“after 6 weeks of this simple and painless treatment, my jaw is back to normal.”

After having had some dental work, I awoke one morning to find my jaw had locked and would only open half an inch.

I called the dentist and he recommended me to an Orthodontist. I had to wait a week for an appointment. The Orthodontist took x-rays of my jaw and skull and told me I had TMJ. The treatment he prescribed was a massage with Ultra Sound and then he tried to manually pry open my jaw. The next day I was subjected to the same treatment with little success and much pain.

I returned a week later after following his advise of bathing my jaw daily with a hot cloth. He told me that he would have to do the same thing: forcibly open my jaw and then have a splint made to fit and hold it open.

At that point I told him I wanted a second opinion as I was sure he didn’t know what he was doing and that the problems was more muscle related than what he was recovering.

My girlfriend suggested to me that I try acupuncture as she had had success with it in the past for migraine.

So I came over to Dr. Yeh’s office in Vista. His assistant placed 3 needles painlessly in the side of my jaw. I laid on a table for half an hour. The next week the treatment was the same. The results were immediate, but after 3 weeks of this treatment I could feel my jaw opening up more. Finally after 6 weeks of this simple and painless treatment, my jaw is back to normal.

Vista, California