“The results showed that my blood was free of rheumatoid arthritis.”

About 4-5 years ago, my problems began. My hands and knees would swell, causing me a great deal of pain. My doctor told me I had arthritis and gave me a prescription for medication. This medication caused some side effects and consequently, I stopped taking it. Eventually, the swelling and pains subsided. But periodically, in varying degree, the pains would come back.

In August, I began to have severe pains in my shoulders, pain and swelling in my hands, knees, and ankles. I went to my regular medical doctor and he gave me a shot of cortisone. Then he told me I had bursitis in my shoulder and arthritis in my joints. Because I cannot tolerate aspirin, the doctor told me to try Arthritic Strength Bufferin and I would “Just have to ride it out.”

The pains, swelling, and stiffness got worse each day. The last week of August, I was referred to Dr. Yeh, made an appointment, and began treatment on August 11. I told Dr. Yeh that my doctor’s diagnosis was “Bursitis in my shoulders and arthritis in my joints”, and that is what Dr. Yeh began to treat me for. After two weeks, I was not responding and grew steadily worse. I was not able to work, could barely walk, could not drive, and had to give up my position of song leader in church, as I could not use my arms. My wife had to dress me and help me out of bed and chairs. I could not turn in bed without help. Just the weight of the covers on my body brought severe pains. Sleep was almost impossible!

Since I had not responded to Dr. Yeh’s treatment, the diagnosis which was given to me seemed to Dr. Yeh to be incorrect. Dr. Yeh asked me to go to the lab for blood tests. The test results showed that my blood had significant amount of rheumatoid arthritis with inflammation of the joints. At this point, I was very discouraged, although Dr. Yeh was very encouraging with the knowledge God has given him. He said he would be able to help me treat the rheumatoid arthritis with natural medicine.

Immediately, I began the first of a series of three treatments and was soon able to return to work for a few hours. As I began to get stronger, I was able to increase the hours and I am now back at work full time.

Approximately 4 months after the first lab test were done, I had more lab tests. The results showed that my blood was free of rheumatoid arthritis. I am continuing to get stronger and feel better every day.

Now I can even ride my motorcycle!


“I can now wash my face, brush my teeth, drive the car and have control of my life again.”

The X-rays on my wrists reflected Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis with severe trauma to my right hand. Day by day, my hands were becoming more and more less functional; the pain all but unbearable. In fact, when I relaxed completely still in a chair, my wrists would ache as though they were being seared with a burning iron.

My medical physician, provided through the prestigious Scripps Clinic and Hospital in La Jolla, viewed the x-ray and referred me to a Rheumatology specialist. His only three choices for treatment were:


Pain killer medication


I knew that none of these were options for me.

All my life I’d been told of an aunt, whom I never knew, due to arthritis, had lost complete use of her hands. Arthritis, in many forms runs rampant in my family.

I’m middle aged, a mother and grandmother, active physically, very independent and hold a responsible job. In four years, when I retire, God willing, I have a whole other life planned. Last year, this affliction left me totally distraught, I cried for days. I could hardly brush my teeth or wash my hair without agony.

A couple of years ago, my husband had been relieved of back pain with acupuncture. Last year he went to the Yeh Clinic in Vista for his shoulder. I noticed that on the business card he brought home, a list of ailments they claimed they could help.

My husband and I were very skeptical. However, I made my first visit to the Yeh Clinic in late summer of 1993. Dr. Yeh gave me his prognosis which wasn’t at all easy to hear. He said that in order for their treatment to work, I’d have to release of some of my activities (yard work, house work, etc.). We talked about my diet or things that could aggravate the problem. At the time, I found a lot of this next to impossible, but little by little God led the way on how most of it could be accomplished.

In Vista, their most capable and patient associate, carefully applied acupuncture in both wrists twice a week for about nine months. During this time he kept reiterating what Dr. Yeh first advised me to do regarding activities and diet.

My wrists may never be completely strong again, and if I had taken Dr. Yeh’s directions on complete inactivity for a year along with the acupuncture and prescribed tea I was doing, I have no doubt results would now be dramatic. However, even with my modified activities, I’ll tell anyone who will listen, that I can now wash my face, brush my teeth, drive the car and have control of my life again.

If you’re having health problems, I would highly urge you to give the Yeh Health Center a try. We, who have grown up with Western philosophy, don’t understand it, nor will we ever. Since my experience, I’ve heard from friends and family in other places who have had similar success.

I also recommend you see a TV program on Eastern Medicine offered on Public Television. You’ll find it convincing and most interesting.

I would be most happy to testify to the validity of this letter at any time. God’s blessings and good health to you!

Vista, California

“The pains I had for so long are now gone.”

