“The ulcer of my leg is completely healed, hardly a scar.”

To Whom it May Concern,

I developed an ulcer on the skin covering my right ankle bone while I was on a trip to the midwest in June 1988. My foot had been deformed since 1970 due to too many shots of cortisone for arthritis and I must wear special made shoes to help me walk.

Due to the heat and the plastic shoes, the skin became infected. As time and treatments went on for a whole year it developed into a 3 x 2.2 inch ulcer. It was very painful, swollen and badly infected.

During the year I had every medication consisting of pills and ointments, boots, ace bandage wraps, soak, ice and heat packs, leg elevation, laser beam and skin grafting, creams, and any other thing that was in the book and some that weren’t. The skin would heal and break open. We were desperate and ready to try anything. After one whole year, having been treated by 6 doctors, we were still searching for help.

My wife read a testimonial about a lady who had been helped by Dr. Yeh with herbal tea, acupuncture, and natural nutrition. My first appointment was July 1, 1989. I started with herbal tea and acupuncture twice a week. I also had a new diet of no chicken or beef.

My leg gradually improved, but it would go through a healing and breaking out and skin shedding. The ulcer kept healing and getting smaller. This went on until February 1990, when I got the shingles. That lasted for 2 months. Now the shingles are gone. The ulcer of my leg is completely healed, hardly a scar. The swelling is gone and I have no pain in my foot that I had all those years since 1970. Now I can wear my shoe for the first time since June 1988.

I am grateful to Dr. Yeh for helping me. It was like a miracle. The herbal tea cleansed my body and the acupuncture helped my circulation. I highly recommend Dr. Yeh and tell everyone he is our “Lucky Seventh Doctor” and our friend too. I praise God for the answer to the many prayers on my behalf.


An ulcer developed on my left leg in 1999, which did not heal and was an open lesion. I had a lot of itching and swelling on the leg. I sought treatment for my ulcer and was given creams, which did not work. Then I had shots, which also did not work – nothing happened. They did not help me.

My son then recommended that I come to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine for treatment. I started seeing Dr. Yeh on February 26, 2000 and was given acupuncture, herbal teas and a special diet. I started feeling better after the second treatment. Now, my leg is healed and there is no more swelling. As a result of the treatments, I have also lost weight. I know now that natural medicine does work.

I recommend the Yeh Center to others, so that they may try the natural way and experience what natural medicine is. The staff is friendly and courteous and the medical staff is experienced and knowledgeable. I tell people my story and how natural medicine worked for me.