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The skin is one of the largest organs of the body and also is one of the largest part of the Immune system. The skin forms a protective covering for the body and helps regulate the body temperature. Wonderfully, the skin can secrete sebum which is the finest protective film that all the cosmetic manufacturing companies worldwide cannot make such thin film as sebum which protects the skin from losing moisture and acts as an immune defense against various infections. The skin can excrete salt and water as wastes.

The skin has 3 layers: The Epidermis, the Dermis and the Subcutaneous tissue. We never look at the skin as a body wrap or wall paper. Natural medicine teaches us the skin of the face is related closely to the Lung system, Large Intestine system, Blood and Heart system, Liver system, Kidney and Reproductive system, Spleen system and Stomach systems, and Triple Warmer system ( Lymphatic system ).
Generally there are 4 types of skin: Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination. They are mainly made under different conditions of different organs or Organ systems.

Natural beauty is always Dr Pearl’s passion. Professionals and customers often ask Dr. Pearl directly :
” Why your skin stays so good? Please tell us your secret.”

The only answer is:
“ Pay good attention 60-70% to your inside and 30-40% outside.
Always remember the real beauty comes from inside out. ”

Therefore why Dr. Pearl has developed a series of Inside Beauty Products as well as Cosmetic Products for your needs .

Acupuncture Face Lift

Face lift by acupuncture (Acu-Facelift) was practically unknown in western countries for many years. This all changed recently when the results of such procedures were showcased by movie stars in Hollywood. Although “new” to the west, Acu-Facelift has been in practice for thousands of years in China. Not surprisingly, Acu-Facelift is the safest and most brilliant way to melt the years away with the added bonus of its low cost! The price is much less than cosmetic surgery and the results are long lasting without any artificial, stiff appearance. You retain your natural smile with pride and beauty. Surely, you will look much younger and healthier with Acu-Facelift.
When treating wrinkles, we are not only improving your appearance. But with acupuncture and herbal remedies, we are also providing internal treatments to the Gall Bladder and TW systems. We don’t believe in applying make-ups or using chemical creams to hide the crow’s feet because these methods are short term and superficial. We will never cut your scalp or behind the ears as this may lead to permanent damage or scarring.We have Acu-facelift specialists with years of medical experience that can help you. We do natural Acu-Facelift and give natural cream, eye gel and herbal supplements for greater results. You will feel very satisfied with our Acu-Facelift program.

If you are interested in our Acu-Facelift Program, please call us at 909-946-0527 and schedule an appointment for a consultation

It’s not as scary as it sounds…Acu-facelift is not poking needles all over your face that will make you looks like a porcupine. Unlike plastic surgery which uses tools like knives, scissors or lasers. Acu-facelift is painless and there’s no post surgery recovery like bleeding, bruising and swelling, no injections, no chemical involved, no side effects.

The fact is wrinkles indicate problem(s) with you Gall Bladder and TW systems. Inside our body, there are live meridians flowing like rivers. And needles are gently put on meridian points where there is a blockage which stop its normal flow. If we are healthy, the functions of each meridian are normal and it will manifest on our face. In surgery, the result is superficial whereas in Acu-facelift, the treatment is inside out! You will look great, feel good and stay healthy.

Try our Acupuncture Face Lift Program for your real and natural Beauty.


EZ Peel (Diamond)

With the vacuum pressure produced by Ez-Peel, the diamond peeling head, which enchased with fine natural diamonds in different density, will have soft friction with the skin surface. Dead skin cells will be removed from the upper
layers of the epidermis non-invasively and let the skin be sooth and healthy.


* To remove the dead skin cell and aged cuticle from the skin surface.

* To remove blackhead and whitehead.

* To reduce pigmentation, age spot, fine wrinkle and scar from surgery & injury.

* The ultrasonic function can help the skin to absorb the cosmetic products, and rise the skin temperature that able to increase the vitality of the cells.

* The cool massage function can calm down the skin that had irritated by the previous treatment.


EZ-PEEL – an innovative idea in microdermabrasion treatment


* The peeling motion only processes on the surface of the skin and will not causing any damage to the dermis. So EzPeel is a non-irritating, non-painful treatment.

* With 9 diamond peeling heads, that are different in size and density, EzPeel can be used for eye, face and body.

* As there is no side effect for the peeling processes, daily work and social activities would not be affected.

* Operating expense is low because the diamond peeling heads are very durable and no crystals is needed.

* The microdermabrasion treatment can be process in a clean and hygienic way because the diamond peeling heads are allowed to sanitize and no crystals would be left nehind.

* You will begin to feel and see the results after your first treatment.

Facial & Beauty Care


Aging care

The First Defense for Aging Skin

Derma MAX PDT protocols incorporate important new anti-aging discoveries, anti-aging laser and intense PDT therapy revitalize and
rejuvenate our appearance and promote collagen reformation.
Intense PDT and biochemically activated oxygen agents promote photorejuvenation for a more toned and youthful appearance.
Ultrasonic waves and electrical stimulation reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Ultrasonic waves and intense PDT penetrate through the epidermis and dermis to enhance cellular growth and increase circulation.

