I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis in 1979. Though I suffered from congestion and mucous in the chest, I continued to work. I also could not breathe well. I went to my regular physician and was given antibiotics and prednisone, which I had to take 4 times a year. These drugs quit working in 1997, and because I still wasn’t getting better, I decided to come here. My first visit to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine was in August 1997. After an exam, Dr. Timothy Yeh gave me acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition guidelines. In 3 months of treatment, I felt better. My breathing is almost completely normal and I do not suffer from coughing.

In July 1999, I sought the help of Dr. Yeh for the treatment of Bell’s Palsy, a disorder resulting in facial paralysis and characteristic distortion of the face. The symptoms I had were facial paralysis on the left side and fatigue. I began to improve within 3 weeks of receiving treatments at Yeh Center. Now my facial paralysis is almost gone. If I had come earlier, it would be completely gone by now. I also have more energy and the fatigue has also gone away.

I do admit that I was a weak believer in natural medicine at first, but now I know it works. I encourage others to try natural medicine, and I would explain my experiences to them. The staff is courteous and professional and the medical staff is very knowledgeable. I just feel better now.


I was referred to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, Inc. by a good friend of my and began treatments with Dr. Timothy Yeh. I suffered from Bell’s Palsy, which caused the facial nerves to be paralyzed on the left side of my face. Prior to coming here, I received physical therapy for the Bell’s Palsy, which didn’t help the condition. Then I was given steroid medication that also did not work. Since coming to the Yeh Center, my Bell’s Palsy is completely gone after only 4 treatments.

I also suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, which I received surgery on both wrists for. After the surgery, the numbness continued in both hands and my hands were very stiff. Since coming here, I now have full use of my left hand and I have no pain. I also injured my knee on a bus and my back, ribs and right arm from falling backwards, which have all been completely healed by Dr. Yeh.

Another wonderful thing that has happened is that after taking Dr. Yeh’s Eye and Liver Essentials that was recommended to me, the liver spots on my hands have disappeared. I am a firm believer in natural medicine and acupuncture. I have been so helped by natural medicine that I don’t think I will return to my regular doctor. I explain to friends that acupuncture doesn’t hurt and I show the results to my friends.


“I’m convinced the treatment I received did treat the condition and by 1995, it was gone.”

In November 1994 I developed Bell’s Palsy. After a week I went to the Yeh Natural Medicine office where I was told acupuncture and herbs would clear it up.

Despite skepticism on the part of friends and stories of the condition lasting for long periods with no cure available, I decided to go ahead.

I’m convinced the treatment I received did treat the condition and by 1995, it was gone.



“Natural Medicine for Bell’s Palsy”

I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy on December 09, 2006. This was my second time to have this disease. I was hospitalized for three days. My left side was paralyzed. I couldn’t open my mouth which made eating or just talking difficult and painful. My mouth was twisted and my eyelids were closed.

When I was rushed to the emergency room, they said they couldn’t do anything about my condition and just prescribed Prednisone. I felt so helpless and thought of the Yeh Center. I was treated here before for back pain. On December 18, 2006, I had my first acupuncture treatment and herbal tea. After second or third treatment, I felt the difference. My face was back to normal, I had more energy and lost weight also.

I was so happy with the results. I would gladly recomment the Yeh Center to anyone who’s seeking relief from their illness and can’t get it from modern medicine. This just confirmed my belief that natural medicine really works!



“Bell’s Palsy and hives gone!”I had lupus for 10 years now and Bell’s Palsy which was diagnosed early November of year 2006.

One night, when I was about to go to bed, I felt pain on my left shoulder. I took aspirin to relieve the pain. But when I woke up the following morning, the left side of my face was paralyzed. I was shocked and thought I had a stroke. I was rushed into the emergency room and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.

My social life was really affected by this condition. It’s hard for me to even eat or drink. I underwent three sessions of physical therapies and was asked to take some steroids, which by the way I didn’t take. Before I had this disease, I was already having acupunture treatment at the Yeh Center because of the hives I had. And right after the treatment the hives went away. I was surprised on how fast the treatments worked for me so I decided to stay with the program, having acupuncture and herbal teas.

When I learned I had Bell’s Palsy I decided to see Dr. Yeh right away. I had acupuncture treatment and herbal teas. Within five weeks, my face was back to normal and the Bell’s Palsy was gone.

I would gladly recommend the Yeh Center for people who are tired of seeking modern medicine and still can’t get the result they want. Natural medicine really works! Compared to 10 years of treatment with modern medicine to just 3 months of natural medicine, my body feels better.

Dr. Yeh and the staff are very nice. Just being in the clinic will make you feel good and relaxed. Thank you Dr. Yeh and staff



” I was able to attend my daughter’s wedding feeling well and looking normal.”

In early April 1997, I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and Shingles. I had unbearable pain in my head and in my ear. Pain pills were prescribed. Unfortunately, they did not help the pain and they made me very nauseous. Another pain medication was prescribed and it also made me sick to my stomach.

My daugther told me about the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine in Upland. She had heard about it through someone who worked with her. She called and was told I could come right in.

The staff at the clinic were very compassionate, kind and caring. After being tested, I was told I could be helped by having acupuncture treatments.

After the third treatment, the pain was diminished, and my face which had been distorted from the Bell’s Palsy began to go back to normal. I was able to attend my daughter’s wedding on May 10 feeling well and looking normal.

I am still under treatment and very grateful for the help I am receiving. I would encourage anyone who is suffering from this and other ailments to consider this type of treatment.

June 1997