Rash from Lupus

I came in for a rash that I had been suffering with for three months from lupus. One day I woke up with what looked like a boil on my face and by the end of the day my body was covered with welts. They were very sore, itchy and filled with pus. The medical doctors prescribed Prednizone but couldn’t diagnose what it was. The condition worsened for 12 weeks. While taking the medication, it made my skin thin and made me feel weak. I worked as a personal trainer at that time and I couldn’t go to work for sanitary reasons nor did I want to. I didn’t even want to leave my house or be near anyone because I didn’t know if it was contagious.

I finally came in to see Dr Yeh, because I trusted he could help me. My father came to the clinic and was successfully treated for sinus problems. My family members were very supportive because they all believed in acupuncture. The staff made me feel very comfortable and the atmosphere was very pleasant. I was already a firm believer in natural medicine before I came but I never expected that only one treatment would help me so much. I started the tea and acupuncture and after just one treatment I could see an improvement. The swelling went down and the bruising went away. Now I am completely free of the welts and I am so excited. Not only did it help me with the boils, the treatment also helped me to relax more.

Thank you
March 28, 2006

“She now sleeps at night and looks much better.”

My mother had been suffering with a rash covering her whole body. This rash itched constantly and prevented her from sleeping. After six months her doctor sent her to a dermatologist, who treated her for another two months. She never improved, finally, she was told there was nothing more they could do for her, she would just have to live with it.

One day I was reading the National Enquirer and there was an article about a little girl who seemed to have the same problem. She was taken to a Chinese doctor who gave her herbs and helped get rid of the condition.

I immediately went to the phone book and found Dr. Yeh. I had never known anyone who used natural medicine or acupuncture before, but at this point my mother was willing to do anything to relieve the itch and be able to sleep.

I am happy to say my mother has significantly improved.

Dr. Yeh has her on herbal tea, acupuncture, and diet. She now sleeps at night and looks much better.

Thanks Dr. Yeh, you made a skeptic a believer. I would recommend Yeh Center of Natural Medicine to anyone.




I’ve got rashes on my face which started to itch, peel and swell. I went to a dermatologist and she gave me some skin cream and cortisone. After several days, the same problem came back and worst – it spread to my body and it started to itch and swell too. Because of this, I can’t even go to church and see other people.

On August 10, 2009, my husband and I went to see Dr. Yeh. He gave me acupuncture treatments, herbal teas and supplements. Dr. Pearl gave me some cream and medicinal toner for my skin. After my second treatment, my skin felt & looks better. And on my 5th visit, I am 90% cured. I can’t believe how fast natural medicine works. Now I am back to my normal life, going to church, meeting people and shopping.

I will gladly recommend natural medicine to others who are skeptical about it. In fact I was able to bring my sister-in-law & daughter-in-law to the Yeh Center for treatment too.

Thank you Dr. Yeh and Dr. Pearl for your help.

Minnie T.



I brought my son to see Dr. Yeh on Friday, April 30, 2010 due to skin rashes on his face, neck and body. Dr. Yeh gave him acupuncture treatment and prescribed some herbal supplements for him to take. He asked us to come back for another treatment the enxt day and will see if he will be needing more after that.

I was amazed that after just two acupuncture treatments, my son was able to go back to school Monday. The rashes on his face were gone. The rashes on his neck and body were barely there and he doesn’t itch anymore.

With this good result, I asked another friend with a son that has eczema to seek Dr. Yeh’s help. Thank you Dr. Yeh.

Kevin M.
May, 2010