“I can now wash my face, brush my teeth, drive the car and have control of my life again.”

The X-rays on my wrists reflected Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis with severe trauma to my right hand. Day by day, my hands were becoming more and more less functional; the pain all but unbearable. In fact, when I relaxed completely still in a chair, my wrists would ache as though they were being seared with a burning iron.

My medical physician, provided through the prestigious Scripps Clinic and Hospital in La Jolla, viewed the x-ray and referred me to a Rheumatology specialist. His only three choices for treatment were:

Steroids Pain killer medication Surgery I knew that none of these were options for me.

All my life I’d been told of an aunt, whom I never knew, due to arthritis, had lost complete use of her hands. Arthritis, in many forms runs rampant in my family.

I’m middle aged, a mother and grandmother, active physically, very independent and hold a responsible job. In four years, when I retire, God willing, I have a whole other life planned. Last year, this affliction left me totally distraught, I cried for days. I could hardly brush my teeth or wash my hair without agony.

A couple of years ago, my husband had been relieved of back pain with acupuncture. Last year he went to the Yeh Clinic in Vista for his shoulder. I noticed that on the business card he brought home, a list of ailments they claimed they could help.

My husband and I were very skeptical. However, I made my first visit to the Yeh Clinic in late summer of 1993. Dr. Yeh gave me his prognosis which wasn’t at all easy to hear. He said that in order for their treatment to work, I’d have to release of some of my activities (yard work, house work, etc.). We talked about my diet or things that could aggravate the problem. At the time, I found a lot of this next to impossible, but little by little God led the way on how most of it could be accomplished.

In Vista, their most capable and patient associate, carefully applied acupuncture in both wrists twice a week for about nine months. During this time he kept reiterating what Dr. Yeh first advised me to do regarding activities and diet.

My wrists may never be completely strong again, and if I had taken Dr. Yeh’s directions on complete inactivity for a year along with the acupuncture and prescribed tea I was doing, I have no doubt results would now be dramatic. However, even with my modified activities, I’ll tell anyone who will listen, that I can now wash my face, brush my teeth, drive the car and have control of my life again.

If you’re having health problems, I would highly urge you to give the Yeh Health Center a try. We, who have grown up with Western philosophy, don’t understand it, nor will we ever. Since my experience, I’ve heard from friends and family in other places who have had similar success.

I also recommend you see a TV program on Eastern Medicine offered on Public Television. You’ll find it convincing and most interesting.

I would be most happy to testify to the validity of this letter at any time. God’s blessings and good health to you!

Vista, California

“The pains I had for so long are now gone.”

For many months I lived with a diagnosis of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Hormone replacement therapy was not doing much for me, and I experienced pains which moved about through my back and ribs. The condition continued to worsen, and I was becoming desperate.

I turned to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine and began receiving acupuncture treatments along with herbal tea and another natural medicine. I was pleased to be in the care of those who cooperated with the wisdom of nature.

During the first week or ten days I began to feel improvement, and I have continued to feel better each day. The pains I had for so long are now gone. I am extremely pleased to be feeling like a new person and I am very thankful to have found the Yeh Center

P.S. I have been under treatment for two months.