In 3 and a half months?My blood sugar is normal now. No high blood pressure.”

I am a diabetic, type II who reached the weight of 291 pounds. I got to the point of being out of breath just climbing 4 steps to my mobile home and tying my shoelaces became an ordeal. I had outgrown all of my clothes except for 1 pair of pants. I knew I needed help but didn’t know what to do. My wife was seeing Dr. Yeh for arthritis problems so I came with her to see if they could help me.

Dr. Yeh put me on a program of acupressure, herbal medicine and a personalized diet. I have lost 66 pounds. In 3 and a half months. Now I am health conscious. I know I’ll make it to my weight goal of 190 pounds. Now, I am able to do carpentry, work 8-9 hours per day without excessive tiredness. My blood sugar is normal now. No high blood pressure. For anyone who is treated in losing weight to preserve a useful life, I highly recommend this treatment by Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh.


Pomona, California

“I would walk a thousand miles to see Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh”

No crutches! No wheel chair! Able to work hard in my garden!

I am delighted to have this opportunity to relate my experiences with the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine. I am a diabetic, and have been for 30 years. I require two shots of insulin daily. About eight years ago, I began to have trouble with my back and legs. The pain was excruciating. My family physician finally referred me to a local rehabilitation hospital for extensive therapy. After eight months of going in for daily examinations and therapy, it was decided that the extent of my illness was chronic, stemming from my diabetic condition, and that I would eventually be confined to a wheelchair. At this point I was told that I would have to adjust and learn to live with it. I continued to have pains that were unbearable, and had to use crutches in order to get around.

Because of this condition, I had to take on early retirement from my job with the telephone company, and was placed on disability basis.

A friend who had suffered a back injury in a car accident told me about how she was relieved of her back pain and was able to return to work. She said it was all from treatments she received at the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, in Upland, California.

I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try, thinking – what harm could it do.? I already was in such pain, I could not sleep in bed, but sat up on the living room sofa all night praying for just a few hours of sleep.

I entered Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh’s Center and was immediately impressed. The surroundings had an air of certain efficiency, I was encouraged, and felt glad I had decided to come in.

Dr. Timothy Yeh sat down with me and he explained everything he could do for me, that he would begin a healing program process. He was interested, anxious, and concerned with my condition and I felt he would indeed help me. So I said, “OK – go ahead.”

I was put on a schedule of treatment right away. After a series of treatments my pain subsided, and by the end o the month I “threw away my crutches”, for I was able to walk and drive.

The treatments continued, and as time passed I began to feel better, happy that at last I had found relief. I was feeling my old self again, strong, and able to be active again, getting back into my garden, which I love, and driving my car.

My gratitude to Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh, for their undying dedication on my behalf, is constant. I shall always be grateful.

If only I had known of the availability of these wonderful doctors of Natural Medicine before I was forced to an early retirement from the telephone company, I would have been able to continue working until my designated retirement year. But I feel I have been fortunate to realize the final results that I have experienced. For this I give full credit to Dr. Timothy Yeh.

In closing I want to express my thanks to both Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh whose expertise in their field has performed a great job on me. I will be eternally grateful.

Happily I now know, that in the event I have a problem, I can go in for a treatment, and I’m quickly on my way again.

My special note, I must add. I have found them, Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh, to be very loving, warm, caring persons, ever ready to be of service to all patients who, I might add, are lucky to come into their care. I have found in them a special association, one which I will treasure all my life. I love them dearly and my wife echoes the same feelings.

May God’s blessings be on Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh as they continue to do what they do best – caring for and healing those in need.


P.S. I was once quoted in our local newspaper as saying, “I would walk a thousand miles to see Dr. Timothy Yeh.” that’s still the way I feel.

” and now only three weeks later I am feeling like a new person, my esophageal varices are not bleeding, my stomach no longer bloated, my liver is doing better, my diabetes is under control with the diet, my energy level is up, and I’m feeling healthier now.”

Dr. Timothy and Dr. Pearl,

I thank God everyday for helping me to find you both.

