The Quantum BioPhysics of Yeh Systematic Natural Medicine

(3 components 3 sciences synchronized) 

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“Ascend one more story in order to see a thousand miles further”  a Chinese famous proverb tells people not to be satisfied with their current condition; and should keep moving forward.

Medically, we say “Medicine should ascend one more story in order to see a thousand miles further for health.”

Quantum Biophysics leads anyone to see more clearly the medical secret of unseen or its dark side than ever before. Because the Quantum Biophysics teaches us that the energy, light, nuclear electric, thermal dynamic, electromagnetic, photonic, electronic, protonic, neutronic, neutrino, string, super string, … all are vibrational…too much modern nuclear sciences we are missing in medicine.

Our cells, tissues and organs are composed by vibrating electrons, protons, neutrons and neutrinos…. The movement of those basic particles  must bring the change of their electromagnetic field, and through our humeral fluid  those changes are transmitted or radiated to its surrounding environment  Einstein’s formula E=mc2 and his professor Mr. Marx Planc, a famous quantum physicist of Nobel Prize winner clearly tells that everything is moving, nothing is static. Acupuncture and its unique effects are amazed by many western medical hospitals and research groups, although the knowledge of Quantum Biophysics was not studied or applied.

The food we eat and the herbal tea we drink definitely are not as simple as many people think.  According to the science of quantum biophysics, Foods or herbs have their own unique colors, smells, tastes, coded- in- temperatures and sounds, which are actually natural positive energy waves going to our body to nourish to balance or to repair our different vibrating cells in normal condition or abnormal sick condition. Every day we humans unknowingly get balanced, repaired and nourished by the created Nature, what a blessing it is for us humans to have good health for thousands of years. Scientifically it explains how the foods and herbs work as a medicine. As the founder of western medicine tells “Let food be your medicine and the medicine be your food.”



1. Waves of Colors

Human eyes can see a certain range of the light,for instance if the frequency is between 500~536 MHz,we can see the color of yellow.

Human eyes can differentiate more than 50 colors, but there are only 7 rainbow colors we know well: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

The evil uses colors to distract so many people from the right way to evil ways. The Yeh Visual Medicine is created and developed for people to change life.



               7 Rainbow Colors 450-650 THz

                 Frequencies of Colors

                        Wavelength      Frequency     Photon energy

RED                620-750 nm    400-484 THz      1.65-2.00 eV

ORANGE       590-620 nm    484-508 THz       2.00-2.10 eV

 YELLOW     570-590 nm       508-526 THz        2.10-2.17 eV

GREEN        495-570 nm       526-606 THz        2.17-2.50 eV

BLUE            450-495 nm       606-668 THz       2.50-2.75 eV

                      INDIGO       411–445 nm      660-680 THz       2.56-2.49 eV                     

 VIOLET       380-450 nm    6 68-789 THz        2.75-3.26 eV


Physics is clear and certain. Light is a wave of energy (or a particle, but for today it’s just a wave) and, like a vibrating guitar string, light waves wiggle at certain frequencies. Some of those frequencies we detect with our eyes, and the frequency determines its color:

We can’t see the lower Infrared or the higher Ultraviolet. It does not mean the invisible does not exist.

The waves of colors belong to the science of QUANTUM BIOPHYSICS

The final destination of visual COLORS: Cerebral Cortex

Colors are from the light of sun, and they represent different energy of the sun. They can be recognized as solar energy. Rainbow means a lot to us.

Medically, the black color food is more energetic, it includes 7 color energy in it.

Seniors should have more Black beans, Black rice, Black sesame seeds, Black Mushrooms, Black sea weeds, Black bone chicken, Black dates,…..for their good health.

The white color food reflects all color energy out of it; it doesn’t accept any color, so it has another unique energy to the brain and nervous system. White foods are also used for Cleaning or beauty: such as white Beans, white pear meat, white Daikon root, white tea, white radish, white tremella, white coconut oil ….

To eat natural colors means to eat life given by the Creator for all our organ systems to live and to nourish or to protect our whole brain. Hwa! Without colors, we all die.

Did you see the power of natural Colors?


2. Waves of Fragrances

 The physics of Food or Herb tells the fragrance (Natural Perfume) is a vibration. Any fragrance is originally formed by a wave vibrating through human’s olfactory nerve into human’s spirit, soul and body by his nose.

The frequencies of Natural Medicinal oil run from 50 to 320 MHz that we human being can smell it. Those frequencies are much faster than sound wave, so we can’t hear them but they are all physically existing around us.

Dr. Royal R. Rife, a Nobel Prize Winner, stated that each disease has its own electro frequency. If we could build up an internal environment with a kind of essential oil of a higher electro frequency, it will eliminate the disease of lower electro frequency: such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or cancer.

