In the 21st century, computer science and technology with its vast networks have closed many gaps among the medical world. We can now use computers anywhere to get all kinds of medical information in just few seconds. Therefore, with patients having an increased knowledge about their conditions and current treatments available, treating them has become more demanding. We feel strongly that medical professionals should arm themselves with degrees from at least two different fields of study. The fields of study we would recommend would be:

  1. Modern Medicine: great for diagnosis but unfortunately focused on medical chemistry and the use of synthetic chemicals;
  2. Natural Medicine: great for Causenosis™ based on natural physics and treating diseases with biology, physics and chemistry; Medical professionals, if only trained in one type of medicine are looked down upon as “crippled doctors” by certain group of patients with high demand in many countries. We proudly says that in our center, all of our natural medicine specialists were well trained and practiced with 2 types of medicine in the past and now we are practicing Natural Medicine in Upland, California, USA.

For this reason, we are able to treat many difficult diseases in America successfully. Praise the Lord! For the best results, we advise any medical professional or medical student in USA to study two types of medicine diligently, as we did when we were young, for better integrations of two medicines in order to meet the needs of the changing world.

Comparison of Natural and Modern Medicine

Natural Medicine

  1. Natural medicine has a long history- over 4000 years of use, research, and development. In fact, it is the traditional and fundamental medicine.
  2. Utilizes natural healing- uses the healing power of the body to treat itself. The treatments are not harsh or harmful.
  3. Uses balance and harmony- when the body is in balance, it creates an environment unfit for diseases to survive. The body allowed the disease to survive when it was out of balance, the body has the power to heal itself when it is in balance.
  4. Wholistic medicine- views the human as an entirety, and not to pick any organ/tissue apart from the rest of the body. It believes in wholeness of the body, mind, and soul. The literal translated word from Chinese to English is wholistic with a “w” and not a “h”. The misspelling is both misleading and wrong.
  5. Centripetal and central
  6. Based on Mass and Energy
  7. Based on chemistry, biology, and physics- our body consists of living cells, so natural medicine uses life (the human body, herbs from nature) to treat the living. It is life medicine.
  8. Focus on treating the cause Natural Medicine treats the cause of the illness, instead of trying to cover up the symptoms. A natural medicine clinician would not needlessly agree to chemical drugs or surgery to remove the problem. Symptom is like fire alarm in a house. If there is a fire burning down the house, drugs and surgery only shuts down the alarm, it is not removing the cause of the alarm.
  9. Results are long lasting- the body is healing and it takes time but once you are well, you have regained good health. It’s a steady climb to the top so results are not instant, but steady. This is real health because your body is getting the attention it needs to get stronger.

Modern Medicine

  1. Short history- over 200 years of history. Antibiotics have been used for only 90 years.
  2. Utilizes unnatural methods-It uses chemicals drugs to stimulate a reaction, or surgery to cut the problem.
  3. Uses attack mode- drugs are used to attack the condition. It is common that many drugs are used at the same time. When the drug(s) effectiveness begins to wear off, higher dosages or new/experimental drugs are prescribed.
  4. Isolated medicine- isolates body parts and does not view the body as a whole. If something is not functioning right, cut it out. The consequences of the permanent execution of body parts are not considered. Surgery is a death sentence to our body parts.
  5. Centrifugal and Peripheral
  6. Based on mass alone
  7. Based on chemistry- uses dead chemicals to treat diseases. Science is so advanced, yet it cannot create life it cannot create a single leaf, not even a simple cell.
  8. Focus on numbing symptoms. For example, treatment of headaches, migraines, and bodily aches and pains cramps are done by the use of chemical drugs to numb the pain and discomfort. Symptoms are covered, but the cause has not been treated. Once the drug(s) wear off, the symptoms come back, and we are worse off than when we started.
  9. Results are temporary- the body is numbed right away and this does a lot of harm because when the symptoms are masked, you “feel” better and do not pay attention to the body crying out to you. Since your health has been ignored for so long, it may be too late.

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