“Six months passed and I went to see my gynecologist. His examination showed that I no longer had a tumor.”

I have an experience I would like to share with those of you who will read this article. About a year ago, I was having pains and total discomfort in my lower abdomen. My family physician ordered an X-Ray from San Antonio Hospital, which disclosed a fibroid tumor (3.5 cm). It was decided that surgery was not immediately needed, and that the growth of the tumor would be monitored. I was scared and confused. I wanted another opinion. My doctor said, by all means if it would make you feel any better.

My husband, Kenneth, has been seeing Dr. Timothy Yeh at Yeh Center of Natural Medicine for treatments on his back and legs, which proved very successful. The next time he went, I mentioned my problem to both Dr. Timothy Yeh and Dr. Pearl Yeh. Dr. Timothy suggested I see a gynecologist. I did, and he confirmed the diagnosis. The gynecologist then told me he wanted to see me again in six months. I went to Dr. Timothy Yeh to tell him and Dr. Pearl Yeh what the gynecologist found. Dr. Yeh told me he could prescribe a program under the Natural Medicine System, and I readily agreed. I was willing to try anything this side of surgery. Well, I took the tablets and drank the tea which Dr. Yeh had formulated for my individual needs. I began to feel much better.

Six months passed and I went to see my gynecologist. His examination showed that I no longer had a tumor. Needless to say, I was delighted. Since then, I again went in for a checkup. I got an all clear from the doctor; the examination was completely negative. In June, 1990, I had another checkup and it came out perfect.

Together with my thankful prayers to God, I give Him thanks for having Dr. Timothy and Dr. Pearl Yeh at our disposal whenever the needs arise.

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Lena is a classical opera singer. She sang before the Pope when he visited the U.S.A. in September, 1987

“To the amazement of the medical doctors, all of the tests, including CAT SCAN that I have taken to this date have been negative.”

I am writing this letter as a testimonial, with my sincere gratitude to God for directing me to Dr. Timothy Yeh, the President of Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, Inc. and his healing method of Natural Medicine. I have been having problems with tumors in the bladder for approximately two years. In September 1990, the doctors I was going to for treatment told me that the tumors were malignant. They said that the bladder would have to be removed.

The surgery was performed on November 8, 1990. During the surgery, the doctors discovered that the malignancy had progressed to the lympathic system, removing the bladder would not help. So they closed up the incision. After the surgery, the doctors in the oncology department decided to give me a chemotherapy, the only way under this condition for me to go. My one chemo treatment on Nov. 28, 1990 was so devastating that I decided not to go through that again.

It was at this time that I was led to Dr. Yeh. After his help with natural medicine, diet and acupuncture, I am now free from cancer after five months, and feeling better and better all the time. To the amazement of the medical doctors, all of the tests, including CAT SCAN, that I have taken to this date have been negative.

I also give special thanks to Mary Boldi, Oriental Dietary Healing consultant at the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, for her encouragement and assistance in the arrangement of my special diet under the care of Drs. Timothy and Pearl Yeh.

June 08, 1991


“The results came back on time: NO ATYPICAL CELLS FOUND!”

In January, 1988, I went to a gynecologist, recommended by my personal physician, because of unnatural bleeding. The gynecologist recommended a D&C, but I developed acute bronchitis; it was delayed until the end of February. He informed me after the D&C, that I was full of fibroid tumors and recommended that I have a hysterectomy. I was hesitant to do it at that time because my weight problem and high blood pressure would effect the length of my recovery.

My pastor had treatments from Dr. Timothy Yeh for his allergy and high blood pressure with good results. He strongly recommended these treatments to me, so I decided to try and see if Dr. Yeh could help me with Natural Medicine. I had already tried liquid protein diet, Weight Watchers, and many other diets with no success. I was on medication for high blood pressure and glandular problems, and my weight was the highest it had been all my life. For all my problems, Dr. Yeh started me on a Natural Medicine program, which included diet, acupuncture treatment, and herbal formulas.

The gynecologist’s office contacted me a month later and I was informed that there were atypical cells in my endometrial lining that could turn to cancer if not removed. I went to another gynecologist for a second opinion and fortunately, they both agreed that I could wait for six months and get my weight and blood pressure down to improve my recovery.

