For over a year, I had uncontrollable shaking and constant jerking of my right leg. At first, it just happened for about half an hour once every several weeks during my sleep. Later, it became more often, and it occurred several times a night. Soon, I had it in the daytime too. The jerking was vigorous, and I could not walk far and had to use a cane. I definitely could not drive.

I went to a neurologist and had MRIs of my brain and lower back taken, and I also had an EEG. Nothing was found, but the neurologist diagnosed me as having focal motor seizures and she treated me as such. The medication rendered me very tired and gave me a lot of other side effects. The drugs affected my vision, my gums and my menstrual cycle. Then 2?months later, the shaking came back gradually and eventually became worse.

I was transferred to another neurologist. He suspected that I didn’t have seizures at all. Meanwhile the jerking and shaking was so bad that I was hospitalized. For 4 days, I was given more seizure medications and tranquilizers, but the jerking was very severe and went on for over 12 hours non-stop at a stretch. I was discharged because staying at the hospital did not help at all. I had more EEGs done, including a 24-hour EEG. All of them showed that I had nothing wrong with my brain so the doctor asked me to stop all medication gradually and sent me away, saying that I should see a psychiatrist instead. Altogether, I had been to my primary doctor and 3 other neurologists, and they could not help me.

Feeling helpless, I went to Dr. Yeh in April 2000. I had my first acupuncture treatment and left his clinic at about 12 noon. Before 4 p.m., my jerking stopped and it never came back again. It has almost been 3 months and I have not had another attack. I have numbness in my limbs from time to time, but nothing compared to the disabling jerks that I had before. I can walk without using a cane, and I can drive. My life is back to normal.

Growing up, I took Chinese natural medicine and believe that it has a lot of merit. But I have never had acupuncture prior to the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine. Now I know how beneficial it is together with the herbal medicine. Dr. Yeh’s staff is very nice and professional and they are experienced and knowledgeable. I have already referred several people since I began my treatments here, and I tell others about my experience.