“To this day, 3 years later, there has been no recurrence of gastric distress.”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

In 1992 I sought the advice of several well-regarded specialists in various disciplines for the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal pain. Among these specialists were a world-renouned chiropractic physician and author, a highly respected osteopathic physician and university professor, and finally an impressively credentialed medical doctor. None of these physicians was able to identify the affected organ, perform a diagnosis, or suggest a treatment.

The day I visited your office, I received a pulse-point analysis identifying the stomach as the affected organ. Your examination revealed an infection as the functional cause of distress. Your prescription of an herbal formula corrected the problem after the first few doses. To this day, 4 years later, there has been no recurrence of gastric distress.



“After several treatments, I began to feel much better and my head became clear of the pain.”

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your help in relieving the headache that I had for many years. I would require bed rest and, on one occasion, I had to have shots in my head to numb the pain.

It was at that time that you opened your office in Upland and I came to you for help. You prescribed acupuncture and herbs and this began to remove the regular headaches I was having. After several treatments, I began to feel much better and my head became clear of the pain. I have since, about 1 and a half years had very few headaches. Only occasionally do I brew up the herb tea, when I feel a headache coming on.

Your treatments have allowed me a new freedom from pain and made it possible to no longer have to take massive doses of aspirin to make me feel better. May God bless you and your work as you continue to give your time and talents to the needs of others.

God Prosper Your Work.


“Acupuncture has enabled me to return to my normal life, without medication.”

In February of 1996, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. I was in excruciating pain and was unable to sit or walk for no longer than five minutes. I was faced with a decision between physical therapy or back surgery. I chose physical therapy since the surgery could not guarantee 100% recovery. After six months of therapy and pain killers daily I was able to return to work.

Then when my insurance would no longer cover the therapy, I was told I would have to “live with the pain”. I had heard of Dr. Timothy Yeh from my daughter and was skeptical but after only a few weeks of treatment, I could feel the difference. Acupuncture has enabled me to return to my normal life, without medication. God bless you and your wonderful staff.

Sincerely yours,


“My back pain, asthma, and nervousness are all gone?I have lost 12 pounds.”

My name is Bertha Mujica. On January 18, 1996, I injured my back cleaning my garden. I fell down. After 3 months of orthopedic specialists, therapy and medications, I continued to have pains that were unbearable. I could not sleep in bed, but sat up on the living room sofa all night praying and crying for one night’s rest with no pain or just a few hours of sleep with no pain.

I just could not believe there was nothing medical science could do to alleviate the pain and reduce the swelling in my lower back. I refused to believe that there was no further recourse open to me and this pain and limited physical activity was what the rest of my life would be.

In April 15, I went for a consultation with Dr. Yeh. After explaining my problem to Dr. Yeh, we proceeded with my first treatment, acupuncture. After only one treatment the relief was wonderful. After 3 months of constant pain, I was able to go through a day without taking even one pill for pain or discomfort, I was finally able to sleep through an entire night.

My acupuncture treatments continued, and as time passed I began to feel better, happy that at last I had found relief. I was feeling my old self again, strong and able to be active again, getting back into my garden, which I love.

I also want to say my asthma and nervousness are all gone. I am feeling great.

Everyday I am learning more about the natural way to be healthy, by my own research. With the help of Dr. Yeh’s seminars and journals, I have lost 12 pounds.

In closing I want to express my thanks to Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh and their dedicated staff, whose expertise in their field has performed a great job on me. I will be eternally grateful.

I must add, I have found them, Drs. Yeh, to be very loving, warm, and caring persons. God’s blessings be on Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh as they continue to do what they do best, caring for and healing those in need.


“All pain are gone!…Together, we lost 52 pounds in 5 weeks!”

Pains in my chest started a three month “adventure” with our modern medicine. My regular doctor had shrugged his shoulder and prescribed a medicine that gave no results. I went to see Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh and they treated the intense pain I had been experiencing for three days. Within hours of seeing the Yehs, the pain in my chest was totally relieved. Dr. Yeh then advised me that the pains I had been experiencing were just a manifestation of what the real problem was. I had also had a fast weight gain of ten pounds within the last month, feeling sick to my stomach, and feeling very fatigued.