Dr. Yeh increased my natural medicine treatment and after 6 months, I went back. The gynecologist did another D&C, and my condition had changed. I had lost over 50 pounds and they said I could wait another three months. I was very glad to hear that because I was feeling better. I continued treatments with Dr. Yeh

The gynecologist did a biopsy in his office in March, 1989, and said if atypical cells were still present, it would be foolish to wait, and that I should plan to have a hysterectomy. The results came back on time: NO ATYPICAL CELLS FOUND! I am no longer on high blood pressure medication, my weight is coming down continually, my arthritis that I have had since childhood is improving a lot, and I no longer have the problem with sinusitis, bronchitis and flu that have plagued me since I was a child.

The special tea, herbal medication, plus acupuncture, had continued to improve my health. I just wanted to express my thanks in writing to let others know about this treatment from Natural Medicine. The only “side effects” are better health.



In May of 1994, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I had digestive problems, headaches, loss of hair, and memory loss. Other symptoms included hemorrhaging, rapid weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, problems swallowing, and large tumors on the throat. I had a lot of depression and problems socializing because I never felt good. I had difficulty concentrating on work and retaining information. I cried daily due to the pain.

I sought the help of different medical treatments. I was put on Synthroid, which gave me lots of side effects including mood swings, fatigue, hair loss, and weight gain. I was then given Paxel to help relieve the symptoms of the Synthroid. I had a hysterectomy in August 2000. I tried Jenny Craig and even received psychological counseling. The treatment results were very poor and I felt like suicide.

On May 1, 2001, I came to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine because the doctors said that they could no longer help me. Dr. Yeh treated me with acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary guidelines. I was not a believer in natural medicine and I was concerned about it being related to scientology or buddhism. But I soon learned how God had intended for my body to heal itself and that I didn’t need drugs or surgery as my own choice for getting better.

Within the first week, I could sleep through the night. After the first month, I could eat 3 meals a day without throwing up. After the second month of treatment, I lost a total of 52 pounds. I have no more tumors, my energy has increased, and I can handle all aspects of my life. The quality of my life has improved and most of all I have comfort and peace!! Now my whole family has changed their diet and it has increased our faith in God and brought back joy again.

The acupuncture is painless and effective, the herbal medicine is safe and effective, the nutrition classes – well you are what you eat! The Yeh way is the only way, God’s way. The staff at Yeh Center is dedicated and kind and spiritually they were also very wise and helped me to understand God’s healing. The medical staff is knowledgeable and experienced and takes quality time with me to make sure my needs are met. I am happy with the results and have referred my best friend here.

Not only is Dr. Yeh a great doctor, he is my natural medicine dad and even though I am moving to Maui, I will have my herbs mailed and will fly here every 6 months for a recheck. Thank you everyone.

August 14, 2001


” Lung Cancer Testimonial , I am very determined to recommend the Yeh Center for treatment of body, soul & spirit!”

I was first diagnosed with lung cancer sometime on September 2007. I immediately underwent a surgical procedure to remove the cancerous part of my lungs early October, 2007. Soon after my surgery, I met with my Oncologist who recommended that I should go through a series of chemotherapy regimen as preventative measures. I felt reluctant about the idea of having to go through chemotherapy because of the many negative stories and testimonies that I have heard about it. I continued to pray and seek the LORD’s guidance for any other possible medical alternative besides chemotherapy.

One Sunday morning as I attended my home church at Skyline Wesleyan Church, our pastor introduced a guest speaker named Dr. Timothy Yeh. He testified about GOD’s miracles in his life, he also talked about the wonders of Natural Medicine. After hearing Dr. Yeh’s testimonies, I was so intrigued that I decided to meet with him and learn more about Natural Medicine. On November 13, 2007, I decided to start natural medicine treatment with Dr. Yeh and declined chemotherapy with my Oncologist. After a month and a half of treatment with Dr. Yeh, my health bounced back amazingly. Around early February 2008, I had my annual physical exam with my medical doctor, who was very surprised with the results of my lab test. My cholesterol level, blood sugar level, blood pressure and PSA were all normal and my prostrate became smaller. I informed my doctor, oncologist and Urologist that I had started Natural Medicine treatment with Dr. Yeh and since then I have stopped taking ALL prescribed medication. All that I’m taking now are tea and herbal medications that Dr. Yeh has prescribed. I’m also going through acupuncture treatment twice every Saturday.