For many months I lived with a diagnosis of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Hormone replacement therapy was not doing much for me, and I experienced pains which moved about through my back and ribs. The condition continued to worsen, and I was becoming desperate.

I turned to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine and began receiving acupuncture treatments along with herbal tea and another natural medicine. I was pleased to be in the care of those who cooperated with the wisdom of nature.

During the first week or ten days I began to feel improvement, and I have continued to feel better each day. The pains I had for so long are now gone. I am extremely pleased to be feeling like a new person and I am very thankful to have found the Yeh Center.

Vista, California

P.S. I have been under treatment for two months.

“I am a modern day miracle.”

In July of 1984, deep vein thrombosis began in my legs. I was admitted to the V.A. Hospital, Fargo, North Dakota. After two months treatment with IV Heparin, Ringer’s solutions, and Coumadin, my veins opened up well enough to discharge me. Later when my leg turned dark and swollen, I would make a poultice of comfrey around my lower leg. This reduced the swelling and seemed to be healing. The doctor told me to keep on taking my Coumadin and be very careful about over doing or they would have to cut my leg off.

March continue 1988, I moved to Oceanside, and went to Stanford University in San Francisco, to the Medical Research Department, who were experimenting with lasers to clear obstructed blood vessels. They told me they could not treat veins because the valves in the veins would be destroyed also. I used the V.A. Hospital in San Diego to manage my Coumadin levels for about three years. A younger new V.A. doctor saw me on a Thursday and said he was up on the latest Coumadin treatments and was going to lower my Coumadin. That scared me because my leg was sore, swollen and dark in color; I could not sleep at night and suffered all day with constant pain.

The following Sunday I met Dr. Yeh who was opening an office in Vista. He started me on herbal tea, acupuncture, and four kinds of natural pills for my internal organs. I was diabetic, had an enlarged prostate, my veins were shot in my legs and I weighed 265 pounds. In 1955, when I was 31 years old, my hands and fingers had become numb and tingly and remained that way all through the following years. At times I was walking around with a blood sugar of 300 mg per cc. and the doctor had given me high blood pressure pills. My arthritis was so bad, I had obtained an electric chair to lift me up and down.

I was dangerous for me to drive to San Diego so I decided to use my HMO doctor to manage my Coumadin. I told the doctor what Dr. Yeh was doing for me and he called Dr. Yeh a quack.

Soon after he cut my Coumadin down and my clotting time returned to near normal. About 5:00 a.m. on Moray morning clots formed in both legs from my abdomen to my ankles. At 8:00 a.m. I was at the medical clinic had they scanned my legs and reported to my medical doctor that I had deep vein thrombosis. He sent me home instead of admitting me to the hospital. The next day a nurse came to see me and I showed her in my medical book that I should be in the hospital and she agreed and called the doctor. He said I was expecting too much and refused to admit me. The next day the nurse came again and she said I will get all your vital signs and call the doctor and see if I can’t get you admitted to the hospital. After some discussion, he told her to call an ambulance and I was taken to Tri-City Hospital, Oceanside, where I continued to be given only Coumadin.

When my doctor came in to see me, he examined me and said, “Boy, you have a beaut; when did this happen? I related the above to him and said that when I had this before in 1984, I was given Heparin for two months. He said, “We know more now how to treat these problems.” So I laid there for 2 days with only Coumadin. This resulted in a four day delay before proper treatment began with Heparin. He stopped the herbal tea and other treatments of Dr. Yeh.

On the weekend, the alternate doctor, Dr. Donald Wentzel, saw me and when he heard my story, he said, “We will get you started on a treatment program.” In came the IV Heparin, the Ringer’s Solution, like my treatment in 1984. This continued for four weeks. Then I was told that my HMO would not continue to pay for my stay in the hospital after my treatment for six weeks was completed. There was no more the doctors and hospital could do for my condition. They called in Medi-Cal because they said my treatment was completed and I was not able to continue home. I would have to transfer to Vista Del Mar Care Center. My original doctor who caused the problem told my sons that I might never recover; I had a very serious problem and he couldn’t do any more for me. A blood clot could let loose and hit my lungs, brain or heart at any time. After a month at Vista Del Mar Care Center, I went home.

I went back to Dr. Timothy Yeh and showed him my leg. He said, “That’s not the same leg you had when I last saw you.” I got back on his program. The swelling began to slowly come down and the skin around my lower leg began to slowly turn pink again. The rope like cords in my upper legs, which were veins, gradually became soft. For months I walked very little.