Different fragrances have different frequencies:

Frequency of Single Essential Oils

 Rose                                                                  320 MHz

Helichrysum                                                   181 MHz

Frankincense                                                 147 MHz

Ravensara                                                        134 MHz

Lavender                                                           118 MHz

German Chamomile                                     105 MHz

Idaho Tansy                                                     105 MHz

Myrrh                                                                 105 MHz

Melissa                                                               102 MHz

Juniper                                                                98 MHz

Sandalwood                                                        96 MHz

Angelica                                                                85 MHz

Peppermint                                                          78 MHz

Galbanum                                                             56 MHz

Basil                                                                        52 MHz

The fragrance of a plant or an animal or a stone is different from processed essential Oils. One is live and another is processed and dead. We personally love the live ones.

Medically we classify the fragrances as below: 

1. Woody, Sour for the Liver System

Pine, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Hollywood, Tea tree, Cedarwood

2.  Firey, Bitter for the Heart System

Pepper, Chocolate, Red Onion,Coffee, Cayenne Pepper

3.  Earthy, Muddy, Grassy, Moldy, Fruity, Sweet for the Spleen System

Seeds, Beans, Herbs, Fruits, Rose Oregano, Gardenia, Narcissus, Lemongrass, Sage

4.  Metallic, Spicy, Minty for the Lung System

Garlic, Onions, Peppermint, Mint, Cinnamon, Clove

5.  Stinky, Sinking, Salty for the Kidney & Reproductive System

 Musk, Myrrh, Frankincense,  Agilawood

       This is the science of Quantum Biophysics


The final destination of Fragrances is at Hypothalamus.

To smell natural different fragrances means to protect our emotions from different organ systems and to nourish or to protect our pituitary gland, the top leader of whole hormonal glands.

Hwa! Did you see the power of natural fragrances?

Yeh Royal Perfume history has been 120 years in China, and now Yeh Natural Medical Fragrances are shining with great smell in America:

      1) Yeh Pearl No. 5 (C.C.O.)

          2) Yeh Pearl Joy

             3) Yeh Pearl Calm

                         4) Yeh Pearl Sleep …..many others

The company Tainio Tech has measured the frequency (MHz) of many natural food products:

Vibration Levels of Food Groups

                                         FOOD                                                  VIBRATION LEVELS IN HERTZ (Hz)

Canned foods                                                                   0 Hz

Processed foods                                                               0 Hz

Genetically Modified (GM) foods                               0 Hz

Fresh Produce                                                       up to 15 Hz

Fresh Herbs                                                             12 – 27 Hz

Dried Herbs                                                                2 – 27 Hz

3. Waves of Human Organs

NORMAL BRAIN                                                                  70 – 78 MHz

Healthy Body                                                                        62 – 68

Thyroid & Parathyroid                                                      62 – 68

Thymus                                                                                   65 – 68

Heart                                                                                        67 – 70

Lungs                                                                                       58 – 65

Liver                                                                                         55 – 60

Pancreas                                                                                60 – 80

Stomach                                                                                 58 – 65

Ascending Colon                                                                  58 – 60

Descending Colon                                                               58 – 63

Spiritual Human Cells                                                           > 90

4. Waves of Tastes

As we know, we have 4 basic types of taste (Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty), the fastest sense is salty, and the slowest is bitter; but the bitter taste is the mostly sensitive.

There are 3 kinds of nerve fiber in our brain stem for conduction

1) group of efferent fiber and afferent fiber having myelin sheath:     

     Conduction speed is 5-120 m/sec

2) Group of preganglionic fibers of Nervus visceralis

     Conduction speed: 3-35m/sec

3) Group of afferent fibers without Myelin sheath and postganglionic sympathetic nerve fibers without myelin sheath.

     The conduction for Taste is C group of nerve fibers.

     Conduction Speed: 0.6-2.3 m/sec


The final destination of Taste is in Thalamus

     This belongs to the science of



    Sour……for Liver/G.B. Sys

 Sweet…for Sp/St. Sys.

    Spicy… for Lung/L.I. Sys.

    Bitter… for Heart/S.I. Sys.

    Salty… for Kidney/B. Sys.

5. Waves of Coded-in-Temperatures (Thermodynamics)

Human’s “Coded in Temperature” is 98˚ F.

Dogs and cats C.I.T. are much higher than Humans’. The C.I.T. of fish or many sea foods are much lower.

Foods and herbs have their own fixed C.I.T. for healing. Please refer to our Food Medicine Series.

Do you know that bananas, spinach or tomatoes’ CIT are cold? If our temperature (CIT) drops down 1 degree, our immunity will be decreased by 30% & the metabolic rate is 17% lower.

Therefore, why we have so many patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, gout, high sodium, and high potassium? People should know the knowledge of CIT. Without knowing CIT, people easily miss their way of health.

          The final destination of Temperature:

            Medulla oblongata

            This belongs to the science of   QUANTUM BIOPHYSICS.    

6. Immunity goes down, disease comes!

   See the waves of sick cells and we understand Thermodynamics is so much needed in our lives.