Within the past years, the illnesses and symptoms that I had were always treated with modern medicine. I felt that the symptoms were treated but the illness is still there so I never really felt well. Since I started Natural Medicine I feel much better and stronger. I feel that my immune system has highly improved that I no longer suffer from the severe common cold that I used to experience.

Overall I have been very satisfied with the results of my treatment at the Yeh Center. The staff like Joanne who is very knowledgeable in acupuncture procedure is down to earth and very kind. Imelda who is very accomodating and always going the extra mile to make you feel at ease. Kathlyn and the rest of the staff has been great. I especially like to thank Dr. Pearl Yeh for her kindness and compassion. Most of all, I would like to thank Dr. Timothy Yeh, a very professional and spiritual man of GOD. I am very determined to recommend the Yeh Center for treatment of body, soul and spirit.

Roger P.
San Diego, CA
April 4, 2008


“Thank God our prayers were answered!”

My dad Julian Collera was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the Larynx in 2001 at the age of 71. The doctor told us that he’s going to need a surgery. At his age, there’s a huge risk of having a 50/50 chance of survival. And if he lives after the surgery, he will be breathing through a hole in his neck. I was shocked upon hearing this and I told myself that I don’t want my dad to live the rest of his life like that.

I kept praying for an answer. My daughter Grace had visited Dr. Pearl a year before my dad was diagnosed of cancer and she remembered Dr. Yeh being a natural medicine doctor. He was treated by Dr. Yeh for more than six months and thank God, our prayers were answered. With acupuncture treatments, herbal teas, proper nutrition and prayer. my dad is 81 years old and is cancer free.

Our family is so thankful with the help of Dr. Yeh, Dr. Pearl and the staff of the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine.

Estela L.


“After a month of treatments, I felt better, and the lump on my breast was smaller”

During a regular mamogram, a lump was found on my breast and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor wants to perform a surgery right away, but I was hesistant to do it. On December of 2008, my daughter in law brought me to the Yeh Center. I was skeptical at first but once I entered the clinic and consult with Dr. Yeh, I felt secure and confident to give the treatment a try. I received acupuncture treatments twice a week, herbal teas and herbal supplements. I felt better after a month. On my last check-up, the lump on my breast was smaller. Aside from this, the pains that I have on my joints and ankles are gone. I have no more hot flashes and now I can sleep well at night.

The doctors and the staff at the Yeh Center are very nice. I can say that I completely believe in natural medicine and I am planning to bring along more people to come and try natural medicine.

Catalina E.


“God Inspired and Healed Me Through Dr. Yeh!”

In May 2010, I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Colon Cancer. Hearing this from my doctor was like a death sentence for me. Not knowing anything about alternative medicine, I went with conventional medical practice. My health insurance group assigned me to a surgeon who scheduled me for immediate surgery in June 2010.

By law, before any surgery takes place in the US, a cardiologist needs to clear a patient. After the necessary tests, my cardiologist found out that I have 3 arteries blocked at more than 50% (the fourth one had less than 50% blockage). He had no option but to subject me to a triple bypass surgery on June 29, 2010. Needless to say, I have to recover from this surgery before my much needed colon cancer surgery.

Six weeks later on August 13, 2010, the surgeon once again cut me open to do a colon resection surgery to remove the cancer. I developed an infection from the surgery that I had to go under the knife again on August 26, 2010 to mitigate the infection. I recovered from these surgeries with the dreadful thought of being subjected to chemotherapy soon.

