“The blisters seemed to dry and shrink overnight!”

Thank you Dr. Yeh for preventing irreversible nerve damage from my recent bout of shingles!

I am recovering from an attack of the varicella zooster (VZ) virus, also known as the herpes zooster virus, the same virus that invaded my body as a child in the form of chicken pox. This lengthy, nasty and painful viral infection of a group of nerves began along my spine and flared out along the nerve routes around the left side of my torso to the front. I am grateful that I had been under Dr. Yeh’s care at the onset. Quick treatment with the proper herbal tea to combat the virus, and acupuncture to relieve the excruciating pain helped my compromised immune system to arrest the virus and stop it from causing any more damage than what it did.

I had been feeling extremely fatigued and stressed the week before. I had also been exposed to chicken pox in my classroom a couple of week prior to my outbreak. Then began the burning pain crackling along my back, arm and rib area. It was at this point that I suspected I had shingles. I didn’t realize how serious my outbreak would become because at first, I merely broke out with just a few red angry blisters along a concentrated area. However with three or four days, the blisters spread to a much broader area along my torso and continued spreading for days. With the blisters came extreme pain, and my body became so weak it was hard for me to stand upright, and breathing became difficult for a couple of days.

I visited my doctor at Kaiser, and he told me there was nothing he could do. The medication given to shingles patients has shown to be effective only if administered within the first twenty four hours of the outbreak. He also knows that my system is extremely sensitive to medication and told me that he thought I might have serious side effects from this anti-viral medicine. All he gave me was some pain medication. The doctor told me that mine was one of the worst cases of shingles he had ever seen on a “young” person. I am forty-six years old!

Dr. Yeh then prescribed a tea regimen. I saw him three times during the first week for acupuncture. During the second week, Dr. Yeh treated the mass of raw blisters with a special heat lamp along with acupuncture, which amazingly expedited the skin healing process. The blisters seemed to dry and shrink overnight! It speeded the rate of healing tremendously.

I returned to work after just three weeks. Given the severity of my shingles outbreak, this was record time! The chronic pain has subsided. I just experience occasional pain from the weakened nerves along my spine. I am currently still under Dr. Yeh’s treatment, continuing to work on strengthening my compromised immune system so that I will never be faced with such a horrible illness again! Thank you Dr. Yeh. I am grateful for your natural healing techniques and abilities which you administer with great care and compassion.


“The blisters seemed to dry and shrink overnight!”

One day after Christmas my husband Anastacio Cruz was raking leaves out in the yard and cleaning the garage, when he came in the house. He asked me to take a look at his back that he had a lot of pain and felt burning sensation. He had a huge sore, so I thought he was bitten by a spider or some other bug. But instead of getting better it was worse the next day, the sore had spread.

We went to see the doctor and he said it was shingles. I had never heard of that before. But all the doctor prescribed was an ointment and pain pills. It only helped him for an hour or two and he was in lots more pain and burning. He couldn’t eat, sleep or walk. He was getting very weak.

Finally on April 17th to be exact, my son was reading the newspaper and saw Dr. Yeh’s article on healing shingles, I called to make an appointment for that same day.

Today is his 11th day of treatment and he can now eat, sleep and even walk. Even though he still has a few more treatments to take, but he is well on his way to recovery. Thanks to Dr. Yeh and staff and treatments he has been getting.


I was diagnosed with shingles on October 14, 2000. My right eye would swell up and I could not work for 2 months. In two months of time, I took 2 bottles of Advil. I went to the medical doctor and was prescribed prednisone. This drug caused me to get nose bleeds and mood swings, and it elevated my blood sugar. I also went to see an optomologist and was given eye drops. I got no results from these treatments and the doctors did not know how this condition began. The doctors said that there was nothing else they could do, and they wanted to send me to a neurologist.

I went to see Dr. Yeh because I believe in natural medicine. When I went through menopause, I took herbs and did not have to take synthetic estrogen. I received acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine, nutrition guidelines, and I attended classes. Dr. Yeh was able to properly diagnose the cause of my illness and prescribe the correct treatments.

After just 3 weeks of treatment, I went back to work. I have no pain – no more Advil. My eye does not puff up, and my eye is not sensitive to light anymore. I have more energy, and I am able to wear make-up. I am so happy with the results and I would refer others to Dr. Yeh. The staff is great and they are knowledgeable and experienced. I am now even more of a believer in natural medicine, and I share my own experience with other people.

February 15, 2001

“I no longer suffer from pain.”

