My mother referred me to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine and I started coming here in April, 1998. Being a registered nurse, I was very scared to try natural medicine because I had the “fear of the unknown”. I found Dr. Timothy Yeh’s testimonial “Never Alone” very encouraging and moving and I read his book to my children. That made me more confident in Dr. Yeh.

When I first came to see him, I had a hole in the septum of my nose. I suffered from prolonged bleeding with clotting blood time of 9 minutes. There was dead tissue in the nose. And because most of the specimen from my nose was necrotic, the first biopsy could not render a specific diagnosis. I was given the probable diagnosis of Wegeners Granulomatosis and probable sinus cancer.

Dr. Yeh gave me a few acupuncture treatments because I lived in New Mexico. He formulated special herbs for me that I took back home, and he also prescribed food medicine for my individual needs. I appreciated the more detailed personalized diet instructions. In July, 1998, I had a second biopsy and the results were wonderful. There is no sign of cancer in my sinus and no Wegeners Granulomatosis! Due to the great results, I decided to have the surgery to fill in the hole in my septum.

I continued to come back to California for follow-up visits and reevaluation, and I continued on the herbal medicine. By December, 1998, I began feeling much better. Now it has been one year since I began treatments at the Yeh Center. I am a different person now. I am a new woman! I now know that natural medicine works. Herbs and diet are a much healthier way to go. I have and will continue to refer others to Dr. Yeh’s clinic.