Sure enough, within a week I was experiencing pains in my stomach and then my lower abdomen. The pains were so intense that I could not stand and could barely get enough breath or energy to utter a word. In trying to find the reason for my illness the Western doctors gave me numerous tests. I was told a different diagnosis every visit, which was turning out to be twice a week. I still was going to Dr. Yeh for acupuncture treatments twice a week and every time was feeling a progression of relief.

To make a long story shorter, I never did get a true diagnosis for my medical problem from the Western doctors. I had a gynecologist look at my test results and he refuted the other doctor’s diagnosis. Needless to say, I now have little faith in Western medicine and the term “practicing medicine” is literally what it implies. After approximately ten to twelve weeks of treatments from Dr. Yeh, I felt like a new person, better than I had for years. All pains are gone!

I changed several of my eating habits while under Dr. Yeh’s care and even started his diet plan. Within 5 weeks both my husband, Pastor Steve Seelig, and I each had lost 26 pounds!! We were elated, but most of all praised God for giving us the Yehs to help us not only medically but also spiritually, knowing that God could heal me from whatever infections I had. The Yehs’ great belief in God is uplifting and their servant-like attitudes are sincere. The Yehs serve God through helping others with their medical knowledge and I know that if it hadn’t been for their care and the prayers of my church family, I would have landed in the hospital for several weeks. I praise God for the Yehs!

Carlsbad, California

“I can now wash my face, brush my teeth, drive the car and have control of my life again.”

The X-rays on my wrists reflected Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis with severe trauma to my right hand. Day by day, my hands were becoming more and more less functional; the pain all but unbearable. In fact, when I relaxed completely still in a chair, my wrists would ache as though they were being seared with a burning iron.

My medical physician, provided through the prestigious Scripps Clinic and Hospital in La Jolla, viewed the x-ray and referred me to a Rheumatology specialist. His only three choices for treatment were:

Steroids Pain killer medication Surgery I knew that none of these were options for me.

All my life I’d been told of an aunt, whom I never knew, due to arthritis, had lost complete use of her hands. Arthritis, in many forms runs rampant in my family.

I’m middle aged, a mother and grandmother, active physically, very independent and hold a responsible job. In four years, when I retire, God willing, I have a whole other life planned. Last year, this affliction left me totally distraught, I cried for days. I could hardly brush my teeth or wash my hair without agony.

A couple of years ago, my husband had been relieved of back pain with acupuncture. Last year he went to the Yeh Clinic in Vista for his shoulder. I noticed that on the business card he brought home, a list of ailments they claimed they could help.

My husband and I were very skeptical. However, I made my first visit to the Yeh Clinic in late summer of 1993. Dr. Yeh gave me his prognosis which wasn’t at all easy to hear. He said that in order for their treatment to work, I’d have to release of some of my activities (yard work, house work, etc.). We talked about my diet or things that could aggravate the problem. At the time, I found a lot of this next to impossible, but little by little God led the way on how most of it could be accomplished.

In Vista, their most capable and patient associate, carefully applied acupuncture in both wrists twice a week for about nine months. During this time he kept reiterating what Dr. Yeh first advised me to do regarding activities and diet.

My wrists may never be completely strong again, and if I had taken Dr. Yeh’s directions on complete inactivity for a year along with the acupuncture and prescribed tea I was doing, I have no doubt results would now be dramatic. However, even with my modified activities, I’ll tell anyone who will listen, that I can now wash my face, brush my teeth, drive the car and have control of my life again.

If you’re having health problems, I would highly urge you to give the Yeh Health Center a try. We, who have grown up with Western philosophy, don’t understand it, nor will we ever. Since my experience, I’ve heard from friends and family in other places who have had similar success.

I also recommend you see a TV program on Eastern Medicine offered on Public Television. You’ll find it convincing and most interesting.

I would be most happy to testify to the validity of this letter at any time. God’s blessings and good health to you!

Vista, California

“Weekly treatments along with Dr. Pearl’s tea and a diet change soon had me feeling well again, mentally and physically.”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

From the first few moments of our meeting, I felt I was in the hands of someone who would help me overcome my lower back pain which had bothered me for several years.

Appointments with other doctors and a chiropractor were not helpful in relieving the discomfort or easing the lack of energy and mental low.