Derma MAX PDT has unmatched versatility, provides immediate visible results, provides a complete menu of Anti-aging services:

Seven anti-aging technologies have been integrated into one system for maximum anti- aging skincare capabilities.


Six Derma Max Anti-aging Programs

1. Peeling: Uses either the unique intense PDT Sonic Blade or the Bi-Elastic Blade to ultrasonically exfoliate and deeply cleanse the outer layer of the epidermis by removing dead skin cells, excess sebum, residual makeup and other toxic substances.

2.Moisturizing: Utilizes ultrasonic waves created by the intense PDT Sonic Blade to micronize the treatment product and create compression and decompression of tissues resulting in optimal exogenous hydration.

3.Regeneration: Combines MLM with the Fibroblast Activation Disk to re-educate facial muscles and increase collagen production and elastin synthesis.

4.Circulation: The intense PDT Sonic Blade dramatically increases circulation to the skin surface to facilitate nourishment and cellular renewal.

5.Deep Wrinkles: The size of the wrinkle dictates the use of one of three instruments: the Fine Line Precision Prong, the Deep Wrinkle Prong of the Microdiode Laser. The instruments utilize MLM or Microdiode Laser with E-Stim to stimulate circulation, plump up cells and induce collagen and elastin production.

6. Lifting: Uses the Vacuum Laser Actuator to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase cell metabolism and tone slack muscles in the face and neck.


Vacuum Treatment

2007 New Starvac SP6 is a device combining the “palpate & roll” technique to vacuum massage, innovation dedicated to efficiency

* Original & pioneering design
* Wide LCD screen
* Pre-set programs
* Programmable
* 15 treatment accessories
* Patented system
* Beauty, therapeutic & sport treatments Starvac Sp6 is equipped with a wide LCD screen, allowing viewing and browsing very easily and quickly through all the functions displayed Beauty Indications:

* Lympathic drainage
* Face Lympathic drainage
* Face Reflex Treatment
* Wrinkles
* Neckline treatment
*Anti stress top

Acne care

Acne is a skin disorder that occurs when oil glands in the lower skin layer (sebaceous glands) of the face, neck, chest and upper back produce excess fatty oil. Because oil glands are integrated with hair follicles, the oil can travel up the follicle’s shaft, which protrudes the skin’s surface, through the pores. If the oil clogs the pore, then it is likely that a “white head” or “black head,” (depending on where the oil stays) will develop. If the clogged up pores are infected, pimples or bumps (cysts) are formed. Over 20 years of experience dictate that to treat acne successfully, Dr. Pearl’s philosophy must be followed: Beauty comes from the inside out.We had a female patient with bad acne. She had acne when she was around 14 years old. She was given heavy dosages of antibiotics for 19 years by her dermatologist, but they didn’t help her out. She felt very frustrated and was referred by someone to come to our center for treatment. Dr. Timothy Yeh used the natural medicine’s way of diagnosis and found the causes of her acne. After 3 months of our facial care and herbal supplements (which treated the causes of her acne and not just the symptoms), her acne had completely vanished and she joyfully returned home to Michigan. She was happy and told people about her good experience at the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine. She also referred to us quite a few acne patients for help.

Cases such as the above are sadly very common. Many attempt to clear their acne by just using antibiotics and an external facial. Very often it fails with disappointment. Through 26 years of experience treating acne with facial care, we have learned that antibiotics and external cleanses in many cases don’t really help acne much. Please don’t waste your time and money.
Luckily, if you try our way: Seriously and meticulously endeavoring to find the specific origin of your acne problem and then getting that cause treated along with a facial once a week, we believe you will feel very satisfied with your results.

If you have any question for your skin,
please call 909-946-0527
to schedule an appointment today.

Your treatment and progress are always monitored by our beauty care professional. We practice personalized and tailored care for your skin and body needs.


Age spots care

Age or liver spots appear on one’s face or even on any part of the body. Age spots are one of the very sensitive problems amongst females and may also instigate problems with sleeping and or eating. But are they truly related to age? Unfortunately, they are. Generally speaking, most are associated with the sexual hormonal imbalance or deficiency related to aging. As women get older, or have experienced a hysterectomy, the skin is gradually degenerated. At that time, if attacked by the sun’s ultra violet rays, more melanin (the pigment in the skin) is produced by melanocytes within the basal layer of the skin. Over time the melanin migrates near the surface of the skin in order to protect it from the ultra violet radiation; thus the age spot is formed.

In many cases using only a bleaching agent (such as vitamin C, Co-Q10 or fruit acids… etc.) does not work well at all and is incomplete. To combat those unwanted spots in all fronts, the addition of an internal regiment treating the Female Hormonal System, the Kidney System and the Liver System works best to achieve results. Please remember Dr. Pearl’s Beauty Motto. It works:

Beauty comes from inside out.

