“Everything that CFIDS disease had stolen from me has been reclaimed.”

For fifteen years my body has hosted a virus that has finally come to be known as Epstein-bar virus, Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder Syndrome Disease. The effects it ravaged on my body rendered me totally under its control. It robbed me of my vitality, mental alertness, muscle coordination, stamina, and dependability. It offered a continuous death-like exhaustion accompanied by frequent times of excruciating muscle pain. A fog-like numbness escorted my good awake times. At times my vision would be blurred or I would experience extreme hormonal problems. I dealt with many kidney and bladder infections, also yeast infections. A CFIDS patient deals with such a great gamut of odd symptoms, so diverse that at times one is truly overwhelmed. And the forever ongoing symptom that reigns over all the others is the numbing limbo of exhaustion. The matter of sleep is not a choice – it happens to the main agenda.

The first ten years of my ordeal with this disease, as the symptoms become more and more pronounced, and less easier to cover up, I turned to the western medical profession for some answers. Always my blood tests revealed that I was perfectly healthy. Many times I was referred to seek counseling, even though I ardently pleaded that what I experienced was not a figment of my imagination, but rather a reality of my physical body. Sadly, I report that on the whole, the medical profession would rather dismiss me through referral to counselors, than deal with the boggling variety of symptoms I experienced.

Finally, I quit seeking for an answer. I believed the lie that I was healthy and chose to accept my circumstances. During those first ten years, every morning of my life? (I can never recall awaking rested.)? I would fight to get out of bed. I would fight to be wife, mother, friend, and co-worker in my husband’s profession. Except for two overwhelming attacks of the virus, on the whole, I managed to maintain the fa硤e of health. I lived the lie. My family, friends, and associates believed the lie. When I could no longer continue, some of the symptoms prevailed like a flu. So, I had the flu.

Four years ago, I had my third major attack by EBV. I did not know at the time that was what was happening, but the years do teach. And God in His mercy led me to some key people who also suffered with CFIDS. I started treatment with the best western medical facility, who for two years, acknowledged, supported and tested me for everything from lupus to M.S.. No longer was I dismissed as an imaginative hypochondriac. My doctor was the best. But no matter how much I appreciated her, she could offer me no more than support and drugs to treat the dominant symptoms of the EBV. So, finally my husband quit driving me the hour distance to the clinic.

The week before I saw Drs. Yeh, I had just seen another doctor in the area, who had looked at my “new patient” profile and had reached the conclusion that I needed to see his friend, the psychiatrist. Needless to say, I took leave of his office with the greatest of expedience.

I have been a patient under Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh’s expert care for the past 14 months. Healing has had its price. It did not come easily. But, through Dr. Timothy’s perseverance in treatment, through drinking the herbal teas, eating correctly, taking his recommended dosages of the herbal medications, and the healing power of Jesus Christ, I am healed.

No longer do I awaken robbed of my energy. Rest now brings restoration. My mental abilities are 100% improved: my retention, assimilation of new facts, and correct assessment in perception. I am no longer plagued with muscle weakness or muscle pain: I can participate in physical exercise with no after effects of total exhaustion, rather experiencing a normal exhilaration and energy high. I am now able to endure through a normal work day. My stamina and dependability has returned. Everything that CFIDS disease had stolen from me has been reclaimed.

If in this mortal life, our path is joined by such as you?we have thus been privileged to see the face of God, to know His healing touch through your hands, to experience His enduring friendship and encouraging love.

Whatever my future holds, the Lord of my life has abundantly blessed me and mine through the preciousness of knowing you.

You shall be in my heart forever,

“That was all I needed, to know that you were the answer to my prayers regarding my health.”

Dear Dr. Yeh and staff:

I praise God for a husband who kept encouraging me to visit your clinic. Before coming to you I had spent at least two years going to the doctor for antibiotics to fight another cold or the latest virus I couldn’t throw off. I was continually tired and often not able to think clearly, or to remember past events. Some days it felt like I was in a thick fog – the way you feel waking from a deep sleep. I can remember many mornings wishing I could get back into bed.