Your sincerity and tranquility bolstered my faith not only in acupuncture, but also in myself. Weekly treatments along with Dr. Pearl’s tea and a diet change soon had me feeling well again, mentally and physically. The caring of each person I came in contact with bolstered this faith.

My family joins me in offering you my heartfelt thanks.


“The pains I had for so long are now gone.”

For many months I lived with a diagnosis of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Hormone replacement therapy was not doing much for me, and I experienced pains which moved about through my back and ribs. The condition continued to worsen, and I was becoming desperate.

I turned to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine and began receiving acupuncture treatments along with herbal tea and another natural medicine. I was pleased to be in the care of those who cooperated with the wisdom of nature.

During the first week or ten days I began to feel improvement, and I have continued to feel better each day. The pains I had for so long are now gone. I am extremely pleased to be feeling like a new person and I am very thankful to have found the Yeh Center.

Vista, California

“special appreciation for getting rid of a constant back pain for the past 26 years.”

To my physician, my friend, and my Christian brother, Dr. Timothy Yeh, with most special appreciation for getting rid of, through the acupuncture he has rendered to me, a constant back pain for the past 26 years.

Dr. J.K.G. Ph.D.
Kansas City, Missouri

“Four Treatments in 2 Weeks, My 32 Year Migraines are Gone!”

Thank you God, for sending me to Dr. Yeh. I suffered for 32 years with migraine headaches. My first doctor said, “No cure for that.” He gave me pain pills. The pills helped for a while, then I got new pills. My second doctor gave me some medication. He said, “Do not take it all the time, it is bad for you.” I felt helpless because I did not want to have to take the harmful medicine for the rest of my life. I turned to God for help.

One day I opened the newspaper and started reading about Dr. Yeh. I decided to give him a try. I also started taking Dr. Yeh’s free seminar on herbs, foods, and balanced lifestyle to stay healthy. I have found how important it is to attend the seminars with the treatment. The two go together. Without the seminars I would still eat the wrong food.

A miracle happened after only 4 treatments of acupuncture and from Dr. Yeh’s special tea. In only two weeks my migraines are gone. Thanks to Dr. Yeh and Dr. Diane for the excellent care they gave me.

I keep Dr. Yeh in my prayers and ask God to keep him in good health, so he can help more people like me, for a long, long time. Needless to say, I have been recommending Dr. Yeh to all my friends.


“I feel like I have been freed from bondage”

I have been plagued with migraine headaches all my life, but in the last 10 years, I have struggled to the point of being disabled.

After being referred from one place to another, I was sent to a migraine specialist who diagnosed my problem as Basal Artery Migraines, which mock a stroke, explaining all my debilitating neurological problems. In order to remain functional, I had increased my Inderal to 580 mg. per day and also took Pamelor 100 mg. per day. I finally reached a point where my immune system was so stressed that I had no resistance to the flu germs going around and no ability to recover. I had gone to acupuncture before and did reduce my Inderal consumption to a much lower dosage, but never got past having to take constant drug medications. So I gave up and went back to taking Inderal.

My pastor told me how Dr. Yeh had done so much for him and how he had been truly gifted by God with a special talent in this field. I decided to give Dr. Yeh a try. First of all, he gave me an exam to see exactly what my problem was and what he needed to do to help me. Knowing more about the problem, he was able to use fewer needles and get better results.

Giving off 80 mg. of Inderal before left me extremely ill for two weeks before I got results from acupuncture. This time I went off the 480 mg. of Inderal just as fast with no waiting period for the acupuncture to work. I am also getting great results from the tea because it is formulated especially for me by Dr. Yeh.

The tea doesn’t come prepackaged for a general problem, like what I got before and it doesn’t taste bad at all. I feel like I have been freed from bondage, and I am healthy and vibrant and able to be busy doing all those things I couldn’t keep up with when I was struggling so hard just to make it through one day at a time. I feel like I’m at least 10 years younger and still getting better!

Registered Nurse

“I have had great success”

I am currently undergoing acupuncture treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. I have had great success and am not in extreme pain like I was. I am not taking any pain medication.

Dr. Yeh and his staff have helped me tremendously. A friend of mine had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome and she is now disabled. I am trying to avoid surgery. Also, I have not had to miss work due to my condition.


