This is what my treatment from Dr. Yeh did for me.

I had been suffering from bad sinus pain and nasal dripping for 45 years, with migraine headaches. I also had muscle spasms in my back for 5 years.

I heard about Dr. Tim Yeh’s treatments for both these conditions and decided to try him, as other doctors had not given me any relief except for some muscle relaxation, which never lasted long.

Dr. Yeh gave me about 5 or 6 acupuncture treatments for my sinus condition, and I drank the herbal tea and took the pills he prescribed. In about 3 weeks my migraine headache and sinus problems disappeared and have never come back.

For my muscle spasms in my back and shoulders, he gave me acupuncture and massage for about 2 months and these problems all ended and have also never come back. I drank herbal tea for the entire six months that I went to Dr. Yeh. This tea also helped my clogged veins in my legs and relieved the pain.

I plan to consult Dr. Yeh if I have any more trouble and value and respect his medical judgment. I am well satisfied. Dr. Yeh and his wife Pearl are truly a good team to go to. The are good Christian people.

Thank you Dr. Tim and Dr. Pearl.