I first came to your office three weeks ago and I was one of your biggest challenges. I had esophageal varices, hyperglycemia, cirrhosis of the liver, angina, and chronic anemia. I was seeing five medical doctors and all they could do for me was to prescribe drugs and medications. The doctors told my husband that there was nothing else they could do and to just wait for me to die. I had so much medication that my medicine cabinet could not hold them all, I could have opened a pharmacy.

I came to your office to see what you could do for me and now only three weeks later I am feeling like a new person, my esophageal varices are not bleeding, my stomach no longer bloated, my liver is doing better, my diabetes is under control with the diet, my energy level is up, and I’m feeling healthier now. I am still taking treatments and I know that with God and you both I’m going to be fine. Everybody tells me I look better and are surprised at the fast results. I will be forever grateful to you both.

With Love, God Bless You



“… never have I used a formula so effective that it control my blood sugar without insulin.”

I am a diabetic patient. I have had two strokes that have left my arms and legs feeling numb. The strokes have made my legs even weaker, and because I also suffered from polio as a child. I was having even greater difficulty walking. I also had a triple bypass open chest surgery a year ago. I believed that all is related to diabetes.

I met Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh nearly two years ago and at that time my blood sugar level was over 300. Since I live in San Francisco area and couldn’t get the treatments from Drs. Yeh, they put me on a herbal medicine regimen along with supplements and dietary guidelines.

I have been taking the herbs faithfully for one and a half years now and my blood sugar level is between 140 to 160. When I stop taking the herbal prescription, my blood sugar level goes up immediately. Being Chinese, I have gone to many herbalists and have drunk many formulas, but never have I used a formula so effective that it can control my blood sugar without insulin.

Rohnert Park, Ca
March 18, 1997


“Sugar free in five weeks!”Early this year, my grandpa gave me a glucometer and I tested myself. I wasn’t surprised that my glucose level was high because diabetes runs in the family. I went to see a doctor and he prescribed Metformin. While taking the medication, I noticed that my sugar level was higher than when I was not taking it. The medicine makes me feel tired, weak and sick to my stomach. I decided to stop taking the medication and sought Dr. Yeh’s help.

Aside from diabetes, I also have allergies and a weight problem. I started coming to the Yeh Center on April 10, 2008. Aside from acupuncture, Dr. Yeh also prescribed herbal teas and daily supplements. Within the first 2 weeks, I started noticing some improvements, I feel less tired, have more energy and less cravings. My allergy is better and I don’t have any nasal problems anymore. After five weeks of treatment, I am now sugar free. I’m ecstatic. Now I am able to accomplish more normal daily tasks, hang out with friends and even plan on spring cleaning soon!

Natural medicine is indeed very relaxing and therapeutic. The treatment takes a little longer but it’s worth the wait. You should try it and see the results for yourself and you’ll definitely be impressed.

April 16, 2008


“Drug Free Life”

In 1992, I failed my truck driving physical because there was sugar in my urine and they sent me to a doctor. I thought my life was over because I believed that I would lose my job. The medical doctors put me on different medications such as Glucatrol and Glucophage, but nothing was getting it under control and they could not cure my diabetes. I was on these medications for 7 years from 1992-1999. I also had high blood pressure ranging from 150/190 mmHg to 170/100mmHg.

In June 1999 I began to drink Dr. Yeh’s Eye and Liver Essentials. The pastor of my mom’s church came to the Yeh Center for treatment and he referred us. My mom started taking the Eye & Liver Essentials and she referred me. I had no expectations for results – it was something my mom wanted me to take. I thought natural medicine was a crock, and the way I felt, I would have never walked in the door.

I began taking the Eye & Liver Essentials once per day and I began feeling better in 6 weeks. In 8 weeks, I went for my blood work. I also took BT and HB1 for my blood pressure. Since taking the supplements, I personally believe it is been a miracle. I have not changed my lifestyle or eating habits a bit. I’m not a religious person, but I believe this is a miracle. If this worked for me after years of increasing medication it can work for anyone.

As of august 2001, I am off all diabetic medication. My mom expected it, but for myself, it startled me how well it worked. The results are incredible – I tell everybody I know about it and I don’t usually recommend anything. Now I would refer others in a blink of an eye. Today my blood pressure is 120/78mmHg and my blood sugar is 176 at the physical. Give it a try – you’ve got nothing to lose!

February 23, 2002