I have had headaches throughout my life and in March, 2001, I started blacking out. The headaches were very severe, and I wasn’t able to function. I went to my medical doctor and they ran different tests including blood and urine, and they even took fluid out of my spine. There were no results from the treatments, and they could not even properly diagnose my condition.

It was then that Pastor Danny Valenzuela told me about the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, and I thank him for that. After consulting with Dr. Yeh, I was given acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and dietary guidelines. The staff was very friendly, very concerned, and they are just excellent.

I am very happy with the results, and I would refer a friend or family member. I have no more headaches, I have more self-control and no more temper. I am more aware and sensitive, and I can reason a lot better. I have come to understand that a wrong diet can damage the body and how natural medicine can help.

I was not a believer in natural medicine before, but I now know that it is the answer – the answer of what God has made and not what man has made. I understand that the damage we have done to our bodies doesn’t mean that it is impossible to feel better. But coming to the Yeh Center and getting proper guidance in natural medicine can help.

June 8, 2001