As a wife, mother, homemaker, teacher, and active church member I was considered a high energy person, with activities four or five evenings a week. To put it mildly, I was extremely frustrated with my lack of energy and my family was worried. They knew something was very wrong with me.

Twice I had blood work done hoping to discover the problem. Both times the results returned saying I was fine. Although I was thankful the results of the tests showed no major illness, I remember wondering why I felt so awful when the test results were so good. I felt trapped in a tired worn-out body.

Teaching is an occupation that requires much energy and I was finding it more and more difficult to keep going. I used to spend my summer breaks relaxing and looking forward to the beginning of another school year. But as my energy level dropped, I found summer breaks too short with me wishing September would never come. This last September was the most difficult beginning of school I have ever experienced. I could hardly make myself keep going, day after day; and the mental fog was especially bad.

The second week of October, I started to get another cold and I told my husband I must make a doctor’s appointment and get some antibiotics. My husband had been telling me how antibiotics only destroy my immune system. Then once again he told me he wanted me to visit Dr. Yeh and see if he could discover my problem. By now I knew my doctor didn’t understand how to help me, so I said I would go if my husband would go with me. I’ve always been a strong, self-reliant person; so to ask my husband to go with me showed how unsure I was of myself. I didn’t know if I could communicate what I felt or what was happening.

I’ll never forget our first meeting with you, Dr. Yeh. You were so warm and interested in understanding my need. You asked questions that helped me know what was important for you to know. And you gave us time – time to feel your genuine concern and desire to help. When I asked you about the cross on your business card, you proudly said you were a Christian and asked me if I was also. That was all I needed, to know that you were the answer to my prayers regarding my health. You quietly told me about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ran a test that verified your diagnosis.

I am thankful for your services. The herbal tea mixed just for my needs, the acupuncture, and diet suggestions are all lifting me out of the deep fog. I am feeling more energetic and I am enjoying my job once again. Probably the most amazing change is in wanting to accept house keeping responsibilities again. To have energy at the end of the day is a great blessing.

Thank you – Dr. Yeh and staff – for being wonderfully warm, caring, and friendly people. I feel we are friends, not just doctor and patient. God bless you richly as you continue to touch lives with His love and healing.

With thanksgiving,

“The help you have offered me has been life saving to say the least.”

Dear Drs. Yeh,

The help you have offered me has been life saving to say the least. No words of appreciation could begin to suffice, but I’ll try.

When I first visited your office I lacked energy, enthusiasm, and direction. This was an abrupt change from my usual self. Despite many previous examinations, blood tests, and x-rays, no diagnosis was made that explained this change.

Through your expertise the suggested tests were made that established the diagnosis of Chronic Viral Fatigue Syndrome as the problem. Skillful treatment that included medicinal tea, natural medication, acupuncture, and a generous amount of spiritual awakening has completely restored me.

Although the treatment was lengthy, the joy of feeling good again was worth the patience required. Thank you very much for caring and care giving.

Dr.R , M.D.

” You helped me be satisfied with being an elephant.”

The Drs. Yeh,

All is well in the jungle thanks to you and your associates. After struggling at a frantic pace to keep my monkey image alive, you helped me be satisfied with being an elephant.

This took patience as my food source of daily bananas had to be replaced; but happily a storehouse of a fine assortment of berries has been discovered.

There are times when my monkey habits try to surface but once recognized??equilibrium is restored after your electric prodding treatments and I become a happy elephant once again. Slowing down can be tough unless you’re a happy elephant.

In appreciation,
Dr. R., M.D.

“Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh changed our lives”

On a personal note, I have known Dr. Timothy and Pearl Yeh for over 15 years. During this time, they treated me and my family for tendinitis, kidney stones, female problems, allergies, stress, back problems, high blood pressure, and chronic fatigue with Chinese natural medicine consisting of acupuncture and herbs.

We have learned the healing power of natural medicine and enthusiastically share this knowledge with others.

Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh changed our lives, bringing us good health and becoming good friends.

Upland, California

“I have made dramatic progress. I am able to work and study again.”

Miracles imply mystery to most of us in American culture — as if something otherwise unattainable suddenly touches us to restore well-being. But if we look at miracles as the result of understanding and applying our own innate abilities to improve our health, along with the healing catalysis of health practitioners, then miracles are just as real as our disease once was. Miracles are the gifts we offer each other.