I am writing about this August 30, 1994. My prostate is normal, my blood pressure is 130/70 mmHg; my diabetes is almost non-existent. I had an MRI scan at Mercy Hospital in San Diego in October of 1990; and it showed arthritis all through my spine and hip joints. The doctor had said he would authorize the replacement of both of my hips in 1989. Now my arthritis is much better. The numbness in my hands and fingers is gone. The bald area of my head began to fill in with hair; my hair became less gray and more black. My legs are almost as good as new and I feel better now than when I was 33 years old.

I signed up with another HMO and have found an excellent medical doctor. I went over the history of my legs and he looked over my pills. He said, “Its interesting, I don’t know anything about herbal medicine. Doctors don’t know everything; good doctors will admit it.” When your medical doctor says, “You have to learn to live with it, there is nothing more I can do”, it is time to try alternative methods of treatment. When you are sick and tired of being sick, go see Dr. Yeh’s Clinic of Natural Medicine. He will be honest with you; he can treat many diseases western medical doctors can not treat. If he can’t help you he will tell you.

Try the Yeh Clinic of Natural Medicine. I am a modern day miracle. God has answered my prayers. He has healed me. Thank you Dr. Timothy Yeh for your Natural Medicine Clinic. Thank you heavenly father for answering my prayers!

Oceanside, California

“Rheumatoid Factor: Negative Sed Rate: Normal”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

The following were my blood test results:
Rheumatoid Factor: Negative
Sed Rate: Normal

The diet has indeed helped freedom of motion and has indeed lessened the pain. My neck and lower back still are still with pain, hands and feet have less pain, and the middle of my back is great!

I look forward to hearing from you and receiving the herb therapy. Thank you so much for the diet. I am better.

In Christ,
Dr. JM

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I have progressed physically as well as mentally, further than I had dared hoped for.”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

After years of suffering pain and inflammation due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, I’ve gone to several types of doctors and clinics to at least control the symptoms I’ve had to endure that made ordinary activities in life so difficult for me.

However, instead of finding relief, I was subjected to “test drugs” and “proven medicine” that supposedly arrests the spread of arthritis.

The results, however, left me with more inflammation, filled with toxic drugs, and have even less energy to endure this debilitating disease.

I became a skeptic and suspicious of most drug medicines that claim to treat arthritis and believed I would have to live the rest of my life as an invalid as the pain and swelling took over more of my body.

But, upon the recommendation of a friend, I came to your clinic and after a year now, I have new hope because you’ve given me a more effective method of controlling the pain and inflammation I’ve endured for so long.

I sincerely want to thank you and your colleagues for your genuine interest in me and your patience.

Due to your methods of acupuncture and the special herbs you prescribed for me to help eliminate the toxins from my body, I have progressed physically as well as mentally, further than I had dared hoped for.

My family and I are very grateful to you and cannot say enough to thank you again.

I have and will continue to tell my friends and those who I encounter with conditions as bad as mine about your clinic and your treatments.


“I can sleep without taking 2-3 pain pills a night.”

For ten years I suffered from Arthritis. Received all kinds of treatments and medications without any result.

A good friend of mine told me about Dr. Timothy and Dr. Pearl Yeh and though I was skeptical, we decided with my husband to give it a try.

To my utter amazement after a comparatively short time, I am now without pain! I can sleep without taking 2-3 pain pills a night. The acupuncture and the specially formulated tea helped me! It seems to me like a miracle.

With all my heart I thank God for guiding me to Dr. Timothy and Dr. Pearl Yeh and to them I am immensely grateful for their loving care and their willingness to use their God given talent to help us who turn to them.

Vista, California

P.S. I want to give special thanks to Doctor Yeh’s staff, whose attentive kindness reflects their bosses’ attitude toward their fellow men.

” Today there is no rheumatoid factor in the blood and I wear shoes, walk 3 miles a day, play golf, write every day and I have not taken a pain pill in over a year.”

In the fall of 1986, I was suddenly stricken with rheumatoid arthritis. It came on quickly and severely. In two years time, I was experiencing difficulty in walking, wearing shoes, writing, carrying things and moving any joint.

Everything I did hurt and it was necessary to take Advil everyday just to keep working. I was losing the use of my right arm and hand. Also, periodically, my left wrist was so painful it was hard to use it.

From the onset, I refused to take steroids and drugs, which was what I was told I had to do or suffer continuing crippling of my joints.

I sought out many diets, tried various vitamin mixes, herbs, baths, brushes, manipulation and anything that I read might work. I had tried acupuncture, but experienced only temporary relief.

In September of 1988, I was guided to Dr. Yeh. I began treatment with him and followed his plan diligently. The treatment consisted of weekly acupuncture, drinking herb tea and eliminating chicken from my diet. Dr. Yeh tested blood samples at the beginning of the treatment and at the end of 7 months.

