“after three months, the hunger pains, dizziness, and low energy level disappeared.”

My name is Mary Boldi and I was 63 years old when I first attended the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine for the treatment of hypoglycemia. After three years of treatment at four different health facilities, I was not able to overcome the ravaging hunger pains, dizziness and low energy level associated with hypoglycemia. Dr. Yeh treated my disorder with acupuncture and herbal teas and after three months, the hunger pains, dizziness, and low energy level disappeared.

I took Dr. Yeh’s diagnostic test and discovered that I had an overactive liver. He placed me on a special diet and herbal tea program. I became very intrigued with his philosophy of Natural Nutrition and in the next three years, I attended his seminars on Tongue Diagnosis, Seasonal Nutrition, Strengthening the Immune System, Skin and Hair care as well as one on Exercise. This knowledge has been invaluable to me and my family. I learned that taking care of the body in the winter paid off great dividends the following year. Last year, my husband and I tried Dr. Yeh’s special Winter Jelly and we have noticed a remarkable difference in our well-being. Our cholesterol levels are lowered, our circulation and our blood pressures returned to normal.

I thank God for the special healing gifts of Dr. Yeh and I highly recommend Dr.Yeh’s seminars and treatments to everyone interested in preventing any catastrophic illness in their lives.