Around Thanksgiving of 1998, I was diagnosed with shingles. My medical doctor gave me negative comments about my condition and only prescribed pain killers and so-called anti-viral drugs. These drugs had bad side effects and potential liver damage. I was told to take as many pain killers as needed because the shingles would be very painful. The pain was to the point that just by touch, it was excruciating, and many of my clothes were painful to wear.

God led me to Dr. Timothy Yeh, and I began treatment at the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, Inc. on November 27, 1998. At that time, I didn’t know Dr. Yeh was a Christian, but I found out later. I truly believe that God led me here. I received acupuncture treatments, prescription herbal teas, and food counseling. Dr. Yeh and his caring staff were very helpful and very competent in medicine. Since receiving the treatments, I do not take drug medications, and I no longer suffer from pain. It is all gone. Natural medicine is definitely God’s medicine.



In 1996, I was diagnosed with allergies and high blood pressure. I had watery eyes, runny nose, cough, headaches, blurry vision due to the watery eyes, and I was not able to stand or function. In June of 2000, I had knee surgery and my knee was painful and swollen. I later developed shingles in July of 2001, which left me with 4 lesions on the scalp and 4 lesions on the forehead. My right eye was also closing up.

I went to the doctor and was given drug medications for the allergies, knee pain and high blood pressure. I took eye drops, creams, and pain killers for the knees. The drugs gave me bad side effects including kidney pain and left me feeling weak and tired. For the shingles, I was told that there is no cure from modern medicine.

My sister Armida suggested that I come to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine for treatment. I received acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary guidelines and teas. I attended classes, and I also took Dr. Yeh’s supplements: Daily Essentials, Eye and Liver Essentials and Bone Essentials. The treatments were highly effective and have improved my health and the quality of my work, home and social life. I have also lost weight and have more energy because I changed my diet and have been taking the supplements.

For my knee injury, I felt a good difference by the 3rd treatment. I had no more pain and the swelling went down. By the 7th treatment, I was able to walk normal and now it is completely healed.

For my allergies, I noticed a positive change within 3 weeks and began to feel well within 2 months.

For the shingles, I felt better after the 2nd treatment and now all my symptoms are gone. All my lesions have disappeared and my right eye is normal.

When I started the treatments, my blood pressure was 175/100mmHg and after the treatments, it now ranges from 140/90mmHg to 130/80mmHg.

I own and operate a 24-hour towing service and I am constantly under stress and adversity. With the treatments I have received here I have been able to overcome this. Dr. Yeh also told me to go to church as often as possible, which I have and it has also helped. The staff has been wonderful and kind and the medical staff is experienced. I am extremely happy with the results and I would refer a friend!

Before my first visit, I was completely unaware of natural medicine. But I now remember that I my mother always had herbal or natural treatments for many things. Today, I know that these treatments heal and I would use my experience as an example. I am truly a firm believer in God’s natural medicine and in the Yeh Center.

August 15, 2001


“If I ever need any kind of medical help again, I will be sure to come to Dr. Yeh first.”

On November 23, 1983, I was in an auto accident. The car I was in was hit by a school bus on the side where I was sitting. We then hit a steel pole. I hit the dash board then went back and snapped my neck. I could not move and lost consciousness. Paramedics took me to the hospital where I was diagnosed that I had a severe cervical sprain. They gave me a collar to wear and sent me home.

My son had to help me off my pillow and put me in my chair and also lay me down, holding my head and shoulders because the pain was so excruciating. This I put up with for about two months before going to my family doctor who recommend therapy.

I began therapy in January 1984 of traction, laser treatments and cold packs. My neck rotation was 30% and shoulder use was 50%. This continued until early 1985 when I came to California to live with my daughter. No improvement. My doctor had sent prescriptions for therapy with me when I got here.

I went to a family doctor here and he sent me to the Therapy Department at Ontario Hospital. I went there twice a week until late 1985 where I had only improved 40%. At that time they suggested I go to have acupuncture treatments.

I started going to Dr. Yeh’s Center of Natural Medicine in December of 1985. I had treatments twice a week plus the herb I drank. Within weeks there was improvement. And now 8 months later, I am well enough that I no longer will need treatments. I improved 90%. It wouldn’t have taken this long but since my nerves were so bad for so long I developed shingles which lasted 8 weeks, so Dr. Yeh treated me for that. So all in all, it took six months of acupuncture and herbs to get rid of what would have taken who knows how long for therapy treatments, if ever.

Thanks to the wonderful care of Dr. Yeh, his treatments and by the grace of God I feel like a normal person again. If I ever need any kind of medical help again, I will be sure to come to Dr. Yeh first.

August 07, 1986