” I can stand up straight again and my energy level is increasing.”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

This note is to express my heartfelt appreciation for your skill and effective application of the science of acupuncture. And especially to thank you for eliminating acute and chronic daily pain from my life.

Approximately nine years as a 31 year old male who enjoyed athletic and outdoor activities with a zest for living, I experienced a severe muscle cramp between my shoulder blades. This pain was as severe as any cramp I had ever experienced in the calf of my leg. Within a moment of time, my entire upper back was gulfed with the most excruciating, torturous pain. The pain was so severe that my only defense was to lay still on the floor of my home as the tears spilled out my eyes.

I then sought relief from chiropractic doctors for the next nine years. Having been treated by three different chiropractors, I was able to get complete relief for two or three days a a time. But their cure was not permanent. Within a week or two at the most, I would be back in their office waiting for another adjustment. I consigned myself to the belief that I was middle aged and that pain must just be a natural part of growing older.

I have been receiving your treatments now for approximately two months and my outlook is again positive. I can stand up straight again and my energy level is increasing. I feel sure that this problem will be completely solved with just a few more treatments.

Thank you for your gentle and compassionate application of your science and your healing art. I encourage other people to allow you to give them a new lease on life. Apparently pain is not a necessary phenomenon of middle age.

Very respectfully,
B.S., M.S.P.H.
July 14, 1989