“After several treatments, I began to feel much better and my head became clear of the pain.”

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your help in relieving the headache that I had for many years. I would require bed rest and, on one occasion, I had to have shots in my head to numb the pain.

It was at that time that you opened your office in Upland and I came to you for help. You prescribed acupuncture and herbs and this began to remove the regular headaches I was having. After several treatments, I began to feel much better and my head became clear of the pain. I have since, about 1 and a half years had very few headaches. Only occasionally do I brew up the herb tea, when I feel a headache coming on.

Your treatments have allowed me a new freedom from pain and made it possible to no longer have to take massive doses of aspirin to make me feel better. May God bless you and your work as you continue to give your time and talents to the needs of others. God Prosper Your Work.

I have had headaches throughout my life and in March, 2001, I started blacking out. The headaches were very severe, and I wasn’t able to function. I went to my medical doctor and they ran different tests including blood and urine, and they even took fluid out of my spine. There were no results from the treatments, and they could not even properly diagnose my condition.

It was then that Pastor Danny Valenzuela told me about the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, and I thank him for that. After consulting with Dr. Yeh, I was given acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and dietary guidelines. The staff was very friendly, very concerned, and they are just excellent.

I am very happy with the results, and I would refer a friend or family member. I have no more headaches, I have more self-control and no more temper. I am more aware and sensitive, and I can reason a lot better. I have come to understand that a wrong diet can damage the body and how natural medicine can help.

I was not a believer in natural medicine before, but I now know that it is the answer – the answer of what God has made and not what man has made. I understand that the damage we have done to our bodies doesn’t mean that it is impossible to feel better. But coming to the Yeh Center and getting proper guidance in natural medicine can help.

June 8, 2001
Headache –

“In about 3 weeks my migraine headache and sinus problems disappeared and have never come back.”

This is what my treatment from Dr. Yeh did for me.

I had been suffering from bad sinus pain and nasal dripping for 45 years, with migraine headaches. I also had muscle spasms in my back for 5 years.

I heard about Dr. Tim Yeh’s treatments for both these conditions and decided to try him, as other doctors had not given me any relief except for some muscle relaxation, which never lasted long.

Dr. Yeh gave me about 5 or 6 acupuncture treatments for my sinus condition, and I drank the herbal tea and took the pills he prescribed. In about 3 weeks my migraine headache and sinus problems disappeared and have never come back.

For my muscle spasms in my back and shoulders, he gave me acupuncture and massage for about 2 months and these problems all ended and have also never come back. I drank herbal tea for the entire six months that I went to Dr. Yeh. This tea also helped my clogged veins in my legs and relieved the pain.

I plan to consult Dr. Yeh if I have any more trouble and value and respect his medical judgment. I am well satisfied. Dr. Yeh and his wife Pearl are truly a good team to go to. The are good Christian people.

Thank you Dr. Tim and Dr. Pearl.

Carlsbad, California

“I feel like I have been freed from bondage”

I have been plagued with migraine headaches all my life, but in the last 10 years, I have struggled to the point of being disabled.

After being referred from one place to another, I was sent to a migraine specialist who diagnosed my problem as Basal Artery Migraines, which mock a stroke, explaining all my debilitating neurological problems. In order to remain functional, I had increased my Inderal to 580 mg. per day and also took Pamelor 100 mg. per day. I finally reached a point where my immune system was so stressed that I had no resistance to the flu germs going around and no ability to recover. I had gone to acupuncture before and did reduce my Inderal consumption to a much lower dosage, but never got past having to take constant drug medications. So I gave up and went back to taking Inderal.

My pastor told me how Dr. Yeh had done so much for him and how he had been truly gifted by God with a special talent in this field. I decided to give Dr. Yeh a try. First of all, he gave me an exam to see exactly what my problem was and what he needed to do to help me. Knowing more about the problem, he was able to use fewer needles and get better results.

Giving off 80 mg. of Inderal before left me extremely ill for two weeks before I got results from acupuncture. This time I went off the 480 mg. of Inderal just as fast with no waiting period for the acupuncture to work. I am also getting great results from the tea because it is formulated especially for me by Dr. Yeh.

