“It is gone.”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

Thank you for those herbal treatments on my fingers. I’m still in shock that a fungus would grow on my hand!

Shortly after those very interesting herbal treatments the cracking and peeling of dry skin has stopped. It is gone, never to return again.

No more band-aids it is just nice healthy looking skin at my finger tips. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Yeh!




In August of 2006, I somehow picked up something that caused me to itch. The itch I started to live with for quite some time became chronic. I would feel a pinch that would only be relieved by scratching until I broke my skin and bled. I felt like things would tickle, pinch, prick me, as I was frozen still. They would leave me alone after I itched severely. It was like they were nocturnal because I would wake up just because I was itching. The next several years I searched for relief. I went to a dermatologist in Costa Mesa who sent me to take x-rays, sleep in carcinogen-causing creams, filled all prescriptions of steroid and cortisone creams all to no avail. Then I went to my medical doctors. One told me to take antibiotics because maybe it was folliculitis. She said if they don’t work, then don’t come back.. Another doctor said she had no idea what it could be but he referred me to a pharmacologist who compound different things so as to personalize creams. That didn’t work either. I also went to a doctor at Loma Linda who took biopsy but results came back only of excessive exacerbation of the dermis. By this time, my suffering became so intense that I think I may have started going crazy. So much so that in public, I would look at people and if I saw them itch, I wondered if they have the same problem as mine.

In October of 2008, a friend referred me to a homeopath who might be able to help.. He put me on a strict diet and homeopathic remedies. He concluded that it may be a fungal problem. After being on this diet, I had some relief for about 10 months. Thinking that I already got rid of the problem, I started to incorporate the food back into my diet again. My problem started to come back and grow. So he told me I shouldn’t be eating fruits, because the natural sugars feed the fungus. By this time, my nails were even lifting from the nail bed and I was back to square one. All I could do was cry and let it all out. When my friends asked how I was doing, I always had a lump in my throat because they have no idea the extent of suffering and the tears I was holding back.

Through this all, my husband was the best thing that helped, encouraged, and supported me. He told me not to give up. He would make appointments for me. He had scheduled me to see a doctor in Palm Springs. Again, we filled prescriptions and creams, even took Turbinafine; & was told that would kill the fungus for sure. I was disapponited again because there was no let-up. All the creams I took thinned my skin so much that even a scratch would tear my skin.

In August of this year, 2010, a friend mentioned to me about the Yeh Center. I was excited that it was all natural. My husband encouraged me to keep trying so I did. I had my body exam and started treatment on the first week of August. I do have to say I wasn’t very sure about spending the money. There was no change in the first couple of days. But by the fourth day, I noticed a let-up. And by the fifth day, I had no itching! I had only two acupuncture treatments and herbal teas for about 5 days and what a complete relief I experienced! Even the cream and toner I was asked to purchase, I thought to myself, “this isn’t going to work. I’ve tried everything!” But the girls said I would only need to use it for 1 week and then I wouldn’t need it. I didn’t believed them. But boy I was wrong! As I’m typing this story, it has only been 7 weeks of my treatment and I am astonished with my results! I am so happy and so relieved to have my life back again. My husband is so relieved also to know that his wife wasn’t crazy! My purpose in typing my story out is that anyone who reads this and knows any one who is suffering with a problem like I had, that they get referred to the Yeh Center. I wish I had come here first because that would have saved me suffering, money, agony and depression!