By accepting the gifts offered by the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, Inc, by reeducating myself on basic health principles and by disciplining myself to the health process, I can truly say that miracles are attainable.

I had lost most of the years of my twenties. I was excited, energetic, and ambitious but year by year my capabilities and spirit were being chipped away and I couldn’t find help for my on-going flu-like symptoms. The muscle-aches, sore throats, irritabilities, mental fog, and chronic weakness eventually drained and disabled me. I couldn’t work any longer. I could barely function enough to get up and feed myself. It seemed like I cried for a year, eager to live and not able.

In April, 1989, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr, along with a string of viruses due to a low immune system. I was 96 pounds then, at 31 years of age.

I found the Yeh Center through the newspaper and took a chance. Western medicine had no answers yet for my condition, so I had nothing to lose. In the first visit, after talking at length with Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh, I decided to accept the possibilities of what natural medicine offered. It made sense to me. And the more I understood why and how acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle worked, the more I was able to help them help me.

I questioned, I listened, I followed the program and in three months I felt that spark of energy I hadn’t felt for nearly a decade. But my ambitious nature got the best of me and I tried to regain my lost years by doing too much while slacking off the health program. I eventually stopped doing my part and relapsed.

That’s when I learned that miracles and discipline go hand in hand. I maintain my health program now with the Yeh Center and I’m grateful for all the gifts of recovery.

In less than a year, I have made dramatic progress. I am able to work and study again. Not only have the most overt symptoms subsided considerably, but other underlying problems are lifting as well.

I hadn’t realized my vision was so foggy until it became sharper as I became healthier. I didn’t know the color of my skin and eyes could be this rich a tone or that I could taste food better. It had been so long, I’d nearly forgotten how fulfilling a “normal” productive, creative day could be.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is like sleepwalking – nothing is really solid or clear, no amount of rest is restful and you pray that tomorrow you will wake up alert and serene, but you never do. It’s very frightening.

So I thank God and the dear doctors at the Yeh Center for waking me.


“I am convinced that there is no other method of healing that prepares an individual to lead a more productive life.”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

My challenge with Epstein Bar Virus – Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder Syndrome and Anemia has been a long and arduous journey: one of new discoveries and healing. At times I was sure I would be healed; at other times I wondered if it would ever happen. My physical and emotional strength often wavered. I did not have energy, but consistently experienced headaches, depression, memory loss, and an overall emotional response of helplessness. I looked and felt years older than my actual age. I had to drag myself out of bed to perform simple tasks. My joy in life and my hope for the future were non-existent.

I took a leave of absence from work and actively participated in doing whatever it would take to realize healing. The diseases hold necessitated constant sleeping, resting, two weekly visits to Dr. Yeh’s medical center for acupuncture, drinking a tea made especially for my physical deficiencies, plus also, taking herbal pills, and following a healthy diet. It is challenging for western mentality to easily change eating habits, way of thinking and adapt to a slower lifestyle; however, it is possible — in order to gain health.

Dr. Yeh is patient. His knowledge, if practiced will bring about the healing process in one’s life. Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh extend themselves beyond human responsibility, gifting my life with their medical expertise. When discouragement engulfed me, they lived hope before me. It took many years for my body to deteriorate from the devastation Chronic Fatigue and Anemia waged upon it. Herbal and acupuncture treatment consistently enabled my body’s immune system to fight back.

On this journey to wholeness, I have visited many doctors, who do not have knowledge of natural medicine. Some have tried different methods of healing. Nothing ever worked, but, I still appreciated their efforts. Some told me to live with it, that there was nothing medically to be done.

My friend, Cheryl Skinner, who has also been healed of EBV-CFIDS, through Dr. Yeh and the Center of Natural Medicine, first told me about him. When she came to them, her body was so greatly weakened that it was no longer dependable for a normal daily routine. Most of the days were claimed by sleep. Now, nearly two years later, since her healing, she experiences energy renewal and lives life to the fullest. Needless to say, I was ready for a positive change, no matter the cost. I am convinced that there is no other method of healing that prepares an individual to lead a more productive life.