The tea doesn’t come prepackaged for a general problem, like what I got before and it doesn’t taste bad at all. I feel like I have been freed from bondage, and I am healthy and vibrant and able to be busy doing all those things I couldn’t keep up with when I was struggling so hard just to make it through one day at a time. I feel like I’m at least 10 years younger and still getting better!

J.L., Registered Nurse
Vista, California

I was in a car accident in 1991 and since then, I started to have neck pains. The x-rays showed that my neck was straight instead of curved. From 1996-2000, the pains became worse and also in 1996, I started developing sinus headaches. I went through physical therapy and traction, and I also went to see a chiropractor and neurologist. I only got temporary relief. I took drug medications, such as Klonopin, Lorcet, Estratab, Claritin, Codein, Nasacort and got side effects such as nausea, fatigue, lack of concentration and spaciness. These treatments were ineffective.

On March 4, 2000, I came to the Yeh Center. My dad had heard of people getting results with acupuncture and I found the Yeh Clinic in the yellow pages. I was a firm believer in natural medicine, and I was very confident that it could help me. I received acupuncture, herbal medicines and nutritional guidelines. About 2-3 weeks after starting treatment, I began to feel better. The sinus headaches are gone. The pain is gone. I am back to normal and I can throw out all medications!

In addition, I had menstrual problems prior to my treatments and with natural medicine I am better. Everything is better. I can drive longer distances and the quality of my life has improved. I am happier and I don’t need drugs anymore. And with natural medicine, there are no side effects. I am absolutely happy with the results, and I have already referred 2 people to Dr. Yeh. The staff is wonderful, kind and understanding and I really appreciate their help. It was an answer to my prayers.

April 9, 2001
Migraine Headaches

“You have ended almost 30 years of suffering”

Dear Dr. Yeh and Staff,

How can I thank you all enough for all the kindness and care you have extended towards me in our efforts to rid me of my migraine headaches? I have been free of pain since February and I have never felt better! You have ended almost 30 years of suffering.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I first came to you last November, but I was so desperate, I was ready to try anything. With your gentle manner and supportive staff, my fears soon were put to rest. I have learned so much through my treatments and your seminars. I can’t believe I allowed doctors to try so many different drugs on me over the years. No wonder I was always sick.

Thank you again for giving me the gift of good health.


“My husband is now introducing me as his new wife.”

From the day I began a menstrual cycle (age 16), I have had numerous female problems: very irregular periods, infertility, difficult pregnancies (2), ruptured ovarian cysts, etc. So, when I was told in September of 1986 that my ovaries were again full of cysts and needed to come out (the pain was severe). I agreed to a complete hysterectomy. As the physician began pre-operation questioning, I shared that I had suffered with migraine headaches for a 2 year period at the time of my marriage. Those had subsided and were assumed to have caused me an automobile accident.

Immediately following my hysterectomy, I began suffering from migraines to the point of vomiting, blurred vision, and severe throbbing. Because of a very high tolerance of pain, I lived like this for 3 years. During that time, I saw many physicians, including neurologists and gynecologists. All kinds of tests were run (even an MRI) and I was told by one doctor that it was my “strict lifestyle?just cut loose and get angry? that will cause the headaches to stop.” Each doctor I saw asked the same preliminary question, “What medication do you take regularly?” and each time I answered “Premarin, 1,2 mg daily.”

In March of 1989, I came to Yeh Center of Natural Medicine and Dr. Yeh’s first question to me was “What medication do you take?” I gave my usual answer and he immediately responded with “Your estrogen is your problem.” He began acupuncture treatments, as well as specially formulated herbal tea. I have slowly gone off all estrogen and take the natural hormones prescribed by Dr. Yeh.

The headaches 20 years ago? Birth control pills! Synthetic estrogen again! I had even been diagnosed as a TMJ sufferer 1969.

I had asked God to heal me if it was His will, for I could not function normally. God chose to do so through Dr. Timothy Yeh. I thank the Lord daily for His touch and for the wisdom of Dr. Yeh. My husband is now introducing me as his new wife!

I am convinced that synthetic hormones were destroying my health. I highly recommend Dr. Yeh and his natural way to good health. Timothy and Pearl Yeh are very caring, committed people. And an added blessing is just being in the office! Such laughter and joy in what they are doing!

Thanks Doctor!
Visalia, California