“It is great to be able to eat, talk, and smile without having to suffer a sharp pain in the left side of my face.”

I want to express my thanks and gratitude for your kind and effective acupuncture treatments and natural herbal medicines. They have been highly successful in relieving me of the severe pain caused by neuralgia of the fifth cranial nerve, called the trigeminal facial nerve.

I have suffered with this problem for over 8 years. In 1982, a specialist in neuralgia advised me that the only cure for my problem was surgery. He said the pain would get increasing worse and that there was no effective medication. I was informed that there are two kinds of surgery for this problem. The nerve can be severed, which will cause complete numbness of the entire left side of the face and possibly paralysis. Or, drastic brain surgery can be performed in order to remove the nerve from its proximity to the blood vessel.

Since I did not want either of these surgeries, I suffered the pain, which became increasing worse, until I felt I had no choice unless I could get some relief. In July of 1988, I visited another specialist who tried the only two medications used for this problem, I was allergic to both.

I had heard of your success in acupuncture so I decided to try it. I am so glad I did. It is great to be able to eat, talk, and smile without having to suffer a sharp pain in the left side of my face.

I highly recommend your acupuncture treatment for anyone who might have the same problem of the neuralgia of the facial nerve. May God bless you and thanks again for your kind and effective treatments and for saving me from drastic surgery.


“Dr. Yeh has conquered this very painful condition completely.”

Classical Evaluation Reveals All

I’ve been treated for trigeminal neuralgia for approximately a year and Dr. Yeh has conquered this very painful condition completely. Now I have pain in the face area deep into the cheek and jawbone area. It is different from the kind of pain in the above mentioned condition. So really not knowing what we are working with Dr. Yeh suggested a classical evaluation. I had not had this on myself as my pain was being taking care of by his acupuncture.

This classical evaluation has no feeling to it at all. Dr. Yeh ran this probe on my legs and ankles with me holding the other probe. After the test, he took the read-out and made a graph to show what areas my body is having problems with. The only problem area was the gall bladder – not the face area. I have not had any problems with this and was very surprised. Dr. Yeh asked me to have an x-ray to verify this reading.

So, of course, I went to my regular doctor and asked for an x-ray. She made the appointment – much to her amazement – as I’ve not had such symptoms of gall bladder problems.The x-ray didn’t show much as the dye didn’t show up. So I had ultra-sound and sure enough some stones showed up. I was examined by the doctor himself and I do not know why. The doctor said the stones were apparently not too bad as I have no tenderness nor other symptoms. So I told this doctor why I was wanting the x-ray. He sort of laughed to himself as a Chinese acupuncture doctor using a computer seemed really unbelievable.

That same evening I received a call from my personal doctor to inform me of the results. My doctor gave Dr. Yeh quite a compliment. She told me the results that I did have some stones and mentioned that this Chinese doctor sure has something going for him as there were no symptoms at all — but the classical evaluation picked up the problem.

Great success to Dr. Yeh!