“About a month into the treatment a biopsy was taken by my insurance doctor and the results were clear normal cells.”

My agenda was full from Monday to Monday. The days were sometimes very long from six in the morning to ten at night. Living this busy life, I became absorbed with activities. Sadly, I neglected proper nutrition and proper rest. In due time, my body gave signs of extreme tiredness and soon severe female bleeding.

Modern medicine tried to help curve the hemorrhaging with a d&c. Lab reports showed that I had precancerous cells. I was facing possible surgery, but the Lord Jesus in His tender love and mercy led me to Dr. Yeh. He counseled me to eat properly and not to worry. He advised me to do away with coffee, chocolate, sugar, poultry, cheese and all preservatives. With the help of Christ I followed the diet and drank the herbal tea formula.

For the first time I acknowledged natural food seriously as a gift from God. I bought all kinds of newly found foods, such as grains, soy drink, fresh fruits. My neighborhood health food store owner was most helpful in pointing out many nutritional foods and vitamin information.

About a month into the treatment a biopsy was taken by my insurance doctor and the results were clear normal cells. Truly a report with flying colors!

I give my Wonderful Counselor all the praise for having led me to you, Dr. Yeh and to your wonderful wife and staff. You certainly are one of the most important people in my life. Thank you, and may the Lord continue using you as His tool in people’s lives.



“Praise God, Please bless Dr. Yeh and his caring staff”

I suffered from a weak immune system, ovarian cancer and tingling and numbness in the feet and an elevated CA125. In June 2001, I was first diagnosed with cancer and had a recurrence in July 2003 with Chemotherapy. I was very scared of this diagnosis. For a year prior to this diagnosis, my cycles were very irregular and my doctor thought I was going through menopause and a biopsy showed that there were cancer cells. I knew something was wrong because my whole life I was on a normal cycle, and then all of a sudden I didn’t know I would get my period or how long it would last. After the diagnosis, I had two rounds of chemotherapy and one radiation followed by surgery. I had a hysterectomy in June 2001 and then another surgery in July 2003 for a tumor. My CA125 had elevated. The chemotherapy treatment was very difficult emotionally and physically. I lost my hair 2 times and I had difficult time eating.

We moved to Upland in July 2004. We drove by the Yeh Center and I was very curious and willing to try anything to feel better. My first reaction from my friend and family was that they were extremely supportive and they felt good about it. I was very impressed with the appearance. It was more than I expected. I had really never taken natural medicine, but I was drawn to the Yeh Center to learn about it. I had a very positive feeling about the center especially after talking to Dr. Yeh. I take the tea three times a day and I have changed my eating habits. I get acupuncture two times a week and attend the weekly seminars. I could feel my strength and appetite coming back with only one treatment. After three months of treatment my cat scan was negative and CA125 count has gone down 9 points. I have increased energy and peace of mind. The staff and medical staff were very caring and helpful and always pleasant and friendly. Words can not describe how I feel. I am forever grateful. My family is thrilled and very thankful for the results. I have confidence in the clinic and treatment methods and have already referred some of my family and friends. I can only speak from my positive experience, I know that it works and is a painless way to regain your life and health.

January 21, 2004


Updated:I have been treated very successfully I must add over the last four years by Dr. Yeh and his ver capable staff. I first came to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine after undergoing surgery for ovarian cancer and subsequently receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I my heart I knew there had to be another way to improve my immune system and my health as a whole.

My CA 125 count has gone up and down during the last four years making it necessary for me to seek Dr. Yeh’s help. I have taken the herbal tea throughout this time and also received acupuncture treatments when necessary.

About three months ago my CA 125 levels elevated again from 54-77. After meeting with Dr. Yeh, I started a three months acupuncture treatment program and my herbal tea prescription was adjusted to my needs. I am happy to report that after 3 months of treatment my CA 125 has dropped to 55.

A CA 125 count is determined through a blood test and can be an indicator of ovarian cancer.

I thank God every day for guiding me to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine and for the help they have given me. I believe that the atmosphere in the treatment rooms which is so serene helps in the healing process. I always look forward to the relaxing time I spend having my acupuncture treatment. I feel fortunate and blessed to receive the care that is given by Dr. Yeh and his wonderful staff.

With gratitude,
August 28, 2008