The treatments I received at Dr. Yeh’s clinic has been so beneficial. I had severe pain in my neck and shoulder and after over three years of suffering, I was so happy to get relief.

My body is strengthened and I have even noticed the color of my hair changing. Its gone from silver to gray to a darker gray color and the hair underneath is black. Big change! God is good to us and we praise Him and will keep the Yeh clinic in our daily prayers.



I was in a car accident in 1991 and since then, I started to have neck pains. The x-rays showed that my neck was straight instead of curved. From 1996-2000, the pains became worse and also in 1996, I started developing sinus headaches. I went through physical therapy and traction, and I also went to see a chiropractor and neurologist. I only got temporary relief. I took drug medications, such as Klonopin, Lorcet, Estratab, Claritin, Codein, Nasacort and got side effects such as nausea, fatigue, lack of concentration and spaciness. These treatments were ineffective.

On March 4, 2000, I came to the Yeh Center. My dad had heard of people getting results with acupuncture and I found the Yeh Clinic in the yellow pages. I was a firm believer in natural medicine, and I was very confident that it could help me. I received acupuncture, herbal medicines and nutritional guidelines. About 2-3 weeks after starting treatment, I began to feel better. The sinus headaches are gone. The pain is gone. I am back to normal and I can throw out all medications!

In addition, I had menstrual problems prior to my treatments and with natural medicine I am better. Everything is better. I can drive longer distances and the quality of my life has improved. I am happier and I don’t need drugs anymore. And with natural medicine, there are no side effects. I am absolutely happy with the results, and I have already referred 2 people to Dr. Yeh. The staff is wonderful, kind and understanding and I really appreciate their help. It was an answer to my prayers.

April 9, 2001

“You have ended almost 30 years of suffering.”

Dear Dr. Yeh and Staff,

How can I thank you all enough for all the kindness and care you have extended towards me in our efforts to rid me of my migraine headaches I have been free of pain since February and I have never felt better! You have ended almost 30 years of suffering.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I first came to you last November, but I was so desperate, I was ready to try anything. With your gentle manner and supportive staff, my fears soon were put to rest. I have learned so much through my treatments and your seminars. I can’t believe I allowed doctors to try so many different drugs on me over the years. No wonder I was always sick.

Thank you again for giving me the gift of good health.


“I no longer suffer from pain.”

Around Thanksgiving of 1998, I was diagnosed with shingles. My medical doctor gave me negative comments about my condition and only prescribed pain killers and so-called anti-viral drugs. These drugs had bad side effects and potential liver damage. I was told to take as many pain killers as needed because the shingles would be very painful. The pain was to the point that just by touch, it was excruciating, and many of my clothes were painful to wear.

God led me to Dr. Timothy Yeh, and I began treatment at the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, Inc. on November 27, 1998. At that time, I didn’t know Dr. Yeh was a Christian, but I found out later. I truly believe that God led me here. I received acupuncture treatments, prescription herbal teas, and food counseling. Dr. Yeh and his caring staff were very helpful and very competent in medicine. Since receiving the treatments, I do not take drug medications, and I no longer suffer from pain. It is all gone. Natural medicine is definitely God’s medicine.


“My husband is now introducing me as his new wife.”

From the day I began a menstrual cycle (age 16), I have had numerous female problems: very irregular periods, infertility, difficult pregnancies (2), ruptured ovarian cysts, etc. So, when I was told in September of 1986 that my ovaries were again full of cysts and needed to come out (the pain was severe). I agreed to a complete hysterectomy. As the physician began pre-operation questioning, I shared that I had suffered with migraine headaches for a 2 year period at the time of my marriage. Those had subsided and were assumed to have caused me an automobile accident.

Immediately following my hysterectomy, I began suffering from migraines to the point of vomiting, blurred vision, and severe throbbing. Because of a very high tolerance of pain, I lived like this for 3 years. During that time, I saw many physicians, including neurologists and gynecologists. All kinds of tests were run (even an MRI) and I was told by one doctor that it was my “strict lifestyle?just cut loose and get angry? that will cause the headaches to stop.” Each doctor I saw asked the same preliminary question, “What medication do you take regularly?” and each time I answered “Premarin, 1,2 mg daily.”

