In a matter of days our beautiful, healthy five-year old was stricken ill. Her vision doubled, her ability to chew and swallow was gone, her lovely smile was paralyzed, and she had no reflexes in her knees.

She was admitted to Children’s hospital where a borage of LA’s finest doctors and interns poked and prodded, and ran every test known to man, including: spinal taps, CAT scans and MRI’s. They ruled out brain tumors and other horrific diseases and came up with a diagnosis, a neuro-muscular disease called: Myasthenia Gravis.

We left Children’s Hospital with a “band-aid” drug called Mestinon given every three hours. This gave our daughter only minimal relief. Western medicine knows of no treatment to heal her.

My husband and I were left hopeless, until we came to see Dr. Yeh. We arrived in his office skeptical and knowing nothing of Chinese natural medicine. We nervously gave our child a laundry list of herbs and took her to acupuncture three times a week.

In a matter of two weeks, we could see improvement. By the third week there was a tremendous improvement! My husband and I hesitated to discuss the progress, fearful it was a fluke and that she would lapse. She only got better and better. Eventually, she stopped taking the Mestinon completely. After three months of treatment, our daughter is symptom free. She has resumed kindergarten and we are all very happy.

Our daughter’s pediatrician was so amazed by her recovery, that she has taken classes in acupuncture and herbal medicine to expand her horizons. “There’s no denying this”, she said.

Dr. Yeh is a wonderful, loving man in addition to being a great healer! My daughter loves him and so do we. We can never thank him enough.

God bless Dr. Yeh!