“To this day, 3 years later, there has been no recurrence of gastric distress.” In 1992 I sought the advice of several well-regarded specialists in various disciplines for the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal pain. Among these specialists were a world-renowned chiropractic physician and author, a highly respected osteopathic physician and university professor, and finally an impressively credentialed medical doctor. None of these physicians was able to identify the affected organ, perform a diagnosis, or suggest a treatment.

The day I visited your office, I received a pulse-point analysis identifying the stomach as the affected organ. Your examination revealed an infection as the functional cause of distress. Your prescription of an herbal formula corrected the problem after the first few doses. To this day, 4 years later, there has been no recurrence of gastric distress.

“All pain are gone!… Together, we lost 52 pounds in 5 weeks!” 

Pains in my chest started a three month “adventure” with our modern medicine. My regular doctor had shrugged his shoulder and prescribed a medicine that gave no results. I went to see Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh and they treated the intense pain I had been experiencing for three days. Within hours of seeing the Yehs, the pain in my chest was totally relieved. Dr. Yeh then advised me that the pains I had been experiencing were just a manifestation of what the real problem was. I had also had a fast weight gain of ten pounds within the last month, feeling sick to my stomach, and feeling very fatigued.

Sure enough, within a week I was experiencing pains in my stomach and then my lower abdomen. The pains were so intense that I could not stand and could barely get enough breath or energy to utter a word. In trying to find the reason for my illness the Western doctors gave me numerous tests. I was told a different diagnosis every visit, which was turning out to be twice a week. I still was going to Dr. Yeh for acupuncture treatments twice a week and every time was feeling a progression of relief.

To make a long story shorter, I never did get a true diagnosis for my medical problem from the Western doctors. I had a gynecologist look at my test results and he refuted the other doctor’s diagnosis. Needless to say, I now have little faith in Western medicine and the term “practicing medicine” is literally what it implies. After approximately ten to twelve weeks of treatments from Dr. Yeh, I felt like a new person, better than I had for years. All pains are gone!

I changed several of my eating habits while under Dr. Yeh’s care and even started his diet plan. Within 5 weeks both my husband, Pastor Steve Seelig, and I each had lost 26 pounds!! We were elated, but most of all praised God for giving us the Yehs to help us not only medically but also spiritually, knowing that God could heal me from whatever infections I had. The Yehs’ great belief in God is uplifting and their servant-like attitudes are sincere. The Yehs serve God through helping others with their medical knowledge and I know that if it hadn’t been for their care and the prayers of my church family, I would have landed in the hospital for several weeks. I praise God for the Yehs!


I had severe abdominal pain. I had been experiencing the pain on and off for about 6 weeks. I had never experienced this type and severity of pain before. I could not function, and I was unable to work or do anything socially. I saw several doctors and went through many tests to no avail. I was taking pain pills every 3 hours just to exist. I got no results.

In September 25th, 2000, a friend referred me to see Dr. Yeh. I had an open mind toward natural medicine. I received 2 acupuncture treatments and herbal tea. In just one day, I felt better. I felt like a new person, and I feel better overall. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal! After just 1 acupuncture treatment and one day of herbal tea, I was able to return to work! By the end of two days, I felt normal again.

I have my life back! Prior to the treatment I was purely existing, not living! I am extremely happy with the results. I would absolutely recommend this treatment. Everyone at the Yeh Center was great, and I felt very comfortable. I am now a firm believer in acupuncture and herbs. It worked for me when I had no hope.