“Today I can joyfully say that I do not suffer from anything except an occasional cold.”

I am so grateful to Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh for restoring my health and giving me control of my life again. Three years ago when I first stepped into the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, I was so ill that I was barely able to function.

For a few years I had been plagued with many mysterious symptoms that most Drs. Thought were “All in my head” and not related in anyway. At different stages I had been diagnosed with Panic Disorder, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Ovarian Cysts, Hypoglycemia, and the wretched Chronic Fatigue Syndrome virus. Western medicine only had offered me pain killers, tranquilizers, and years of psychiatric therapy. Thanks, but no thanks!

Dr. Yeh assured me he could help me. Dr. Yeh said treatment would take several months and I had to follow his instructions to the “T”. At his urging I gave up chicken and all dairy products. I drank his herbal tea faithfully and took his herbal pills in addition to the twice weekly acupuncture visits. With the first few weeks I started to notice some amazing results.

With each passing month, I felt closer to returning to the active vibrant person I once was. My recovery time was long because I had been so ill, but today I can joyfully say that I do not suffer from anything except an occasional cold.

I am also grateful to Dr. Yeh for giving me a couple treatments to improve my fertility which resulted in the conception of my son Alex who was born a healthy 7 pounds. 6 oz. in October of 1992.

During my pregnancy Dr. Yeh ridded me of morning sickness and the tea he gave me late in pregnancy to ease labor worked fantastic! Most recently I have been on Dr. Pearl’s weight loss program which has successfully dropped me down a couple of sizes after birth of my son. Thank you Dr. Pearl!!!

I thank God for leading me to the Yehs – they have been my oasis in a dry, hot desert.


“I had only 5 treatments and my food allergies went away.”

Eight years ago, I came to see Dr. Timothy Yeh with bad allergies problem that I had for 20 years. I was allergic to food. I had only 5 treatments and my food allergies went away. I am happy with my results and I have gladly referred my relative to him.

Thank you,

Dear Friends,

I am writing with enthusiastic hopes that others might be cured from the pain and suffering of fibromyalgia syndrome. For the past four years, I have suffered from fatigue, muscle soreness and all of the associated ills that FMS can cause.

Physicians that I visited prescribed pain killers, muscle relaxants, and steroids to name a few. My search for relief was never ending. I was told that no one knew what caused FMS and there was no known cure. There were many days that I really didn’t care if I died. I couldn’t stand living a life scheduled around naps and medications. All of my hopes seemed to get shattered, until one day when I read about the Yeh Center in the local newspaper. I had heard about natural medicine and acupuncture and decided to give it a try.

My initial visit to the Yeh Center was a positive one. Dr. Tim Yeh explained what natural medicine was about and he was optimistic that he could help me combat FMS. I left feeling assured that my condition would improve. After all, anyone with a faith in God like Dr. Tim wouldn’t mislead me.

Well, just as Dr. Tim promised, my search for relief came to an end. In the past three months, I have witnessed a miraculous transformation in my health that I thought was impossible. By following regimented treatments of acupuncture and herbs, I no longer suffer from the demons of FMS. My energy level has greatly increased and I have no muscle soreness at all. A big thank you to everyone at the Yeh Center, I don’t know how to express my gratitude to all of you.

Chino Hills, CA


I am 52 years old. I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia in August 1997 and with localized scleroderma in October 2001 after a very serious illness. Both of these diseases affect the autoimmune system but the scleroderma has the more serious side affect of total hardening of tissues and organs. I was being treated for the fibromyalgia by conventional method of Vioxx, an anti-inflammatory drug which is now off the market due to its harmful side affects, with anti-depressants to help me sleep at night, pain medication for the joint pain and inflammations, muscle relaxants, high blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, stomach medication to help coat and clam down the stomach from all the chemicals, and medication for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). There was also major chronic fatigue due to the pain and inability to sleep well, this is a standard side affect of the auto-immune diseases. I was also on high doses of pain meds for a 6mm herniated disk in my back, ruptured discs in my neck, shoulder pain from a rotator cuff injury and migraine headaches from the neck injury and I also suffered form restless leg syndrome. Lastly, the drug commonly used to treat scleroderma is called colchincine, which is a very toxic drug and was getting to the point that it caused so much internal pain that it was difficult to even take the drug as prescribed.

The scleroderma started to get worse within about one year with greater swelling in my left leg, severe swelling in my left foot, the skin of my foot had stared to feel dead, and was becoming so hard that I couldn’t bend my toes and my ankle was becoming so stiff that it was getting difficult to walk, plus there was extreme pain, numbness and because of the lack of circulation in my feet, they were both like ice all the time. It was also a very disturbing red color. My right leg and foot was affected but not as severely.

I went to my regular doctor and my rheumatologist who had diagnosed all of these diseases and they told me that there was not really much they could do for me, but keep giving me drugs that were not helping. So after my panic subsided a bit, because there is no cure for the scleroderma and the fibromyalgia is just treatment with drugs to keep you comfortable, I decided to see if Dr. Yeh could help me. I had been a patient about a year or so before this for the fibromyalgia and had gotten some relief before the scleroderma had set in, but did not continue the treatment. I was hoping that the scleroderma was something he could help me with because I had no other place to turn to.

I met with Dr. Yeh and he told me that he has had one other scleroderma patient and that his treatment had been able to slow down the disease. He couldn’t promise me that he could get rid of the disease but he truly felt that he could stop its progress. Well, that was good enough for me that was hope.

