“As a result of your treatment regulating my reproductive hormones, I was able to get pregnant in January of 1990.”

Dear Dr. Yeh

When I first came to you to be treated in September of 1989, as you know, my reproductive system was going haywire. I was menstruating every two weeks, with my periods lasting up to two weeks. My gynecologist at Kaiser could only recommend taking artificial hormone pills, which I felt uneasy taking because of possible side effects. I was also 20 pounds overweight when I first met you.

My gynecological history was one of irregular periods ever since I began menstruating at age 12. I even went for a year and a half without any periods a few years ago. I was on a gynecological merry-go-round that no western physician could get me off of.

You prescribed for me a combination of acupuncture, herbal teas, and diet. Within a month I was having regular periods (for the first time in my entire life). I knew to the day when my next period was going to start, and it did. A very nice side effect of your treatments was the fact that I began losing weight and keeping it off.

The most important result of your natural approach to medicine is the surprise “package” I am due to give birth to next month. As a result of your treatment regulating my reproductive hormones, I was able to get pregnant in January of 1990. I am looking forward to bringing my little miracle baby to visit you.


“I am also grateful to Dr. Yeh for giving me a couple treatments to improve my fertility which resulted in the conception of my son Alex who was born a healthy 7 pounds. 6 oz. in October of 1992.”

I am so grateful to Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh for restoring my health and giving me control of my life again. Three years ago when I first stepped into the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, I was so ill that I was barely able to function.

For a few years I had been plagued with many mysterious symptoms that most Drs. Thought were “All in my head” and not related in anyway. At different stages I had been diagnosed with Panic Disorder, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Ovarian Cysts, Hypoglycemia, and the wretched Chronic Fatigue Syndrome virus. Western medicine only had offered me pain killers, tranquilizers, and years of psychiatric therapy. Thanks, but no thanks!

Dr. Yeh assured me he could help me. Dr. Yeh said treatment would take several months and I had to follow his instructions to the “T”. At his urging I gave up chicken and all dairy products. I drank his herbal tea faithfully and took his herbal pills in addition to the twice weekly acupuncture visits. With the first few weeks I started to notice some amazing results.

With each passing month, I felt closer to returning to the active vibrant person I once was. My recovery time was long because I had been so ill, but today I can joyfully say that I do not suffer from anything except an occasional cold.

I am also grateful to Dr. Yeh for giving me a couple treatments to improve my fertility which resulted in the conception of my son Alex who was born a healthy 7 pounds. 6 oz. in October of 1992.

During my pregnancy Dr. Yeh ridded me of morning sickness and the tea he gave me late in pregnancy to ease labor worked fantastic! Most recently I have been on Dr. Pearl’s weight loss program which has successfully dropped me down a couple of sizes after birth of my son. Thank you Dr. Pearl!!!

I thank God for leading me to the Yehs – they have been my oasis in a dry, hot desert.


My husband and I have been praying for a baby for the past three years. I started treatment with an infertility specialist November 1995. During the course of treatment, I informed the doctor of other ongoing complaints I had been experiencing over the last eight years, all of which I had previously sought treatment for. I had fatigue, migraines, reoccurring bladder infections and severe cramping with every menstrual cycle. The solution was hormone therapy, which caused mood swings, nausea and hallucinations.

After six months of hormone and numerous tests I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. I was told that the endometriosis was inoperable, because of its severity. The only course of actions was a more aggressive hormone treatment for six months, with a slight possibility of conceptions after treatment was completed. We decided against this. We chose to wait on the Lord and prayed for His direction.

In October of 1996, the Lord led us to Dr. Yeh. This was truly an answer to prayer. Over a six month period of acupuncture, tea, and a change in diet, I watched all of my symptoms disappear. It felt wonderful to function without migraines and fatigue. I continued over the next several months with the tea, gradually stopping treatment due to financial reasons. I fell back into my old eating habits and felt completely drained of energy.

After much prayer, I started treatment again in January of 1998. Within a few weeks, I was already feeling better. I realized you cannot put a price on your health. On March 6, 1998 we were blessed with the news that I was pregnant! Were give all glory to our Lord and Savior for this blessing. He chose to use Dr. Yeh in our lives and for this we are grateful.


“being on your tea helped me in getting pregnant.”

Dear Timothy and Pearl,

Being on your tea helped me in getting pregnant. My doctor that I see yearly because of my pituitary problems, told me there was no way my hormones were balanced to allow a pregnancy. Greg and I both feel the tea really help along with the grace of God. Thank you ever so much. Hope we’ll get to visit California in the next couple of years.

G & P

“After beginning your program, my wife became pregnant”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

We are grateful for the beautiful baby boy that is the joy of our life. My wife and I tried to conceive for two years with no success. After hearing about your techniques with oriental medicine from my father, my wife and I decided to try your treatment. Since the treatment to assist my wife’s pregnancy only involved taking a pill once a day, we thought we had nothing to lose. Within a month of beginning your program, my wife became pregnant with our first child.

This was a complete surprise to both of us. We never believed results could be obtained so quickly. You can see for yourself the joyful child that God has blessed us with!

Thank you for your help!

L.& D.H.
Results for Infertility

“I finally got the result I have always wanted!”

In June 2004, I started trying to get pregnant. I tried Clomid and artificial insemination but nothing happened. In June of 2005, I found out that one of my fallopian tube was blocked. I had laparoscopy in November of 2005 to remove one of the fallopian tubes. I suffered with painful menstrual cycles, fainting and severe headaches. I couldn’t do anything if I was on my period. All I could do was lie in bed all day. I would even pass out from the pain and vomit. The doctors gave me pain medication to ease the cramping, nasal spray for the headache and pills to regulate my period. The Imitrex only made me feel groggy and nauseous and the Tylenol with codeine gave me some relief from the cramping.

I first came to Dr Yeh in June 2006 for infertility. My friend referred me here because her daughter had friends who got results from infertility too. I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant now but I new it would help me to start on the right path. My husband and family didn’t believe in natural medicine, and thought I was just wasting my money. When I first came to the clinic my initial reaction was that the clinic was calming and soothing and the first class I attended was interesting. I was not a believer in natural medicine and I thought that modern medicine was the only option but I gave it a try.

I received acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional guidelines. The nutritional guidelines and herbal medicine assist to cleanse the body of toxins. Acupuncture relaxes my body and strengthens the immune system along with pain relief. Within 3 ½ weeks the difference in how I felt was amazing. During my menstrual cycle I had less pain, headache and light bleeding. Everyone was amazed that I stuck to the diet and now they are so happy, I finally got the results I have always wanted. Now I just found out I am pregnant! Some of the additional benefits that I have seen have been that I have increased energy, weight loss, and better quality of life. The staff was very caring and concerned for my health. Joanne is wonderful to talk with and I am extremely satisfied. When my family found out they were shocked and very happy. I love everyone and it was a blessing to be around such a caring staff. I would defiantly refer someone to the clinic, and my views on natural medicine are very different now. For people who are skeptical, I would tell them the results speak for themselves.

Thank you,
September 26, 2006


“Good news for infertility!”

I cannot thank you enough for helping my dream of becoming a mother come true. My son was born 11 months after my first visit. Thank you very much Dr. Yeh!

June 12, 2007