K.J., Registered Nurse

“Allison has been off all her medications since October 1992, has no recurring symptoms and feels good.”

My daughter, Allison, became very ill in the fall of 1991. After being treated with no improvement, she was sent to a Gastroenterologist. December 1991 following a Colonoscopy and Ileoscopy with Biopsy, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and was told she would have this condition all her life. She was put on 40 mg of prednisone and dipentum for 6 months. Putting her on Cortisone was debated so her Dipentum was upped.

At the high school I worked at a young man who was asthmatic and suffered from eczema suggested I contact Dr. Timothy Yeh at the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine in Vista. Being skeptical I called this young man’s mother. She said he had improved after Dr. Timothy Yeh prescribed medical acupuncture and Chinese herbs for his condition. Allison went to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, was placed on a restrictive diet, received medical acupuncture, and drank her herbal teas. Allison has been off all her medications since October 1992, has no recurring symptoms and feels good.

I am a registered nurse so if ever there was a “Doubting Thomas” it was me.

Sincerely Yours,
K.J., Registered Nurse
Fallbrook, California

“It has been two months of no medication and have no symptoms of the Crohn’s that had, at various times, restricted me to my house in pain and discomfort.”

Dr. Yeh:

Fifteen years ago, I became very ill and was diagnosed as having Crohn’s Disease. Symptoms included fever, cramps, and severe diarrhea. Over the past fifteen years there have been times I have been quite ill, including a rupture resulting in a temporary colostomy. Over the entire period I took prednisone and more recently a new drug, dipentum. I was never able to get totally off the medication without becoming ill.

Last July a friend sent me an article about Dr. Yeh’s treatment of a woman with Crohn’s and who was taking the exact medications I was. She had successfully been able to get off the drugs and feel well through a series of acupuncture treatments, herbal teas, and following the diet Dr. Yeh recommended. My friend suggested I talk with Dr. Yeh. I did.

During four months of acupuncture treatment, herbal teas, and a restricted diet, I slowly cut down my medication until I was, at last, drug free. It has been two months of no medication and have no symptoms of the Crohn’s that had, at various times, restricted me to my house in pain and discomfort.

I am to continue the acupuncture treatments for about another month and drink the herbal teas for several more months. I will need to continue the recommended diet throughout my life. As a 41 year old woman and mother of a four year old, I feel blessed to have met Dr. Yeh and to have, after all these years, gotten off medications that could only do me harm over the years ahead. Also, thanks to my friend.


P.S. Biopsy performed after I was released from Dr. Yeh showed that all was negative.

“Jeremy now has no symptoms of Crohn’s disease.”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

Thank your for healing our fourteen-year-old son, Jeremy, from Crohn’s Disease (a chronic inflammatory disease of the digestive tract). Jeremy had suffered for two years with painful bleeding ulcers throughout his intestines which had resulted in malnutrition, anemia, and weight loss. He was taking several prescription medications, including Prednisone (a corticosteroid), which had many side effects. Also, he had been hospitalized twice during his two year bout with Crohn’s.

We were skeptical that acupuncture and natural medicine would work, but were willing to try anything. Jeremy’s treatment included acupuncture, herbal tea, and a special diet. After one week of treatment Jeremy’s health was noticeably improved. To our amazement, within two weeks he was feeling great, his energy level had increased, and he was back to his old self. Within one month, he was off of all of his prescription medications. After two months of treatment, Jeremy had a blood test done. When he went to the regular M.D. for a check up, the doctor said that the blood test revealed that for the first time in two years everything was normal! The doctor was not sure how acupuncture worked, but said, “You can’t argue with success.”

Dr. Yeh has developed a unique approach to medicine and healing. I would urge others to give Dr. Yeh a try. He will be very honest with you. Our insurance paid many thousands of dollars for Jeremy’s hospitalizations, doctor visits, blood tests, lab work, X-rays, biopsies, etc.., yet would not cover the costs of acupuncture and natural medicine. Dr. Yeh’s fees seemed extremely reasonable to us once we considered that his total fees were actually less than the total of our HMO co-payments for the past two years.

Jeremy now has no symptoms of Crohn’s disease. This truly seems like a miracle to us, especially since regular doctors had told us that there is no cure for Crohn’s disease. We believe that Jeremy’s healing resulted from a combination of Dr. Yeh’s treatments and the prayers of family and friends. We shall be forever grateful to Dr. Yeh and his staff for giving Jeremy back a normal quality of life. Jeremy’s future now looks very bright. Our whole family feels very blessed to have had God work through His faithful servant, Dr. Timothy Yeh.

W.S. & V. S.