“We see Shawna’s recovery as truly a “miracle” from God”

Shawna had her first seizure at nine years of age in 1983. Her pediatrician placed her in the hospital for tests plus a Cat Scan. She was then put on 90 milligrams of Phenobarbital and told she would remain on this dosage until the age of 14 at least. The drug gave her a lot of problems in school and she continued to have occasional seizures.

At that time dear friends told us about Dr. Yeh. We knew we had come to the right place when his first step in her healing was placing her on his prayer list!

He started acupuncture and very gradually reduced her dosage of Phenobarbital until she was taking none at all.

At that point, she started taking herb capsules and continues to take them today. She will be 18 in July. Since being under Dr.Yeh’s care she has had only one seizure at the age of 16. This was due to her disregard of his instructions not to ride any amusement park rides and also not taking her herb capsules.

We see Shawna’s recovery as truly a “miracle” from God by directing us to Dr. Yeh. It is such a blessing to not be plagued by seizures and , also, not to have to worry about the long-term side effects of the drug.

Mrs. K.R.
Olathe, Kansas

Shawna continues to do well. Our last conversation with her was on May 19, 1999. She is now planning to become pregnant with her second child.