I have been treating with Dr. Yeh with my tea and acupuncture and there has been such a tremendous improvement in my health, it is so exciting. I have so much more energy that I have never had. I do have some pain still in my joints, but it is minimal compared to what I did suffer from and I am able to exercise 3 times a week that also helps with my joint flexibility and overall energy level. I do not get as sick as often as I used to because my immune system is becoming healthier. The swelling in my left leg had been reduced greatly as it has in my foot. I can wiggle and bend my toes now and move my ankle. The swelling had been reduced I would say about 80%, it is not gone and apparently may never be completely gone but it is almost the same size as my right foot. I am able to be more active about 90% more that 2 years ago. I do get tired and I have a few bad days but compared to having all bad days this is such a blessing. I am confident that with possibly only 3mg more months, I may be able to come for treatment hopefully only2-3 more times per month instead of 2 times per week but still of course, drink the tea. Dr. Yeh is also able to control the pain in my back, neck and shoulders when need with more intense acupuncture and don’t have to take the pain medication, Darvocet only about 1 to 2 tablets, and the pain is gone in a day or so, not like in the past I would take as many as 9-8 Darvocet per day. (A 6mm herniated disc is severe enough to warrant surgery.) And the migraines are usually gone within one treatment and about 3 Excedrin, no more toxic migraine medication any longer like Imitrez. And I don’t get then as severely or as often.

Some of the Benefits of my treatment are astounding; these are like little extra bonuses. When I first stared my treatment 2 years ago, my hair was very salt and pepper gray and very thin but Dr. Yeh said that when I started to get healthier and my immune system started to recover, the color would come back to my hair. Well, it is coming back but I used to be a brunette and now I an a butternut blonde with a bit of white in the front and I have tons of hair now This just shows that God has a sense of humor in the healing ability He has given Dr. Yeh. We also have my hot flashes under control. I suffered with them 1 ½ months and they are gone with tea, acupuncture and the MS series.

I have worn glasses since I was in the second grade and last year I was having a lot of difficulty with my eyes, so I thought that they were getting worse. Well, my eye doctor told me that it was no wonder I couldn’t see very well out of my old glasses they were too strong because y eyes had improved! This is the first time I have ever had an improvement in my eyesight! I don’t think Dr. Yeh had planned that improvement. My skin is improving and looks healthier. My bouts of IBS are very infrequent. My sleep pattern has improved because my pain level from the fibromyalgia has been reduced greatly.

My stamina is so much greater than it has been in the last 7-8 years, it is just amazing. My outlook for my future is so positive and full of hope, that I am considering going overseas to possibly teach English and share the gospel. I asked Dr. Yeh if he thought that I would be healthy enough to do this at some time in the future, and his first rely was “You are going to china, right?” That is where I was thinking of going.

I do know that my faith in God and God’s ability to heal my body and my spirit has been partnered with Dr. Yeh, who also has a tremendous faith in God. Dr. Yeh has been blessed with the knowledge and ability to use God’s herbs form the earth along with the amazing ability of the body to respond to acupuncture to heal us in a natural way, the way God intended us to be healed. Even after 2 years of treatment, I am still amazed at how all of this works, but I know for a fact that natural medicine does work! I have been and will continue to be blessed by this natural medicine and recommend it to everyone. It is so wonderful to hear family; friends and even Dr. Yeh tell me that I no longer “look sick”. What a blessing Dr. Yeh and his very wonderful and gifted staff are to me.



Fibromyalgia Healed
“After just one or two treatments, I felt better. Now I am back to a normal life.”

I was disabled through a muscular problem called fibromyalgia since 1983. I was in severe pain and could not even be touched. I had to quit sports, and I couldn’t lift heavy objects. I had tendinitis, inflammation of the joints, memory loss, chronic IBS and insomnia. I was tired all the time and spent a lot of time in bed. I was treated by medical doctors and nothing worked and the symptoms stayed the same.

A friend of my, who had cancer and was healed from the Yeh Center, referred me to Dr. Yeh. I decided to come for treatment, which consisted of acupunture and herbal teas. After just one or two treatments, I felt better. Now I am back to a normal life. My energy is back, and I can participate in sports.

The staff is wonderful and friendly and absolutely experienced. I am very happy with the results, and I believe that natural medicien is the only way to go. I have referred many people to Dr. Yeh, and I tell others about the testimonials of patients who have come here.

February 2, 2001


Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

“After the 3rd treatment, I started feeling better.”

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1995 and at that time I was not aware of what fibromyalgia was. I suffered from pain in all of my body and I went through periods of times of which I couldn’t get out of bed for weeks. My legs didn’t have strength to support me.

I was prescribed drug medications. I was taking so many medications that I had no time left in the day to space the drugs apart. My doctor told me to stop exercising, even walking. I took these synthetic medications for years and had no results. The MD told me that I would have to live with the pain always.

I heard about the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine through my art teacher, Karen Clark. I had never heard of natural medicine – to me natural medicine were vitamins. I came here on February 19, 2002. The clinic is big, and it helped that everyone was so nice. I began to get treatments consisting of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition guidelines, dietary guidelines, and I attended classes.

After the 3rd treatment, I started feeling better. I didn’t have severe pain at night and I didn’t wake up at night anymore. I have no more pain and I am able to take care of 4 grandchildren without pain! I am able to work around the house and concentrate on art. I am not as hungry and my way of eating is healthier. I have lost inches and have improved 80% in eating habits.

The staff is great. Everyone is nice and easy to talk to. The medical staff is very helpful. Even if you don’t feel good, you feel good when you get here. I never expected to get these results. I thought results would take years. I would have never touched drugs if I knew about natural medicine. Everyone says, “You look great! Keep it up!”

My family and friends were very supportive. My daugther is a nurse in Texas and stated that if she finds a clinic like the Yeh Center in Texas, she” go. I’m sure would refer others anytime and share the testimony with them.


June 29, 2002