“My biggest walnut-sized cyst was gone!”

I am a 38 year old woman who has suffered from cystic mastisis disease of the breasts since I was 24 years old. Having and nursing two babies helped a lot, but in time, the cysts grew back, causing me such terrible pain and discomfort that around the time of my period I could hardly stand to wear a bra. Br>My boss led me to Dr. Yeh for relief of heavy periods and terrible PMS. After one month I was much better; at the end of the second month, I sailed through a short 3 day light period with no PMS, headaches, fatigue, or terrible bloating. The biggest surprise of all, though; no more sore, tender, painful breasts all month long!

Last May, 1988, I had my biyearly mammograms. At this time I had been faithfully taking Dr. Yeh’s exclusive PMS formula for 1-1/2 hears. The doctor reading the results said, “All clear, no problems, no dark areas, good bye.”

“What about my cysts – where are they?” I asked. “What cysts?” he asked. “Oh, maybe you have a few little ones here and there, most women do, but they aren’t big enough to show up here.” My biggest walnut-sized cyst was gone! I knew it and this confirmed it.

I know Dr. Yeh’s formula has helped me tremendously. Here was modern medicine proof! Thank you, Dr. Yeh.

C.Martinez, 1994

Asst. Librarian, O.C. Public Library

“I went to an M.D. and had a thorough physical, there was no cyst on the ovary, no infections, and I got a clean bill of health.”

I would like to direct this testimonial to those women who are suffering the same symptoms that I have suffered, and encourage them to take the same course of action that I did to eliminate them. I am 44 years old and have not felt well for the last 10 months. I have had repeated bladder infections, a urethra infection, anxiety pains, pelvic inflammatory disease, PMS, sinus infections and drainage, and occasional cyst on one ovary plus severe anxiety and stress.

To be quite honest I think that people were beginning to get fed up with me because I never wanted to do anything because I never felt well. With all those infections and antibiotics it’s no wonder I felt so lousy, and the antibiotics just stopped working after so long. I became depressed and it made matters worse. When a person is not well, they know it, and then you start to wonder it you are imagining not feeling well, and you try to forget about not feeling well and it just doesn’t seem to work and you get more depressed. I knew that I could not continue on the way I was going. I was taking too many sinus pills and aspirin and then of course the antibiotics were making me feel sick, dizzy, and light headed, and I had constant pelvic pain.

I saw an advertisement for the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine and made an appointment. I went in to see Dr. Yeh and he performed a computer diagnosis on my entire body. Dr. Yeh determined that there was nothing seriously wrong with me except that my body was not balanced right, and that I had severe anxiety, some infection in my pelvic tubes, and bladder discomfort. He performed acupuncture (which I did not feel at all) plus natural medicine and herb teas. He told me not to eat chicken, turkey, or cheese. And this may sound totally crazy, but after one month I woke up one morning and felt great, lively, and full of energy, no pelvic pains, no sinus drainage, had no menstrual cramps, hardly any PMS, and no more bladder discomfort, and felt more at ease and better to handle things.

I went to an M.D. and had a thorough physical, there was no cyst on the ovary, no infections, and I got a clean bill of health. I still take the herb teas as I am convinced that they keep the body healthier. I also walk an hour and a halt at least four times a week and I am on a good diet and I stopped smoking. I didn’t know I could feel this good, and all I can say to the woman who has any of my symptoms is to give Dr. Yeh a try, don’t give up, being in your 40’s can be the best time of your live and you can also feel better than you ever have. I can only describe Dr. Yeh as a genius where healing through natural medicine is concerned, he really cares about his patients. I thank God I found him, and I challenge those women with the same symptoms I had to make that first appointment to the road of better health and well being.

Hallelujah! I feel so good.