Today there is no rheumatoid factor in the blood and I wear shoes, walk 3 miles a day, play golf, write every day and I have not taken a pain pill in over a year.

I thank God for the use of all my joints today and for bringing Dr. Yeh into my life. He is not just my doctor, he is also my friend.



“Try it – it works!”

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1975. I have gone to several physicians who would put me on anti-inflammatory drugs and wanted to put me on “anti-rheumatoid” medications. The MD i went to put me on Naprosyn and results were not good, and I had no improvement. I had pain in every joint most of the time. I couldn’t keep working as a nurse because my ankles would swell up and my shoulders ached constantly. I got to a point where I couldn’t raise my arms and had a hard time getting out of a chair.

A wonderful friend referred me to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine. I was skeptical at first but I prayed, and I believed that my prayers would be answered. I received acupunture treatment, herbal medicine, nutrition guidelines and attended classes. I had times of “high’s” and “low’s”, but I was committed and determined.

After a month of treatment, I started to feel better. After 3 months of serious committment to this treatment, I was back to my old selg again – pain free and walking better. I was able to lift my grand children, and I noticed that the energy definitely increased. This gave me hope, the staff treated me wonderfully and they are very knowledgeable and experienced. I am absolutely happy with the results. I would urge others to have faith in medicinal practices that are thousands of years old versus drug medicine practices that are newer. I know that this is truly God’s medicine and it works. Just give it a try.

Dec. 18, 2000


“Yeh is the way, I am a lifer!”

Approximately 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. The medical doctors recommended Interferon and wanted to put me on the liver transplant lits. I refused to take interferon because I didn’t want to start feeling sick to start feeling better. I did have a fear of death and developed anxiety. I started to take Zanax and began to make it a habit. I had achy joints due to rheumatoid arthritis and I could not properly take care of my son’s special needs.

I read an ad in a newspaper about the Yeh Center and that same day at church, there was a lady who had just gotten pregnant through the Yeh Center. I was not a firm believer in natural medicine. I had experimented with natural herbs, but I had no directions before coming here. On October 7, 1999, I made an appointment to see Dr. Yeh. I received acupunture, herbal medicine, nutrition guidelines and dietary guidelines. It is a pleasure to come here because the staff is so pleasant and courteous. The medical staff always had an answer and if not, they would find the answers.

Mentally, I started feeling better after the first visit because Dr. Yeh prayed with me. Within two weeks, the arthritis started feeling better. I went in for blood works every 3 months and I watched the test results for the Hepatitis C go down to normal. For anyone who is unsure or skeptical of natural medicine, I would show you my test results. Being dedicated and devoting your time to get well, you will see good results. In the Bible, it says, “all of us have a gift.”, and the Yeh Center is definitely a gift.

Due to the recovery, I’ve had a happier outlook on life, I have more hope, more energy and less stress. I have an improved quality of life and I have noticed weight loss. The rheumatoid arthritis is gone and now I can button up my son’s shirts. I am very happy with the results and I have referred many people and they have had the same results. Yeh is the way! I will always come to this clinic. I am a lifer!

April 09, 2001


“Pain relief in two weeks!”

I am currently 89 years old and before I came to the Yeh Center I suffered with bad arthritis in my hips and wrists. I came into Dr. Yeh’s clinic after reading one of the ads in the local paper. I suffered with this pain for several years due to wear and tear on my body. The pain in the hip was so bad I couldn’t even walk well and and it was hard to relax. This was disappointing to me beause I like to remain very active. I couldn’t play tennis anymore and even simple activities like walking was hard for me. before coming to the Yeh Center I was given pain medication such as Ibuprofen and Advil, but nothing helped, plus I didn’t want to be on drugs the rest of my life. I have always been interested in natural healing and I was a firm believer in it before coming to the clinic.

I first came to Dr. Yeh’s office July 03, 2006. The office was very welcoming and pleasant. My family was very supportive of my decision to get into acupuncture. I wasn’t looking for instant results because I have heard that it is a gradual improvement. The doctor prescribed a 12 week program consisting of 24 acupuncture, 12 herbal teas and dietary guidelines. I was surprised that after two weeks of treatment I began getting results. I was in less and less pain as the program went on. Now I only have two more treatments and I feel great. I can exercise more, ride my stationary bike and lift weights. Other benefits I have gotten are weight loss due to the diet, and increased energy. My family doesn’t like the smell of the tea that I cook but they are really very happy that I have gotten such good results. The staff was very helpful and curious and the medical staff helped me when I had question and I never had to wait for a long time.

I have referred some of my friends here and I would tell others to try it. I am so happy with the results and now I even taking tai chi classes at the senior center in rancho. People can’t believe I am going to be 90 in June and now I am excited about my 90th birthday.