My treatment is completed. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, kindness, and treatment, that has brought me to the place of healing. I praise God and give Him the glory for directing me to you and bringing me to a place of allowing Him to bring to fruition that which He has promised, in His word, to do. Joel 2:25.

Jesus is Lord,

“The constant headaches, lack of energy, depression, memory loss, and feelings of helplessness have gone.”Dear Dr. Yeh

A new day has dawn! I am healed of Epstein Bar Virus and Anemia and the symptoms have disappeared. I am grateful to God and to Dr. Yeh and the Center for Natural Medicine. Thanks to God’s healing and Dr. Yeh’s faithfulness to follow through with me until healing took place in my body.

It has been a year now since I completed treatment with Dr. Yeh. I feel better today than I did a year ago. The results of the treatment continue to energize my body. I lost the compulsion to take naps on a daily basis. I feel good about life again. I no longer feel like isolating myself. The constant headaches, lack of energy, depression, memory loss, and feelings of helplessness have gone. I am meeting the challenge to continue in preventative choices with my health and life style. I eat healthy, visit Dr. Yeh periodically for vitamins and pills, for my specific body needs, and maintain a positive attitude.

I am living a healthy, productive life today because God choose to heal me through Dr. Yeh and the Center of Natural Medicine. It is possible to live a healthy, productive life. It takes discipline in food choices, consistency in following Dr. Yeh’s instruction and determination to feel better. It is well worth the sacrifices it takes to be healthy. I pray others will be blessed through the loving and faithful medical care of Dr. Yeh. He has a heart for people and a faith that God, through natural medicine, wants to and does treat those who are ill. Thank you, again, Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh. I am eternally grateful to you and to God for healing me of E.B.V. and anemia. I pray that God will richly bless you and the Center of Natural Medicine.”


“At this time I feel wonderful — vital, strong, healthy, and full of energy.”

For a number of years I have endured multiple chronic physical conditions, many of which were caused or exacerbated by stress. These included an anxiety disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue and thoracic outlet syndrome. Last summer my family and I moved from the east coast to San Diego. While it was a planned move, one to which we looked forward to, it clearly was a stressful one. Many of my chronic conditions worsened — particularly the thoracic outlet syndrome, anxiety and fatigue. Testing and meetings with numerous specialists resulted in a diagnosis of major surgery, which I chose not to pursue.

I noticed an ad for the Pearl Center of Natural Medicine, which had just open in La Jolla, and decided to consult its founder Dr. Timothy Yeh. I presented him with a list of my symptoms and the recommendations from my former doctors. He listened intently and then explained that natural medicine is used to treat the whole body, not just the part that exhibits the symptom. Also, I needed to cooperate and work in partnership with Dr. Yeh following his direction to affect positive results. I liked the idea of working together for my benefit! Through the use of acupuncture, herbs, food medicine, and life style changes, my body would most likely respond by healing itself, suggested Dr. Yeh. And that is what happened. It did not happen over night. In fact, Dr. Yeh told me I would begin to feel better within three months, but not completely well until approximately six months.

Knowing that Dr. Yeh had been trained in both Western and Eastern medicine with over 30 years experience, I felt secure in believing that if he said he could help me, then he would. However, I was willing to make all the changes in diet, do all that he suggested and commit to the full treatment was the use of establishing a base line, which indicated where deficiencies and excesses of energy were present throughout my body. At the conclusion of the first three months, this testing was repeated, so I could actually see where progress had taken place, and where areas of weakness still occurred. This served as encouragement and evidence that success was possible.

My treatment took place over the course of my first winter in San Diego. Although many around me had the flu and colds, I remained completely healthy. At this time I feel wonderful — vital, strong, healthy, and full of energy. I continue to eat well, exercise, and get the needed rest. I plan on having a seasonal check-up to make sure I remain this way.

I appreciate all the skill, caring, and good work Dr. Yeh and his staff have provided me. I’m so thankful I took the chance to explore and try the natural approach to my health problems, instead of resorting to surgery and medication. I am happy to recommend Dr. Yeh and his staff to others who are experiencing any health problems or want to increase their state of wellness.

