“I was able to sleep about four hours after the first treatment.”

Dr. Yeh has been treating me for Insomnia, Migraine Headaches, Stomach Problems, and for the last couple of weeks, he has been treating me for chest pains. The insomnia and upset stomach I have had since I was about ten years old, the migraines and chest pains for over twenty years.

My treatment consist of natural medicine or teas and also acupuncture. My wife read about Dr. Yeh and his medicine, so she called his office. We came over for consultation. I started the treatments the same week which was October the 20th of this year.

Being a skeptic I had my doubts since I had tried all kinds of pills and teas and none of them worked but to my surprise I was able to sleep about four hours after the first treatment. Four hours is a lot for me because usually I would go two and three nights without any sleep at all. I am now sleeping about six hours per night. Thanks to Dr. Yeh and his natural medicines.

God bless you Dr. Yeh.


“I feel energized and full of life again.”My First Experience with Natural Medicine

I am a young Chinese man in my thirties’. From the outside I appear perfectly healthy. In fact, I have been suffering from terminal insomnia for almost 4 years. In 1991, I suddenly developed a sleep problem. During the worst time, I could only sleep 3 to 4 hours each night, and this situation went on for over a year. It adversely affected my general health, as well as my job performance. I saw many doctors, ranging from a general physician, to a neurologist, and a lungs doctor.

Initially the doctor gave me sleeping pills to help me sleep. That did not work. So he gave me stronger sleeping pills. That did not work at night but did in the day! That means it did not work, either. Finally, they gave me anti-depressants, which made my life more miserable than insomnia did. After the doctor almost ran out of the choices of drugs, he convinced the insurance company to pay for a MRI test of my brain to see if there were abnormalities. There was none. So I was sent to consult with a neurologist. He could not diagnose the cause of my insomnia problem and only advised me to take the pills as necessary. After the neurologist came a lungs doctor who suspected that I might have had sleep apnea. I didn’t. So I went a full circle and was sent back to my primary physician who prescribed more potent sleeping pills.

As time goes by, my insomnia has subsided a lot and only attacks me in irregular cycles. I have been living with this heath situation for almost 2 years. During the past 4 years of suffering from insomnia, my body has become less tolerant to cold temperatures. I was often waken up before dawn by chills inside my body. Additional blankets did not help. It was a chilled feeling from within. Again I turned to my doctor for help. He examined the general functioning of my body and did not find anything out of the ordinary. Finally, I convinced myself that all these health problems of mine may have been caused by stress which I am not aware of. So I asked my doctor to refer me to a psychologist. In the first session with the psychologist, I described to him the entire history of my health problem. While he did not rule out of possibility of stress being a partial cause of these problems, he asked me whether I would like to seek help from alternative medicine – Natural Medicine. I agreed, and he referred me to Dr. Yeh.

Dr. Yeh’s diagnosis was scary, because he said several of my major internal systems were deficient. Insomnia and low tolerance of cold temperatures were only the manifestations of these deeper problems. Although very much shocked, I was also impressed by his diagnosis. I finally decided to give Natural Medicine a try. It has been 1-1/2 months since I began receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Yeh. I have not had one episode of major insomnia attack. Generally, I can sleep pretty well now. I feel energized and full of life again. Dr. Yeh also gave me many good advises about how to live a healthy and happy life. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, DR. YEH!