In March of 1989, I came to Yeh Center of Natural Medicine and Dr. Yehs first question to me was “What medication do you take?” I gave my usual answer and he immediately responded with “Your estrogen is your problem.” He began acupuncture treatments, as well as specially formulated herbal tea. I have slowly gone off all estrogen and take the natural hormones prescribed by Dr. Yeh.

The headaches 20 years ago? Birth control pills! Synthetic estrogen again! I had even been diagnosed as a TMJ sufferer 1969.

I had asked God to heal me if it was His will, for I could not function normally. God chose to do so through Dr. Timothy Yeh. I thank the Lord daily for His touch and for the wisdom of Dr. Yeh. My husband is now introducing me as his new wife!

I am convinced that synthetic hormones were destroying my health. I highly recommend Dr. Yeh and his natural way to good health. Timothy and Pearl Yeh are very caring, committed people. And an added blessing is just being in the office! Such laughter and joy in what they are doing!

Thanks Doctor!

Visalia, California

“I can stand up straight again and my energy level is increasing.”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

This note is to express my heartfelt appreciation for your skill and effective application of the science of acupuncture. And especially to thank you for eliminating acute and chronic daily pain from my life.

Approximately nine years as a 31 year old male who enjoyed athletic and outdoor activities with a zest for living, I experienced a severe muscle cramp between my shoulder blades. This pain was as severe as any cramp I had ever experienced in the calf of my leg. Within a moment of time, my entire upper back was engulfed with he most excruciating, torturous pain. The pain was so severe that my only defense was to lay still on the floor of my home as the tears spilled out of my eyes.

I then sought relief from chiropractic doctors for the next nine years. Having been treated by three different chiropractors, I was able to get complete relief for 2 or 3 days at a time but their cure was not permanent. Within a week or two at the most, I would be back in their office waiting for another adjustment. I consigned myself to the belief that I was middle aged and that pain must just be a natural part of growing older.

I have been receiving your treatments now for approximately 2 months and my outlook is again positive. I can stand up straight again and my energy level is increasing. I feel sure that this problem will be completely solved with just a few more treatments.

Thank you for your gentle and compassionate application of your science and your healing art. I encourage other people to allow you to give them a new lease on life. Apparently pain is not a necessary phenomenon of middle age.

Very Respectfully,
B.S., M.S.P.H.


In 1996, I was diagnosed with allergies and high blood pressure. I had watery eyes, runny nose, cough, headaches, blurry vision due to the watery eyes, and I was not able to stand or function. In June of 2000, I had knee surgery and my knee was painful and swollen. I later developed shingles in July of 2001, which left me with 4 lesions on the scalp and 4 lesions on the forehead. My right eye was also closing up.

I went to the doctor and was given drug medications for the allergies, knee pain and high blood pressure. I took eye drops, creams, and pain killers for the knees. The drugs gave me bad side effects including kidney pain and left me feeling weak and tired. For the shingles, I was told that there is no cure from modern medicine.

My sister Armida suggested that I come to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine for treatment. I received acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary guidelines and teas. I attended classes, and I also took Dr. Yeh’s supplements: Daily Essentials, Eye and Liver Essentials and Bone Essentials. The treatments were highly effective and have improved my health and the quality of my work, home and social life. I have also lost weight and have more energy because I changed my diet and have been taking the supplements.

For my knee injury, I felt a good difference by the 3rd treatment. I had no more pain and the swelling went down. By the 7th treatment, I was able to walk normal and now it is completely healed.

For my allergies, I noticed a positive change within 3 weeks and began to feel well within 2 months.

For the shingles, I felt better after the 2nd treatment and now all my symptoms are gone. All my lesions have disappeared and my right eye is normal.

When I started the treatments, my blood pressure was 175/100mmHg and after the treatments, it now ranges from 140/90mmHg to 130/80mmHg.

I own and operate a 24-hour towing service and I am constantly under stress and adversity. With the treatments I have received here I have been able to overcome this. Dr. Yeh also told me to go to church as often as possible, which I have and it has also helped. The staff has been wonderful and kind and the medical staff is experienced. I am extremely happy with the results and I would refer a friend!