Human Cells with Colds                                              59 – 60

Human Cells with Flu                                                             58

Human Cells infected by Virus                                           55

Human Cells infected by Fungus                                        55

Human Cells infected by EB Virus                                     52

Tissues damaged by Diseases                                              48

Cancer started in Human Cells                                           42

Death just started in Human Cells                                    20

DNA in Cells                                                                8540 THz

7. Waves of Music

   The audible frequency is from 18 Hz to 20000 Hz. Foods, flowers and herbs are all singing beyond our hearing with infrasound, they are changing the world, so we are changing life with SOUND.

Sound waves have many applications in science and medicine.

Musical Medicine is applying different sound waves to treat different diseases



8. Wave of Acupuncture

 (An invisible and powerful Electromagnetic wave)

Acupuncture and its channels are mostly hard to under-stand. Now we understand that our cells, tissues and organs are composed by vibrating electrons, protons, neutrons, neutrinos, strings and super strings…. The movement of those basic particles must bring the change of their electromagnetic field, and through our humeral fluid those changes are transmitted or radiated to its surrounding environment including our skin. The advent of QRS really helps us know well the existence of acupuncture channels, which is not biological evidence but a phenomena of quantum biophysics with an unexpected clinical effect. One of the effects is the surgery of brain without using anesthetics, but acupuncture only. Another effect is the treatment for acute appendicitis, started from West Germany and then widely repeated all over China by acupuncture only, the conclusion is 70-80% effective. Now acupuncture is adopted by American medical society for helping different pains and is widely used in army.

35 years in USA  we are practicing Yeh Systematic Natural Medicine, under the light of Quantum Biophysics  guided  as a medical microscopic telescope, and it led us into a huge beautiful medical shining garden, and we started to see more clearly and deeply of many difficult diseases and knowing what they were and dared to treat  them with many breakthroughs.

Yeh Center of Natural Medicine holds 12 types of Natural Vibrational Medicine and makes us able to treat following very difficult diseases with amazing results. With good results and reputation Yeh Systematic Natural Medicine has attracted so many patients from different countries seeking for medical help.


1.自身免疫性疾病  Auto Immune Diseases

   类风湿性关节炎                  Rheumatoid Arthritis

   红斑狼疮                              SLE

   糖尿病                                  Diabetes Type II

   全身多发性硬化症              Multiple Sclerosis

   科隆氏病                              Crohn’s Disease

   溃疡性结肠炎                      Ulcerative Colitis

   全身皮肤硬化症                  Scleroderma

   重症肌无力症                      Myasthenia Gravis

   眼鼻口乾燥症                      Sjogren’s Syndrome

   橋本氏病                              Hashimoto Disease

   间质性膀胱炎                      Interstitial Cystitis

   肿瘤                                      Tumors

   异位性皮炎                          Atopic Dermatitis

2. 免疫性疾病  Immune system diseases    

     哮喘病                                 Asthma       

    过敏性鼻炎                          Nasal Allergy    

    过敏性皮炎                          Allergic Dermatitis 

3. 病毒病 Viral diseases  

     感冒                                      Colds   

     流感                                      Flu    

     病毒性付鼻腔炎                  Viral Sinusitis    

     病毒性咽喉炎                      Viral throat infection    

     病毒性扁桃体炎                  Viral Tonsillitis    

     颜面神经麻卑                      Bell’s Palsy    

     病毒性脑炎                          Viral Encephalitis    

     病毒性脑膜炎                      Viral Meningitis   

     病毒性胃炎                          Viral Gastritis   

     病毒性肠炎                          Viral Enteritis    

     病毒性淋巴腺炎                  Viral Lymphadenitis   

     病毒性膀胱炎                      Viral Cystitis    

     病毒性腮腺炎                      Mumps    

     病毒甲状腺炎                      Viral Thyroiditis     

     帶狀皰疹                              Shingles      

     其它许多病毒病                  Many other

4. 霉菌病 Fungal Diseases  

     霉菌性皮炎                          Fungal Dermatitis  

     霉菌性气管炎                      Fungal Bronchitis    

     霉菌性肠炎                          Fungal Enteritis  

     霉菌性甲沟炎                      Fungal Nail  

     霉菌性阴道炎                      Fungal Vaginitis  

     霉菌性膀胱炎                      Fungal Cystitis 

5. 妇科病 Gynecological diseases  

    内膜炎                            Endometritis   

    子宫颈                                Cervicitis    

    子内膜移位                        Endometriosis      

    经前综合征                            PMS    

    经后综合征                            Menopausal Syn.   

    疏松症                            Osteoporosis  

    郁症                                    Depression     


    不孕症                                    Infertility

6. 男子病 Men’s diseases       

     精子减少                              Ologospermia      

     精子无力                              Astherozoospernia     

     前列腺病                              Prostate diseases     

     睾丸炎                                  Orchitis     

     付睾丸炎                              Epididymitis

7. 心腦血管疾病 Cardiovascular Diseases

8. 许多其它 Many others

9. 老年衰退性疾病 Senile degenerative diseases