Here is a patient’s testimony for you to read and hopefully it gives you genuine hope. We believe this testimony may guide you in the right direction.

“I developed brown spots on my cheeks 4 years ago. I went to see a dermatologist and skin specialists. I used creams and remedies and didn’t get any results. I became self-conscious and scared of criticism. On June 1, 2001, a friend referred me to see Dr. Pearl at the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine. I was a firm believer in natural medicine. I received skin treatments and was prescribed herbal medicine, and I noticed a difference after the second treatment. I am thrilled and excited about the results–no more make-up! And besides the great results for the brown spots, my skin now glows. The herbal teas have also helped my digestive system. The staff treats me well, and the medical staff is experienced and knowledgeable. I am very happy with the results, and I will refer others.”

Sincerely, R.F.

If you have any question for your skin,
please call 909-946-0527
to schedule an appointment today

Your treatment and progress are always monitored by our beauty care professional. We practice personalized and tailored care for your skin and body needs.




Hair Care

” In Natural Medicine, we look at hair loss and gray hair as a sign that there is an abnormality somewhere inside the body.”
– Dr. Timothy & Pearl Yeh

In our clinic, we pays special attention to hair care. The reason is, lots of patient especially women come to us crying either because of gray hair or falling hair. And men even if they don’t admit it, are facing the same problems.

It is true that for women, they consider their hair as their pride and glory while for men its their honor and respect.
If a woman does not know how to take good care of her hair during certain stages of her life,( ie. during or after her period, after having a baby and during and after her menopause), definitely she’ll have falling or gray hair at a certain age. For men, same thing will happen if they don’t take good care of their hair (ie. frequent over ejaculations, over exposure to sun, too much wine or alcohol, too much fatty foods, stress and abnormal sleep behavior) Normally, we blame all this hair problem as hereditary.

But that is not the case, following Dr. Pearl’s beauty philosophy:

Pay 60-70% good attention on the inside and 30-40% on the outside.
Always remember that real beauty comes from inside out!”

We offer a very succesful Natural Hair Care program for hair loss and gray hair for a very low cost. No harsh treatment, no anesthetics.
Our unique hair care program includes:
1. Finding the cause, (meridian exam)
2. A special mild acupuncture base on the meridian exam.
3. Nutrition for the hair.
4. Herbal supplements
5. Foods for the hair.
6. Hair products
7. Hair care technique.
8. Hair care seminars.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to call us at (909) 946-0527 to schedule an appointment for consultation. We also offer Beauty Consultation on line.


Nail care

Many women and men now love to get a manicure and/or pedicures, not just for esthetic purposes but to also maintain their hygiene. In response, nail salons have opened rapidly in many shopping centers and are welcomed by customers.

Unfortunately we have fund that finger and toe nails can house many unwanted organisms such as nail fungus, which is one of the biggest medical and beauty challenges in the field of nail care. Nail fungus is very resilient, and easily contagious, spreading quickly to all nails and may even affect the entire finger, toe, palms and soles.People have made serious efforts almost their entire lives to eliminate nail fungus, but sadly, their results are not satisfying. We are sorry when people are misled to purchase steroid ointment for use.

We just want to ask: Do steroids kill fungus?

Our treatment involves external use of a natural herbal lotion and ointment which can help you out of this annoying “Little Problem.” The secret of attaining success is to use special blended medicinal herbs and unique herbal essential oils with a precious medical technique.If you live close to our center and are frustrated with nail fungus, please don’t hesitate and call right now,

Call 909-946-0527

to schedule an appointment today If you live far away, you may call the same phone number or use our online service, where you may get an online beauty consultation with Dr. Pearl. Let Natural Medicine help you greatly. If you have unhealthy, weak, easily cracked, brittle or distorted nails please pay attention to the nail bed or cuticle which may be an indication of the health and functioning of your Liver and Kidney System. Please be advised that medicinal essential oils such as Lemon oil, Grape fruit oil, Peppermint oil, Lavender oil, Avocado oil, Tea tree oil, Cypress oil, Frankincense oil, Myrrh oil, Patchouli oil… are very helpful to your nails making them strong and healthy. Please never put pure or blended oils directly on the nail or skin, they may damage your nails or skin; find a knowledgeable professional to guide and help you.


Here we would love to share with you Dr. Pearl’s 7 key points for natural beauty.

1) Good spirit and happy mind,
2) Take herbal and nutritional beauty supplements daily,
3) Eat balanced foods,
4) Have a good life style: Sleep 8 hours, drink no ice drinks, avoid direct sunshine, wind, sunscreen, synthetic chemicals, live with no pets indoors, keep face and hands always clean,
5) Medical exercises needed daily,
6) Use home self made or best quality natural cosmetics and perfume,
7) Learn something new and great.