Before my first visit, I was completely unaware of natural medicine. But I now remember that I my mother always had herbal or natural treatments for many things. Today, I know that these treatments heal and I would use my experience as an example. I am truly a firm believer in God’s natural medicine and in the Yeh Center.

August 15, 2001

“I can sleep without taking 2-3 pain pills a night.”

For ten years I suffered from Arthritis. Received all kinds of treatments and medications without any result.

A good friend of mine told me about Dr. Timothy and Dr. Pearl Yeh and though I was skeptical, we decided with my husband to give it a try.

To my utter amazement after a comparatively short time, I am now without pain! I can sleep without taking 2-3 pain pills a night. The acupuncture and the specially formulated tea helped me! It seems to me like a miracle.

With all my heart I thank God for guiding me to Dr. Timothy and Dr. Pearl Yeh and to them I am immensely grateful for their loving care and their willingness to use their God given talent to help us who turn to them.

Vista, California

P.S. I want to give special thanks to Doctor Yeh’s staff, whose attentive kindness reflects their bosses’ attitude toward their fellow men I was in an auto accident on October 1998 that injured my back. After the accident, I had physical therapy and was given drug medications. But after 1 year, I was still in a great deal of pain. I was unable to do my housework and had to cut back on any volunteer work.

On October 1999, I came to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, after being referred by my daughter’s friend, a fellow teacher, who had had excellent results after being treated by Dr. Yeh. So I enrolled in the program at the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine that consisted of acupuncture, acupressure, daily herbal teas, classes twice weekly plus Dr. Yeh’s books on healing through natural medicine. The staff was wonderful very lovely people, and the medical staff was knowledgeable and experienced.

Six weeks after my treatments, I started feeling better. At the end of my 12th week of treatment, I was completely free of pain. I can do things at home and in my social life pain free. The treatments have truly improved my life and have given me increased energy. I am very happy with the results and I have referred people to Dr. Yeh. I am a firm believer in natural medicine and I am 100% convinced because it has helped me. I am completely pain free!



“The most wonderful “miracle” is that there is no more stomach pain”

This I share to help others. I am a retired teacher. A lifetime “scourge” for me was my stomach aches. In 1985, I had to have stomach surgery for a peptic ulcer. I was very ill for a year and had medication to heal the ulcer, before finally consenting to surgery.

Even as my stomach was healing, never could I sleep from 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. on – my stomach hurt so very much. So my doctor gave me a prescription to stop the stomach nerves from pumping gastric juices while sleeping. But even with that prescription, after eating certain foods and after meals (except breakfast), I almost always had diarrhea and of course there were many foods my stomach just would not tolerate. I love salads, even without dressing, but that was a definite no-no. And of course I could have no dairy products or whole wheat bread, no fruit juices, and no sweets or chocolate.

Having heard about Dr. Tim and Dr. Pearl Yeh – I thought I would try acupuncture. She did the computer test to find the areas of distress. I am currently taking the acupuncture treatments and herbs. The most wonderful “miracle” is that there is no more stomach pain; I can eat most all things, even bananas, and no more horrid diarrhea (no more rush to find a rest room fast).

Praises to Dr. Tim and Dr. Pearl for their miracle touch. I feel healed and normal again.


“After only one treatment, the relief was wonderful.”

On October 19, 1987 I injured my back while pushing a box at work. After 8 months of Orthopedic Specialists, therapy, and medications, I was told that even though there was still swelling and irreparable damage, there was nothing more that could be done to help me and that I would have to live with the pain and limited physical capabilities for the rest of my life. I questioned the doctor because I just could not believe there was nothing medical science could do to alleviate the pain and reduce the swelling in my lower back. I asked the doctor about “alternatives” and he asked me what I had in mind. I suggested acupuncture and the doctor immediately changed his attitude from compassion and understanding to one of abject horror and informed me that the “alternatives” had never been proven medically or approved of by the AMA.

I contacted the agent that was handling my case for the company and he informed me that the State of California’s Workman’s Compensation standards did not accept acupuncture as a viable form of treatment, but he would approve my going to another orthopedic specialist. He felt that they had done all that they could and that I was going to have to learn to live with the results of the injury.