In October 2010, I was assigned an oncologist who scheduled me to a regimen of 8 chemotheray sessions over a period of 6 months. The side effects of these chemo sessions ranged from mild to horrible. Though I did not lose my hair, I felt the effects of the poison being pumped into my body. As if chemotherapy was not enough, my oncologist saw it fit to subject my body to radiation in conjunction with chemo. He explained to me that this was my only “insurance” for the cancer not to re-appear. I was assigned to a radiation oncologist who scheduled me to 29 daily sessions of radiation. But on my 15th session, I experienced extreme pain on my lower abdominal area. Immediately, my oncologist temporarily stopped the sessions. Meanwhile I was still undergoing chemotherapy and finally finished all 8 sessions in April 2011.

In mid May, my oncologist subjected me to further tests to know the status of my cancer. He ordered a blood test and a PET Scan. The results were not very encouraging. It seemed that the cancer came back. At this point, my CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen, a tumor marker) blood reading was 4.9 (normal for non-smokers is only 2.5). The PET Scan revealed a hyper metabolic focus in a lymph node around my pre-aortic bifurcation (an aorta extends from our heart all through-out our legs.. somewhere near our navel, it forks into two to both of our legs). The “growth” had a size of 1.5 cm in diameter. At this point, my oncologist was recommending 6 more months of chemo and promised to be more aggressive than the first one. He said that the next treatment will be made as if I was one of his stage 4 patients. He claims that this was the ONLY way to beat the cancer.

I went home distraught over the deterioration of my health. At this point, I got scared and dread the thought of being subjected to more aggressive chemotherapy regimen. But I gathered my thoughts and prayed to God for inspiration and direction. Sometime in April, a tax client gave me documentary DVD entitled “Eating” available from www.ravediet.com. The documentary instantly inspired me to do something with my eating habits after it revealed about the diseases one can get from eating mostly meat. I gradually turned vegetarian. God’s inspiration came again in the form of networking. I mentioned my current disappointing medical findings to a fellow choir mate who mentioned about the success that one of her friends experienced with a natural medicine doctor. She recommended me to go to Dr. Timothy Yeh, whose clinic is located in Upland CA (about 15 miles from my house).

I sought the help of Dr. Yeh in May 2011. Dr. Yeh’s knowledgeable and experiened staff measured the current level of my immune system. Lo and behold, he showed me in a graph that my immune system was very low, almost hitting rock bottom. After this revelation, he subjected me to acupuncture treatments. I started a program of 24 acupuncture treatments of twice a week, herbal teas, herbal supplements, exercise, and food medicine to name a few. I followed Dr. Yeh’s instruction for treatment.

Fast forward, six weeks later, my oncologist ordered another comprehensive blood and a CT-guided biopsy of the suspected lymph node. When the results came out, my blood CEA level went down from 4.9 to 3.1. The radiologist performing the CT guided biopsy asked me to go home because he cannot see the suspected lymph node. He said the growth went down in size from 1.5 cm to 7 mm, too small for biopsy. My oncologist who is claiming credit for this success, insists that this is a “late” reaction to the chemotherapy and radiation. What I did not tell him is that I turned vegetarian and I turned to natural medicine. These findings prompted my oncologist to declare me “cancer free”. But do you think this stopped him from further pitching more chemo and radiation? He said I needed it as an insurance. I told him “Thank you but no thank you.”

The cure for cancer has always been available to us and it is definitely not pharmaceutical grade drugs..it is our God given immune system. I mean no offense to medical practitioners, but even the medical practice industry is starting to embrace this fact by circulating emails how not to get cancer. You must have received an email from a love one about John Hopkins Medical Center recommending for our body to remain alkalinic, to stop free radicals from invading our organs and develop diseases. The opposite of alkalinic is acidic. How do we become acidid? By eating more meats than vegetables or the so called Standard American Diet (SAD), so is drinking alocohol and soda, being stress and living a sedentary life.

Dr. Yeh, in most of the books he wrote encourages to bombard our bodies with anti oxidants and enzymes found in organic foods. He also advised to get a good 8 – 9 hours of sleep every night and exercise when you wake up by just merely walking. Now my future is brighter..thanks to God inspiration in the person of Dr. Yeh. He advised me to continue with the natural treatments till the sixth month and maintenance over the next two years to assure that the cancer doesn’t come back.

To God be the Glory!

Ramon R.
Chino Hills, Ca
July 2011