“The lump in my throat has disappeared and what is even better, the dry eyes and mouth are better than they have been in years.”

Ten year ago I had been diagnosed as having Sicca Syndrome, a milder case of Sjogren’s Syndrome. The doctor stated that there was no cure. I would be uncomfortable, i.e.: dry eyes, dry mouth, and dry skin. I was told that it wouldn’t be too much of a problem for maybe 10 years, at which time it could turn into Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus. He was very “matter of fact” about it and I was scared to death.

Needless to say I began a health food regimen and found that the symptoms could at times disappear. This gave me considerable hope. I also tried acupuncture with good success. The idea was to build up my immune system.

I, also, swore that I would not let stress become a problem in my life again. As all good intentions over several years my habits lapsed back to some of my old eating habits and before long I was noticing that I had the dry eyes, dry throat. In addition to that I was feeling the same pressure in my throat that would not go away. It was very uncomfortable almost suffocating.

I decided to see my HMO doctor. He could find nothing wrong and thought it was attributed to stress at first. Two months later I went back as the pressure was getting worse and very difficult to deal with daily. He then determined that the pressure was caused by the Sjogren’s and basically, it will get worse but there’s not anything you can do about it.

Acupuncture came to my mind immediately and also, that it is time to take care of my health. I looked the yellow pages and noticed Dr. Yeh’s ad, specifically mentioning Sjogren’s Syndrome. I called and made an appointment.

The minute I met Dr. Yeh, he made me feel as if he truly was concerned and that I had some choices as to my health. He asked if I was serious enough to follow his instructions to the “T”. That meant eating certain things and eliminating a lot of other foods. Included was acupuncture and herbal tea. He promised me that I would see results within a month.

He was absolutely right, the lump in my throat has disappeared and what is even better, the dry eyes and mouth are better than they have been in years.

Dr. Timothy and Pearl Yeh are special, warm people that let you know how important your health is to them also. They take the time to work with you on each appointment. They explain all aspects of their treatment and keep you informed. I wish them all the happiness and success that they deserve and most important the belief that there is an answer to your health problems and that you are not alone.


“I swallow my food and drink without difficulty.”

I drove home from the Dr.’s office one day last March feeling more depressed than before I went. He was the last of several doctors I had visited over the past several years and his words turned over in my mind? “Sjogren’s Syndrome”,?”incurable”,?”not a fatal disease”,?”I’m sorry we have no treatment for it”,?”start stretching your esophagus with weights”,?”use the artificial tears every hour”,?”at least you can close your eyes, one of my other patients can’t even do that”?

I sensed the Dr. was genuinely sorry to deliver the diagnosis to me and he also wanted to offer encouragement along with an honest description of the symptoms I might expect. I sensed, too, that he deeply regretted and was frustrated that he knew of no medicine or treatment to offer me.

The symptoms I was already experiencing had progressed slowly over the years until now I was going to bed each night with my eyes packed in ointment, and my lips, nose and lower face smeared in Vaseline. My sleep was being interrupted with choking from the dryness in my throat and piercing pain in my eyes and I would reapply the ointment and Vaseline. I felt like a parched creature, from the Sahara Desert, and thought to myself, “Sjogren’s Syndrome isn’t fatal”? “I’ll just grow so miserable I’ll wish it were fatal.”

that’s where I was at, Dr. Yeh, when I first visited you late April. My boss had often told me about you. I had seen the change in her since she had been treated by you and it was with great relief and anticipation that I called for an appointment after she told me you could indeed help me. I must admit that at this point I wasn’t convinced that being “poked by needles” and drinking “tea” would truly offer me relief, but I was certainly willing to try whatever means it would take.

Imagine, then, how wonderfully surprising and happy I was to begin feeling remarkably better within weeks. (Especially since you told me it might be months before I would notice a change.) Now, just 2-1/2 months after beginning your program, the quality of my daily living has been greatly improved. Physically, my whole body is improved; my skin tone, my eyes, etc.. I’ve laid aside the artificial tears and the Vaseline. I’m able to sleep uninterrupted, to work without headaches and sensitivity to light, temperature, etc.. I swallow my food and drink without difficulty. Emotionally my whole outlook on life has changed.

Experiencing acupuncture and natural medicines first hand has been like opening a door and entering a whole new arena. Your teaching on diet and the seasonal foods, etc., are so basic and so good. I’m looking forward to learning more and hope your teaching will be far reaching in our country and culture. I am truly grateful that you’ve brought your practice here and especially that you’re willing to share your treasure of knowledge and skills with needy ones like myself.

One year ago we moved to another state many miles from Dr. Yeh’s office. I keep in touch on a monthly basis by telephone and the natural medicines are mailed to me. I continue to enjoy good health and well being.

My family and I continue to thank God for not only restoring my health, but for the good nutritional information and knowledge that has helped all of us so much. People are always curious about diet, since it differs so much from the average American diet, and I have many opportunities to share the way God has cared for me through Dr. Yeh. My well being bears solid witness to the truth that acupuncture, natural medicines, and correct nutrition are beneficial and good.

Thank you, Dr. Yeh.