I refused to believe that there was no further recourse open to me and this pain and limited physical activity was what the rest of my life would be. I made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Yeh. After explaining my problem to Dr. Yeh and his examination of my back, we proceeded with my first treatment.

After only one treatment, the relief was wonderful. After eight months of constant pain, I was able to go through a day without taking even one pill for pain or discomfort. I was finally able to sleep through an entire night. The true test of success of this first treatment could be seen in my eyes. People who know me well say I have very expressive eyes and could not hide the pain I was feeling. My friends were incredulous, my eyes were free of pain.

I have now had seven treatments and I continue to improve. There are many times when I feel so good that I do too much and am reminded that I still have to go a little more slowly. Another sign of my continuing improvement is that I am now able to make it through a full day’s work while wearing real shoes again (2″ heels). That might not mean too much to some people but after eight months of tennis shoes and flats, it’s a big deal to me.

My job requires a large portion of my day sitting in front of a computer terminal. Until I started my treatments with Dr. Yeh, I was barely able to sit in one spot for 20 minutes without being in pain. I often forget that I should be getting up and walking around, but now instead of pain, I just feel stiff and after taking a short walk and stretching, I’m back to work.

I am not saying that acupuncture is the answer for everyone or for every problem, but before anyone gives up hope when our medical doctors say, “This is it, live with it.”, there are alternatives and they work.


“Thank you for the help I have received.”

Dear Dr. Yeh:

I wish to express my gratitude for the relief I experienced from a very painful case of sciatica. After several sleepless nights I began a series of acupuncture treatments and enjoyed progressive relief which enabled me to rest and sleep normally.

The atmosphere at the Yeh Center was warm and friendly. I especially appreciated the caring manner in which the personnel treated me. The concern that you and Dr. Pearl Yeh have for the patients is reflected in those who work at the Yeh Center.

Thank you for the help I have received.

In Christian Love,
Covina, California


“Children’s Sarcoma – less pain with more energy”

In November of 2005, I went to Loma Linda Hospital for some tests and I was diagnosed with Children’s Sarcoma and was expected not to be able to walk or even get out of bed in September 2006. The doctors gave me chemotherapy two times a week between December 2005 and April 2006. It was the most aggressive chemotherapy that they had and it didn’t work. I would often wake up during the middle of the night with excruciating pain, the doctors gave me morphine and Tylenol with codeine. I got a bad infection in my central line and it caused me to have bacteria in my blood so I ws hospitalized for that as well. My fevers would be as high as 104-105 with a heart rate of 109.

I started coming to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine in July of 2006, and Dr. Yeh told me to start having acupuncture two times a week and drink as herbal tea three times a day. He also wanted me to change my diet. Now I have less pain and I can sleep through the night without taking any medication. My body seems to be getting balanced because I started to get my period again after not having it for three years. I have much more energy, I feel normal again and can still walk! Thank you Dr. Yeh and staff.

S. J.
Oct. 21, 2006



I was hospitalized in June 24, 2009 due to chest pain. I had an ultrasound and doctors find out that I have 50% stenosis of the carotid artery. They said that since it was only 50% clogged, they don’t want to do anything about it. I was scared, because they want to wait until its 70% clogged before they can do something. But you won’t know it until you’ll have a stroke and possibly could lead to death.

I went to see Dr. Yeh and showed him the test result. He gave me acupuncture treatment, prescription herbal teas and circuflo. I had three more acupuncture treatments after that and have been continuously taking the teas and circuflo. After six months, I went for another test, and the result showed no significant cervical carotid arterial stenosis is demonstrated. I made some copies of my results and been showing and bragging people about it. I know its only Dr. Yeh can help me when it comes to my health problems. That’s how much I trust him and Dr. Pearl.

Thank you Dr. Yeh and Dr. Pearl.

Helen Toth


Chronic Pain, Sun Damage & Age SpotsI originally came to the Yeh Center for face treatment due to sun damage and age spots. But I noticed that the chronic pain I am feeling in other areas of my body is going away.

After my first treatment, I already felt better and my skin looks smoother and cleaner. I also enjoy coming to Dr. yeh’s seminar every saturday. Thank you Dr. Yeh and Dr. Pearl.

Marina B.
Nov. 19, 2010