Very truly yours,

Marketing Consultant
San Diego, CA

“The time of this writing, April 1994, my sore throat and other pains are still absent for the first time in years.”

During high school, anyone would believe that I was healthy. On the outside, I was happy, energetic, and outgoing. I played basketball, participated in other extracurricular activities, did well in school, and enjoyed hanging out with my friends.

It was easy to be deceived, because I did look healthy. However, on the inside, I felt sick and weak and had been diagnosed with mononucleosis two times in my high school years. After my first diagnosis of mono, I constantly battled strep throat infections, joint and muscle pain, and fatigue. Visiting doctors’ offices became a normal way of life for me. Some people around me thought I was a hypochondriac, because it was difficult to see from my outward appearance that I was sick. Naturally, after my second diagnosis of mono, my symptoms only increased. Because I was diagnosed with strep throat every three or four months, I began to realize that my strep infections were too often to be considered normal. It was obvious to me that the root of my infections was deeper than most doctors were willing to admit.

The summer before I began college, in 1991, I developed a chronic sore throat. Every single day for several months, I woke up with a tight feeling in my throat, and with each swallow, I was reminded that something was wrong inside of me. I, again, began visiting dozens of doctors in Kansas and Missouri, and I received a different diagnosis with each new doctor. Some doctors believed that surgery was in order for a deviated septum; while on the other hand, others thought that my symptoms were psychosomatic. I received every possible diagnosis and had every possible test run, but to no avail.

Exercise became harder and harder during my freshman year of college, and my joint and muscle pain became excruciating. I decided, however, to live with it; because after eight months of searching for the answer, I began to believe that the only answer was to stop hoping for a solution.

My parents helped me in every way they could. They kept looking for possible solutions and encouraged me to keep every new door open. One spring in 1992, my mom called me at the dorm room in Missouri and told me that she thought that help was finally available. She had talked to our old family friend, Dr. Timothy Yeh, who in one phone call 1500 miles away in California, suspected that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS), an immune deficiency disease (explaining my many strep throat infections). I agreed to have a blood test run, but honestly, I was laughing inside of myself thinking that this was another dead end.

Fortunately, I was proved wrong! The most exciting day was the day I was diagnosed with CFIDS. After ten months of searching for the answer to my chronic sore throat, I finally had a diagnosis! My weakness, fatigue, history of mono, and joint and muscle pains were also explained by this diagnosis.

I flew to California at the end of the following summer to receive two weeks of acupuncture, herbal teas, and dietary adjustment by Dr. Yeh. I hoped to get well overnight, but soon learned that my recovery would take much more time than I thought. I will never forget the Sunday afternoon that Dr. Yeh told me that if I didn’t slow down and get serious treatments, the virus would worsen until I was debilitated. Dr. Yeh strongly encouraged to take a year off of school and move to California to receive daily treatment. I was scared of losing my health at such a young age, and, although my personality is not one to take a year off of school for any reason, I decided to take Dr. Yeh’s advise.

Three weeks later, on September 5, 1992, I moved to California — thus beginning my journey of a thousand miles. I began getting acupuncture five times a week which Dr. Yeh slowly reduced to three times a week and, finally, to two times a week. It was around March, six months after my move to California, that I began to feel a difference in my body. Alongside of the acupuncture treatments, I changed my diet, rested, drank the recommended herbs, and persevered in doing my part in getting well.

After spending nearly a year in California, I returned to Kansas City in August of 1993 and began college once again. The time of this writing, April 1994, my sore throat and other pains are still absent for the first time in years. I do occasionally feel the onset of the symptoms occurring when I stop drinking my herbal teas, but, when I actively participate in doing what I am suppose to do for my body, I feel great!

I am also currently in my third year of premed and plan to graduate with my bachelors degree in one year. Because of my experience, I also wish to learn acupuncture after graduating from medical school so that I might have a more well rounded approach of helping those who are sick.

To all of you suffering from CFIDS or any other illness, please allow yourself to give Dr. Yeh’s treatments a try. The journey may be long but having already walked in your shoes, I honestly believe that your recovery will begin with this first small step.

Thank you Drs. Yeh!