“A Quest For Life”

My studies in the fields of nutrition, vitamin therapy and botanical uses began as early as 1975 and continued through college. After my first meeting with Dr. Yeh (February 1985) and being encouraged to use herbs as a natural healing process, I began more research into this very old medical field by reading numerous books, magazines and articles. I also wrote to numerous companies all around the world requesting information of the different types of natural plant medicines as an alternative to “drug therapy”.

From this research, Dr. Yeh’s knowledge and my iron-clad will to be a better person, not just physically, but mentally, I began my “Quest for Life”.

I decided that it had been dormant long enough and it was now time to get out of that wheelchair. Time to get back into my physical life where I had enjoyed walking, exercising, swimming and bicycling. This was January 1986 and my first act was to start walking! First, just around the house, then eventually a few miles. This was very difficult and quite painful as I had not been able to move any part of my ankle (joints) or legs, except for short trips to the doctors, since 1984.

The next routine, after accomplishing or learning to walk all over again, was good old American exercise. I joined a body building gym. A place where I can make my body strong and keep the circulation moving. My routine, at the gym, is done 3 times per week for 30-60 minutes of workout each day. My favorite exercise is bicycling. I began this with a stationary bike in 1986 and by 1987 my legs, knees and ankles were in pretty food shape. After increasing my workouts in January 1988, I began entering professional bicycle rides. My first was a 25 mile ride in Anaheim, the second (50 miles) in Orange with a good speed of 13-15 MPH.

Aside from physical therapy, which I will continue for the rest of my life, my diet now consist of raw fruits, vegetables (no canned stuff, if possible), nuts (in moderation) legumes, soy products (the list is long). I am considered a Lacto-ovo vegetarian, one who eats no animal flesh but does use products from animals. This is not a “diet”, it is a new way of eating. I have trained myself to eat and try new foods.

That day of February 28, 1985, seem so long ago, four years since I met Dr. Yeh, the day he looked at my leg and foot x-rays and medical records an stated to me, “I may be able to help you”. As he say, not only from my medical reports but from physical evidenced my leg and foot was the worst case of “phlebitis with deep vein thrombosis”, for someone as young as myself, he and several other doctors had seen! My endeavors to overcome this illness and Dr. Yeh’s knowledge have indeed given me a new life!

I wish to thank you, Dr. Yeh, for helping to steer me onto the right road, not only to recovery, but of becoming healthy for the rest of my life.


“As of January, 1986, I stopped all the drugs, and as of this writing, all the side effects I had been experiencing have cleared up.”

My ordeal began when I broke my large right toe, on August 17, 1984. After being treated at the hospital emergency center, I was told to stay off my foot for at least 4 weeks. Then, on September 20, 1984, I was admitted to the hospital for a battery of tests and therapy, because my right leg and foot were swollen. The diagnosis was given as “A Fracture Right Large Toe, causing Phlebitis, Exostosis, and Ecchymosis, with Deep Vein Thrombosis – Prothombin Time is essential (a blood test), with Coumadin Therapy.” I was bedridden, in the hospital, for 2 weeks.

What all this means is that the fractured bone in the right large toe caused the surrounding tissues to become injured; then, my own body tried to heal the wound by sending out platelets (platelets play an important role in blood coagulation), matter-of-fact, my system over-produced these. While I was in the hospital, in September, I gained 10 pounds, and experienced numerous side effects, and the most excruciating pains ever! I have tried to explain these pains; the closest I could possibly come would be to describe them as having sharp glass running through the veins.

I was not treated for the abundance of side effects, but was given Heparin, intravenously, and then Coumadin (blood thinners). I was told that I could have lost my leg, or even my life. My leg was black in color, form the toe to the groin area.

After my discharge, I was told not to drive a vehicle, do any type of housework, yard work, or any type of anything. I was told to get a special bed, a recliner, as I could no longer sleep in my regular bed. I had to have my led elevated.

After being out of the hospital about 2 weeks, I hemorrhaged. I had been given a blood test, and about 1 hours later my right hand had began to bruise. My doctor sent me to the hospital emergency room, to administer an antidote, and then I was quickly admitted to the hospital. This time, I spent 3 very painful weeks in bed. I was given Heparin again, and then Coumadin. I was taking pain pills, and they were not working. My doctor wanted me to stay another 2 weeks, but I wanted to go home. I was reluctantly released, but had to go into the lab every day for 2 weeks, for blood tests. By this time, I had gained another 10 pounds, a grand total of 20 pounds in 1 month!

By January, 1985, I felt like a drug addict. I was taking Coumadin everyday, along with 3 kinds of pain pills, a muscular relaxer, and Premarin (a hormone). The hormone can cause blood clots, but I was told that I had to take it, because of my hysterectomy a few years earlier.

Sometime in the middle of February, my MD told me, “Sharon, there is nothing I can do for you; you will be like you are for the rest of your life.” He said all he could do for me was to keep administering the Coumadin or other blood thinners, and keep checking my leg. Do you know what that meant? I could not walk without severe pains; I was taking several kinds of drugs, I was experiencing several side effects, such as – severe headaches, eye irritations, blurred vision, swollen glands, constipation, dizziness, nervousness, restlessness, drowsiness, stomach cramps, nausea, loss of hair, a sensitivity to sunlight, mouth sores, nosebleeds, bruising, weight gain, and bloating and blood in the urine. I had complained of some of these problems to the MD and was treated like I did not know what I was talking about!

On February 28, 1985, at the insistence of a friend, I had my first visit with Dr. Timothy Yeh. He examined my foot and leg, at which time he diagnosed my condition with “Classical Natural Medical Ways”. He then stated that he could help me. He administered herbs and I was to come back in 4 days. He also wanted to see all my hospital records and x-rays. These I brought with me on March 4, 1985, as well as a great deal of improvement that had begun; just in 4 days! The discoloration in my right foot and leg had started to clear up and I was beginning to lose some weight.

One month later, March 28, 1985, Dr. Yeh started using acupressure, (small stainless steel balls placed on the veins at strategic points), for the pains I was experiencing. These would be worn for 1 week at a time. Also, by this time, the blood clots had diminished form the groin and thigh areas. The pains were becoming less severe, and Dr. Yeh had me start a special diet that would help to detoxify my system. I was not allowed to have any red meat, poultry, soft drinks, sugars, starches, animal fats, or dairy products.

As of January, 1986, I stopped all the drugs, and as of this writing, all the side effects I had been experiencing have cleared up.

Everyday I am learning more about the ‘Natural Way’ to being healthy, by my own research and with the help of Dr. Yeh’s seminars and journals. I have not seen Dr. Yeh since 1987 for the treatment of my condition. But, I will be taking the herbal medicines for the rest of my life — to stay well. This medicinal tea has become a part of my daily ritual — a cup in the morning and one at night. With this daily dose and the proper diet, I will stay well.

Since the original article of my testimonial was published in 1986, I resumed my Art Career, returned to College to continue my education (BA in Art/Design), have been in countless bicycle races, began walking 30-60 minutes every morning (a great natural way of exercising), have taken several classes in dance (belly-dancing), and have been working for the past two years for California State Polytechnic University, Pomona as a Supervisor.

I am very thankful to that person who first introduced me to Dr. Yeh and his desire to help people like me to get well and to stay that way.